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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha frees manik from keshari.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts kanha sitting under a tree playing his flute. Kanha plays the flute and rishi vishwakarma appears. Kanha says pranam rishi vhishwakarma, it is the right time you came. Rishi says prabhu you called me and I wouldn’t come? That wont happen. Kanha says rishi, I want you to build a village which will be named vrindavan, and I want the people of gokul to feel that this place is gokul too, they should feel safe like they felt in gokul before, they shouldn’t worry about anything. Rishi says yes prabhu as you wish, the village will be built and ready when you reach there. Vishwakarma goes. Yashoda comes and says kanha come on we have to go now and head towards the new village. Kanha goes.
There all people start going ahead with kanha as they walk. They walk and kanha

smiles looking at radha. They reach a mountain and nand looks down and says kanha we should choose another way, this can be dangerous for everyone. Kanha says baba if we have to reach somewhere then no way for us will be dangerous, we can reach there if we think we can, we lose if we think we lose. Kanha and everyone go ahead when suddenly a storm comes and manik is standing very tall as a demon. Keshari sees hiding and smiles. Manik has become a demon and he then throws logs of trees everywhere. Kanha gets angry and says this can hurt the people. Kanha gets ahead and says manik! Stop this! Manik looks angrily at kanha. Kanha says manik you are hurting everyone, you killed your own mother. Manik starts remembering everything and says stop it. Kanha says manik, you can be the right person again, just close your eyes and focus and see what you see if you don’t believe me, close your eyes and see your mother. Keshari sees her powers not working and gets angry. Manik closes his eyes and he sees himself with his mother who is loving him and feeding him food and hugging him. Manik opens his eyes and becomes normal size and becomes a human again, he falls on his knees and says kanha forgive me, forgive me, my mother died because of me, if only I could make everything right, it is because of this bracelet I have on my hand, I have sinned. Manik cries and he strips off the bracelet with all his power that leaves bruises on his hand. Kanha smiles and everyone smile. Manik says forgive me everyone. Keshari says manik you cannot stop listening to me, it means now I will kill you.
Radha says to kanha, you did the right thing kanha by forgiving manik, he has changed. Manik says to everyone that he will lead them to vrindavan safely. As manik goes everyone follows him. Keshari sees and says she will not leave manik and will kill him. Everyone reach almost to vrindavan as keshari creates a storm. Manik stands in between and says keshari stop it I will not let you do any harm to anyone. Keshari says manik you will die. Keshari poison manik and throws him on the ground and goes,
Kanha sits and takes manik’s head on his lap. Manik bleeds from his mouth and says prabhu I see in your eyes, please give me salvation, free me prabhu. Kanha looks at manik and says I feel bad but manik you brought us all here safely. Kanha gives manik salvation and frees him from his sins.
Everyone reach the village and are surprised to see the village built beautifully. Kanha sees and smiles. Radha says kanha what is this village called? Kanha says it is covered everywhere with tulsi plants so it is called vrindavan. Yashoda says nand ji the village is so beautiful, like gokul. Balram says kanha why isn’t there anyone here? Kanha says balram brother see we are so many people here and you are saying there is no one here? Brij bhanu says nand we shall make a temple of indra dev here so that this year if he brings us rain on time and adequately then we will grow many crops. Nand says yes. Kanha is confused.

Precap: kanha denies making the temple and worshipping to indra dev. there a god tells indra dev that people of gokul will be building a temple to worship him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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