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Naamkaran 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Neil and Avni spend time

Naamkaran 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KK telling Mitali that Neil would have gone to hotel. She calls Neil. Sunehri gets a drink. She goes to kids and says lets go home. KK says you naughty kids, I have arranged a screening of my next movie, come with me. Avni takes Neil and makes him sit. She says now sleep. He says no, as soon as I close my eyes, you will vanish, I won’t close my eyes and I won’t let you go anywhere. He kisses her hands. She says I m here, close your eyes. He closes eyes and then sees her. They smile. She says close your eyes, go to sleep. He says hold on, this is the only way to know if you are here or not, if you make tea for me, then its a dream, Avni doesn’t know how to make tea. She says I will be back soon, keep eyes closed. She goes. He says Avni was poha queen. She cries thinking of their

moments. Samrat says congrats for new film, but we have to leave. KK asks why, just stay. Sunehri says we should go, he is here. Tara asks who. Sunehri says just come.

DD calls out Sunehri. Neil says please come back Avni. Avni gets tea. Neil drinks tea and says this tea….tastes good, it means this is a dream, you will leave me alone like before. They cry. She hugs him and says I will be always with you. He says please don’t say this again, you had said this earlier, that you will never leave me, that was the last time I kissed you, you were in my arms, I assured you I will make everything fine, the last time I disappointed you. They cry. He says please forgive me, I m sorry. He sees her tear and says these are real tears, you are really here. He kisses her and says had I known that it would be our last day, I would have lived like there was no tomorrow. She thinks Neil doesn’t know I m really here, I have few hours to spend with my Neil. She says fine then, I m with you again, live this moment thinking we are together for the last time, we will cherish these moments forever. He hugs her.

DD says stop crying. Sunehri says you met me after 10 years, I kept fast for you, I have quit smoking and drinking, my life has become decent. DD says its good, why are you crying, I have even learned to take care of kids, I have waited for you for long. She cries and gets on knees. She asks will you marry me DD. He asks what. She says marry me. Samrat says so you are that DD, whose name she utters in sleep. Mitali says Neil isn’t in hotel. DD says don’t worry, he would have gone somewhere.

Neil and Avni lie down and see the stars. She asks what memories do you want to make with me. He says if we were someone else, would our lives have been the same, had we not met like thief and cop, had we not been fighting with evil, had we been normal people, would everything between us have been fine? Would we be happy, would we stay together? She says I see a dream every night, we stay together away from this world and noise, living those innocent happiness, this wait keeps me alive Neil. He says I hope this night never ends, may you and this night comes here forever. They see each other. KK says coffee isn’t imp, you are. Saisha thinks Avni has gone home, thank God. She drinks coffee. He asks are you okay. She says ya. He says lets end this awkwardness and meet each other again, I m Karan Kapoor, I m an actor, my dad is a film producer and my mum is sweet, my family is tradition, what about you, is that your family. She sees everyone. He asks who are they.

Neil says our life would had been good, I would be police officer, you would be criminal counsellor, we would have been together, Mishti would have been treated as eldest among our children, why didn’t this happen. Saisha says I stay in beautiful house, we call it Sukoon house, my mom runs that orphanage, I m her helper and princess, these kids stay with us. KK says that’s sweet, what does your dad do. She sees Mitali and says my dad works as a police officer in Mumbai. He says great, I love police officers, their job is tough, maybe I have met him, but one more thing, you were the one who was supposed to sing, but your mom has sung so well, she has a beautiful voice, I feel she is blessed. She says well, I sang today, mom was lip syncing, our voices sound familiar. He asks really. Neil and Avni cry holding hands. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays…. Neil says you told me that you would never leave me, then why…… Avni says I m not going anywhere, I m right here with you.

Neil wakes up and thinks where am I. He sees Tara, Sitara. Sunehri says you both met again, thank God. He turns to see Avni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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