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“Mr. Gonzalez, don’t worry your wife would be fine” Dr. Smith said patting Mr. Gonzalez’s back.

“Doctor… what will be her state, I mean… she was in terrible condition when I brought her here” he got teary eyed. His wife was fast asleep away from every tension and torture.

“Relax Mr. her uterus is being destroyed badly so we doubt that she may conceive or not, but she will be fine” Dr. Smith walked away.

He walked to his wife and sat besides her holding her hand. Her face which used to glow some days ago is pale now. She has suffered a lot but never she was broken, but now she is broken from the core of her heart. He was lost in analyzing her face when…

“Shiv…Shivay” she spoke tightening the grip and with shiver in her voice. She pressed her eyes and her hands were shaking.

“Anika… Anika what happened? Is it paining? Anika…” Shivay asked but she was just shivering.

Nurse went and informed the doctor and he came in no minute.

“Anika… open your eyes, see here everyone is there… open your eyes” doctor said and was brushing his hand over her head to calm her down.

Her shivering stopped gradually and her frightened face turned to pale again. She opened her eyes and looked at everyone’s face.

“Mr. Gonzalez, she is fine… it was a dream… maybe something from her past, she will be fine… just relax” Dr. Smith said and went away instructing some medicines and diet of Anika to Mrs. Wilson (Anika’s Nurse)

“Relax, relax… doctor said you will be fine, and why didn’t you eat the afternoon lunch?” he asked stroking her hair while her tears initiated from her eyes and ended in the forest of her hair.

She was silent looking at his face.

“You don’t want to answer? Okay let it go… now tell me what would my queen will have in lunch?” she smiled listening to the word queen. His heart was relieved to see her smiling.

“You… you were not there” she answered his first question pouting like a kid. This made him to smile after long days.

“Arre… I just went to get freshened up a bit, I am sorry… holding my ears, I am sorry my begum” he said holding his ears at first and then saluting her.

She called him close and he extended his ear to her mouth as he thought that she will say something but then she kissed him, yes she kissed him on his cheek saying “I love you bhagad billu” he looked at her shocked while she winked and gestured a flying kiss. The kiss was unexpected but she is his love and she can do anything and everything weird.

“Okay Mrs. Gonzalez… now you will have food and then you will sleep” he said.

“Ufff…” she looked away while doing this sound that indicated that she is irritated.

“What happened?” he asked looking at her all confused. She is the one piece in this earth for him that can confuse him so many times in a single day.

She looked back at him, her facial expressions were clearly stating that she is irritated. He raised his eyebrows and she started to answer “my name is so nice… A..N..I..K..A… Anika and you made me some Gonzalez… I am Anika and not any random Gonzalez” she looked away and then something stroke her mind so she again turned to him and spoke “and yeah… I said I love you… so can I get my answer please” she looked irritated.

He was amused. Is this the same she who was denying to accept that she loves him some days ago. Though he knew she is trying hard to behave normal, so that he gets some relief.

He smiled and smirked “okay… your answer after you finish your food” Shivay said and dropped a kiss over her forehead and instructed Mrs. Wilson to bring food for her. The nurse arranged the food on a plate. They put up the bed in 120° angle by pressing the switch and with the help of the bed Anika sat up.

He started to feed her and she was looking at, him loving her like always. He was narrating her that what all she has to do to get well soon but she was looking at him lost. A pearl tickled out of her eyes. Her eyes… yeah, the perfect eyes that increases her beauty for thousand more times.

“Anika… what happened?” he held her face in his light grip and that made her eyes to collide with his mysterious eyes.

“I… I love you, what will happen to me without you?” she asked registering every angle of his face through her eyes and then her hand.

“I love you too my jhalli… but one minute why suddenly so much pyaar to me?” he asked upping his right eyebrow.

She was irritated again thinking that at one side she is so happy and free to express her feelings after so long and here he is thinking that she is doing this for something.

He checked her angry and irritated expression and understood that she is in no mood for stupid jokes.

“Oops… oops no more stupid jokes” he said pressing his lips to suppress his smile.

“Better” she muttered and looked away.

“Okay my little girl you become super fine soon… I am missing our fun. And after you become perfectly fine we will do masti and fun and spend loads and loads of moments together” he said.

“Yes Shivay… and teach those person a lesson who is still roaming around freely after doing all those to us” her eyes showed the fire again.

“Okay done, but now your food… see your food is also getting upset as you are not having it” he said and prepared a morsel.

“You had lunch?” she asked.

He cannot say no neither he can lie to her as he had lunch because she will catch his lie in no time. Mrs. Wilson who came inside just then answered “no my child… he just had one sandwich yesterday and nothing else after that”

Anika looked at him with big round round eyes “Shivay” her voice was like a strict head mistress of any school.

“No… I mean I will have” he looked down.

“Mrs. Wilson please do me a favor” Anika asked in a very soft tone.

“Yes say” Mrs. Wilson said smilingly.

“Please will you arrange some food for this naughty child” she asked shooting glares at Shivay.

Mrs. Wilson smiled at both of them thinking how cute they both are and walked away to arrange Shivay’s food uttering an yes.

Anika was constantly denying to eat till the time Shivay’s food came. Mrs. Wilson placed Shivay’s plate over Anika’s lap.

“May God bless you two… after so long I have seen a couple like this, may you two get every happiness of your life” Mrs. Wilson said brushing both their heads together.

Anika and Shivay blushed and looked at each other. Mrs. Wilson walked away while Shivay now started to feed himself as well as Anika. If he is missing to put a morsel in his mouth and is going to put one in Anika’s mouth then he is getting scolded.

After they had their meal, Anika’s bed was set back to lying position and Shivay sat beside her stroking her hair trying to make her sleep.


“Om why are you packing your stuffs?” Ishana asked. Ishana came back just an hour back.

“Its getting suffocating for me to stay here, so I have taken up the proposal of London Art Exhibition and I am going their as an exhibit” Om explained and side hugged Ishana.

“Rudra was also packing his stuffs… where is he going?” Ishana asked.

“He is going along with me, we will return soon and Choti Maa and Mom will explain everything to you… bye, love you” Om said dropping a kiss over Ishana’s head and walked away along with his bag. While Ishana stood back with all the questions in her mind.

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