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Siddhi Vinayak 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Vin speaks out the fire incident truth

Siddhi Vinayak 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vin seeing Siddhi and smiling. She thinks if her lens off. He asks why do you always rub eyes. She says my eyes are sensitive, so I take special care of it. He says someone has gone away. She asks him to come along. He asks for water. She says come with me. He asks are you my assistant or master ji. She takes him. They go. Rajbeer checks the water and wires. Prachi thinks how did the plug get lose. Prachi and Rajbeer get electrocuted. Gauri thinks where is Riddhi taking Vin and snake. She says I have to follow them. Shankar stops her and introduces her to guests. Manjiri praises Gauri. Mannu comes and asks Gauri is she annoyed, but why, he allows her to smoke too. Gauri gets shocked. Mannu gives her a cigarette. Shankar and Manjiri look on. The guests question on Gauri. Shankar

asks Mannu did he go mad to say this about Gauri. Mannu says you don’t know, Gauri is a liar and fraud woman, she isn’t Sanskari, she smokes. Gauri signs no. Mannu says she got tattoo made on her back, liar. Prachi smiles and thinks its good her truth came out. Gauri cries and goes, thinking what happened to Mannu, I will see him. Shankar sends Mannu to apologize. Gauri scolds the snake man. Mannu says why am I saying truth, something happened to me. Manjiri asks for Vin. Prachi and Rajbeer argue and find Vin.

Siddhi takes Vin to cottage. He gets shocked and goes there. He asks where did you get me. She says the place where you killed me last year, do you remember it. He says this incident is part of my life. She asks what did you do. He recalls Siddhi and says I have killed my Siddhi. She cries and says you accepted your crime. She points gun. He says that night I tried to stop Siddhi, but she ran inside the cottage. He recalls the night. He says I shouted but she didn’t hear me, I wanted to say Shankar has sent goons to kill her, I saw the cottage on fire, I took a can from dicky and got water, I have thrown water but fire has spread. She gets shocked and says it means Vin was stopping fire by water. She says I was trying hard, someone attacked me and hit on my head, I fell down, I got up once again, someone has hit second time and I fainted. He cries. He says I have seen Siddhi burning alive and couldn’t do anything, I m her culprit.

She cries and says it means Vin didn’t kill Siddhi. Vin says I came back here next day with a hope to get Siddhi, I didn’t even see her dead body, after Siddhi went, I tried to take my life, thinking I will be with her after death, my fate cheated me and I got saved, Manjiri made me swear. He apologizes to Siddhi. He says that fire snatched my Siddhi forever, I wish my life was like this cottage, clean, I didn’t forget anything, I m alive as my breath is running but my life is worse than death.

She says it means Vin came to save me, not to kill me, I thought he is my murderer. She drops the gun and goes to him. She apologizes. Snake comes out of the bag. She says I misunderstood you, you can punish me. He gets bitten by snake and falls down. Siddhi asks him to open eyes. Manjiri feels restless and asks for Vin. Shankar says he was here just now. Siddhi says I m your Siddhi, open your eyes. She shouts for help. She says I can’t lose you again. She spits out the poison from his hand. Manjiri asks did you see Vin. Prachi says no. The man asks Gauri to get his snake. Gauri gives her ring and asks him to get lost. He goes. Shankar asks Gauri what is she doing here. She says I was finding Vin, he has drunk much bhaang, Riddhi took him there. Manjiri prays. Shankar asks where are Vin’s bodyguards. She says he gave them leave. Gauri gets saved. Siddhi gets dizzy. Shankar and Manjiri come there and get shocked seeing them. They ask what happened. Siddhi says snake has bitten Vin…. She faints.

Manjiri and Shankar rush Vin and Siddhi to hospital. Doctor says medicine isn’t affecting patient.

Update Credit to: Amena

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