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Shakti 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman throws Soumya out of his life

Shakti 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh telling Preeto that he will tell Harman about their story, how he used to call him by his name etc. Raavi says she will tell how he loved a kinnar.Shanno says she will tell Maharani story. Veeran says if we call kinnar to Soumya then Harman might beat me. Harman hears him and asks if I raise hand on you ever. Preeto says in wrestling. Harman says I need to change clothes. Everyone gather for party. Harak, Surbhi, Shanno, Saya and others tell Harman about his love story from the start. Harman gets flashes of the incident and says Maharani died falling in the valley. Harak Singh claps. Harman asks Soumya why didn’t you tell me that you are my Gulabo and not nurse. Harak Singh is shocked. Soumya is happy and emotional. Preeto is happy. Veeran plays music. Soumya and

Harman starts dancing while the song piya piya plays… Harman recalls Aravan Devta puja incident seeing Soumya’s bangles and gets angry on Soumya. He takes off her mangalsutra and pushes her. He asks her to stay away from him. Soumya says Harman ji..Harman says you have killed me even when I was alive.

Preeto and chintu asks him to listen to Soumya once. Harman asks Raavi to keep her child with her and says nobody will speak. He says you are my life’s biggest mistake, I loved you, hugged you and your kinnar identity. I loved you immensely. Preeto asks him to listen to her. Harman says my misunderstanding was cleared when you wiped sindoor of my name, broken mangalsutra and worn white saree. Soumya says I didn’t do that knowingly, she did that puja to be with him for 7 births. He says you got married to Aravan Devta, if I was dead. He says you wanted to be kinnar and did that puja as a kinnar. Now I have accepted the fact and says kinnar has no place in man’s life. Nani tells that it was all my mistake. Harman tells that Nimmi did mistake by keeping her kinnar daughter in her house. He says Nimmi warned me not to marry her. He says maninder was always right about her.

Harman asks Saya and others to leave his house and takes Soumya with them. Preeto slaps him and says did you forget your manners. She says they are the people who have supported you and you have fulfilled all their challenges to get Soumya. Harman says what did I get by loving her, incomplete love and wife. He says he remembers everything and tells Preeto that he don’t want kinnar in his life. Harman asks them to take Soumya, ask her to get nek etc. Shanno asks them to take Soumya. Preeto says Soumya will not go anywhere. Harman says I have nothing to do with her and asks Harak Singh to take out wine bottle. Preeto folds her hand before Saya. Saya says we will leave. They all leave. Soumya is shock and cries.

Soumya asks Harman to promise keeping his hand that he don’t love her and regard her as trouble in his life. Harman says the same thing. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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