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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 7)

Hello frnds… Thx a lot for liking my previous chapter… I am not on wattpad… And ha… I ll definitely finish season 2 very soon… Kindly drop your comments and the things you want in this ff..

Swasan marriage… Sanskar was drugged

Swara was walking in her room thinking about ragini’s words. She was sure ragini was not insane. But that behaviour of ragini in court can also not avoided. She looked out of the window. Moon was hidden in clouds. Thunderstorms were there. Swara was feeling uneasy. She was feeling as if something bad is going to happen.
A servant came.
Servant: princess… Kaveri ji wants to meet you.
Swara nodded. Kaveri came inside and gave a smirk.
Swara: ji kahiye…
Kaveri laughed a little…
Kaveri: you thought you will snatch my daughter’s rights and i will not do anything.
Swara looked at Kaveri..
Kaveri: yes.. i actually didn’t get time to do anything. Your husband only showed you your place. Wedding night and the beautiful bride all alone…what an irony… Sanskar didn’t celebrate his wedding night with his wife but with his love.
Swara was puzzled. Although the love for sanskar is nowhere in her heart but she still had trust on him.
Swara: you are lying.
Kaveri: come with me…
Swara reached kavita’s room and the scene was her nightmare. Nobody has given this gift to his bride what sanskar gave swara. On the bed there was the funeral of swaraa’s dreams…. sanskar was sleeping with kavita. Messy bed..messy hair… their sleeping position was clearly describing the tale of the night.
Tears escaped from swaraa’s eyes. Kaveri laughed.
Kaveri: this is what happens to those who come in my way.
Swara looked at Kaveri. She was speechless and helpless too. She again looked at sanskar. Her hand suddenly collapsed and she dropped a vase placed nearby. The noise was enough to wake up sanskar.

Sanskar opened his eyes. He saw swara looking at him from the window. He was confused by her expression. He then looked at himself and found himself bare torsoed. He looked at his side and found kavita sleeping. He again looked at swara whose tears were now reaching her lips.

Swara was not able to stand there. Her head injury was throbbing again. But the pain given by sanskar was more than that. She ran from there. Her head was spinning. Her vision was blurry. She suddenly felt a great urge to close her eyes. The pain was unbearable now. But she didn’t stop running. Suddenly she felt her legs were not able to hold her weight anymore. She felt everything was darkened. She felt two hand holding her from waist. She closed her eyes.

Swara opened her eyes with lots of pain. Her head was throbbing with pain. She looked around and found a man staring out of the window. She stood up. Her head was still spinning.
Swara: gratitudes to the prince.
Sanskar turned around at once. He looked at swara with immense guilt.
Sanskar: swara… Why did you stand up… Take rest.
Swara looked at him. But she saw something more than guilt. She saw his helplessness.
Swara: i am fine. Don’t worry. It’s quite late at night. I should go.
Sanskar: but where will you go… We are married now and….
Swara looked at Sanskar. A tear fell down from her eyes.
Swara: i was forced and you were equally forced too. I know you can never give me the rights of a wife neither i am forcing you. I know you luved kavita and that’s why… that’s why the thing…. was normal. Let everything settle down and i promise i will get away from your life forever.
Tears were streaming down her face. Her voice was choking.
Sanskar: where will you go… You know what swara… You are getting me wrong.. yes i marry you forcefully but i can never do adultery in marriage. I don’t know how… I don’t even know when…
Swara looked at sanskar. She lowered her gaze.
Swara: you are the prince of this kingdom… You can do whatever you want…
Sanskar : before prince i am your husband now… And you have right on me…
Swara looked at sanskar with amazement. She turn her face away and looked at the window.
Swara: sun rays are about to spread their colours. The darkness of night is about to go. Before this night passes can i ask you for something?
Sanskar looked at her in amazement.
Swara: please let the events of this night be burried with the darkness. Don’t let anybody know about it. I will not say even a thing to anyone and i request you to not remember this. Please ask the same from kavita ji and Kaveri ji too.
Sanskar was perplexed. He didn’t expect this from swara.
Sanskar: but why…
Swara: because if anyone get to know about it he will consider you as a person incapable of controlling your feelings which isn’t a good sign for a king. I don’t want people to disrespect you.
Sanskar was shell shocked.
Sanskar: have you….have you forgiven me?
Swara: i don’t have the right to be angry on you then how can i forgive you. I separated you and kavita ji. This is the punishment i must get.
Swara was unable to control her tears. Sanskar was looking at her in disbelief. How can she be so nice. How can she hide her pain. How can she do this.

@ morning
Kavita was laughing with her mother.
Kavita: you are a good actress ma.. you drugged the juice and gave it to sanskar… Then created the scene in front of swara…. Great…
Kaveri smirked.

@ragini’s room
Ragini was sitting in her room when a servant came and gave ragini a glass. She also handed her a letter. Ragini smiled after read that.

@ swaraa’s room
Swara was sitting in the room. She was not sitting on the bed or couch but on the floor. She wasn’t crying today. She was just imagining how many more shocks does destiny have for her. A servant came.
Servant: princess ragini wants to meet you.
Swara nodded.ragini came inside.
Ragini: sometimes the thing which appears to be truth is the biggest lie.
Swara was shocked. She looked at ragini with disbelief.
Ragini: i told you to trust sanskar. He is very good. At least try to ask him what happened last night. But i can understand your condition.
Swara stood up at once. She came running to ragini. Ragini handed her the glass.
Ragini: this was found from kavita’s room. This is not smelling of juice but of a different medicine.
Ragini clapped. A person came inside.
Ragini: vaidya ji…. Can you please smell the glass and tell us what was in it(
Vaidya smelled the glass.
Vaidya: it’s definitely the herb which causes a person to fall in deep sleep.
Ragini smiled
Ragini: you can go now… Your fees will reach to you till today’s evening. And you know very well this secret should not be spilled.
Vaidya nodded. He went away from there. Ragini looked at swara with a smile.
Ragini: swara have you asked sanskar what actually happened last night. Swara didn’t answer. She was confused at ragini’s behaviour.
Ragini: you are not cunning. Your heart is pure. But to protect your kingdom and ypur marriage you must try to look at facts from a different angle.
Swara finally spoke.
Swara: who are you…. What are you…. What do you want….
Ragini smiled
Ragini: i want this kingdom to be happy…i want not even a single person can ruin the happiness of this palace. I am ragini lakshya singh… The WIDOW OF LAKSHYARAJ….
Ragini said the last words with utmost difficulty. Swara was completely shocked hearing this. She is the one whom people claim insane but is she really insane. People said she doesn’t believe that her husband died but just now she announced her widowhood. Seeing swara in such a state ragini could not conceal the truth anymore.
Ragini: yes… It’s just a drama that i do in front of everybody… I know… I know my lakshya has gone to such a place from where return is not possible.
Her voice was heavy. Her eyes were twinkling with tears. Before swara could say anything ragini cut her.
Ragini: i ll tell you everything.. but first listen to me. Sanskar will be in a very bad state now. I know him. He is more like an elder brother to me. I know him very well. Adultery and him doesn’t have any relation. Kaveri drugged sanskar yesterday and pretended in front of you that he slept with kavita.
Swara was taken aback hearing this. How can a girl do this. How can a girl spoil her image.
Swara: but…. How can anyone fall so low…
Ragini: the hunger of power can make people do anything. I ll tell you everything. Come to my room at night. But now go to sanskar. He needs you… He needs your support.

Ragini’s reality

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