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Savitri Devi 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya challenges Veer to get Sanchi marry Kabir in 3 days

Savitri Devi 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer wishing happy holi to Dr.Malhotra. Ayesha comes and wishes them happy holi. Sanchi and Jaya comes there. Gayatri calls Jaya and says I couldn’t welcome you yesterday and is about to apply color, when Jaya stops her and calls her criminal. She asks her not to say that the hospital is hers. Dr. Malhotra asks her not to forget that he can get her jailed again. Dr. Kabir comes and says you can’t talk to her like that. Dr. Malhotra says oh he is her damad. Jaya says yes, he is my damad and tells Dr. Malhotra that she will make him leave in a moment.

Gayatri comes to Ayesha’s room and sees her phone. She thinks about Ayesha blackmailing her with the recorded confession and breaks the phone. Ayesha comes here. Gayatri says it is broken by mistake. Ayesha

says no problem, you are my to be sasumaa and takes her credit card. Gayatri goes. Ayesha thinks Gayatri is fool to think that she has no copy of proofs.

Jaya and Sanchi are in the canteen. Dr. Kabir comes there. Jaya asks them to have food in a single plate. Kusum asks them to have food together. They sit to have food. Veer also acts to have food with Ayesha. Isha thinks what is happening and gets worried. Sanchi tells Dr. Kabir that she can’t act more. She sees Veer there and hugs Dr. Kabir saying she can’t stay away from him. Veer beats Dr. Kabir and takes Sanchi with him. He takes her to terrace and tells her that someone told him that she is acting to love Dr. Kabir and asks what is her helplessness. Sanchi says she is marrying Kabir with her wish. Veer says we both know it is a lie, if we can’t live then we will die together. Sanchi asks if he is mad?

Veer applies holi color on here face and tilak on her forehead. He says we can die together, as I can’t see you becoming of someone else. Sanchi asks if he has gone mad. Veer asks her to accept him. Dr. Kabir comes there and calls Sanchi. Veer asks him to stay away and tells that only she has right on her. Dr. Kabir says Sanchi is my fiancé and I have right on her. They are about to fall down, when Jaya comes and makes them fall back and says Sanchi was never yours.

She says it was good that Sanchi left you as you are dangerous like your father. Today you have proved that you have bad blood of Dr. Malhotra. She says first your father killed my husband and today you were trying to take her life. Veer says not me, but you. She says are you blindfolded and says how can you come out of jail, and the same day Sanchi and Dr. Kabir decide to get engaged. Jaya asks him to stop it and says Sanchi is engaged to Dr. Kabir as she loves him. Veer says it is a lie. Jaya says lets ask Sanchi. She turns to Sanchi and emotionally blackmails her to prove him wrong. She keeps her hand on her head and asks her to tell that she is engaged to Dr. Kabir as she likes him. Sanchi nods her head and thinks she likes and loves Dr. Kabir as a friend. Veer asks sanchi not to lie. Jaya says it is decided and says she will get Sanchi and Dr. kabir marry in 3 days. Veer says if Sanchi is ready, then I will also marry Ayesha after 3 days.

Sanchi gets ready for marriage. Isha is hopeful as someone (Pragya) returns to stop Sanchi’s marriage. She comes and slaps Veer. Veer is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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