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My Infinite Love 4 U – Part 13

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Arjun: Diya..Problem is not in my face..see ur notebook..

Diya seeing his Dashing Boy friend..even without blinking her eyes..

She tried her level best..But she failed..

She came back to Reality..when Arjun tapped her shoulder..

Then she somehow managed to cover up what she did ..but again she failed..

(Guys..u remember Rit? That Arjun decided to teach Diya Maths to score good he make Anjali to convince Diya Parents..nd now he was teaching..He was really strict Professor..even though Diya can’t control herself by seeing him)

Arjun stared her..(not like Romantic One..this time

Diya questioned her “what?”

Like she was sincerely paying attention  to him (no no Maths)

Arjun: Diya..Concentrate!

Diya: Arjun..see this what i said..i just can’ can u think i can pay attention  to this stupid Maths ..when u was with me..

She made her cute puppy face..

Arjun can’t controlled his smile ..but he wearing his Professor mask

Nd then he held her ears..

Diya acted like it was paining..nd our hero knows very well ..that she started her drama again

Arjun: ok ..last one..if u solve this..i will end this now..will continue next week.

Diya: No..This is last forever.

Arjun: this will continue..till ur board exam..i want my would be wife topper..

Diya blushed when she heard would be wife..

Then she somehow finished..

Arjun: ok ..let’s continue next week..Concentrate on ur Maths class more..Diya..Ur board exams coming soon..

Diya: Yeah I will ..but please stop this tution drama..

Arjun: Sorry My Dear..nd he kissed in her cheeks,.

Diya shocked by this sudden kiss nd his closeness..

She smiled..

Arjun: so will see next week..okie?

Diya (blushing) (she can do whatever he wants can she say no by seeing her hot Boy Friend)

Diya: ok..(she was whispering..actually her voice not coming was the effect of sudden kiss).

Arjun pleased to see her while blushing..she looks so cute..her cheeks became tomatoes..

Nd Diya she never see him when she blush..But he wants see her eyes he bent to see her eyes..

Diya tries to push him..Arjun held her wrist..

Diya stepped backwards..Arjun stepped forward..

Then they both stopped by hearing Anjali’s voice..

They both released ..

She went to her maths book..Arjun went near window..

Anjali: Hello..

She saw both of them..she somehow felt they both was unusual..

Anjali: is it going?

Diya: what?

Arjun: Haan..What?

Anjali: This..Tuition..or else what?

Diya suddenly..”Nothing”

Arjun: Haan ..Nothing..No..its good..

Anjali: Arjun..Diya..u both..i think ..its wrong time..

Diya: Nothing like that Sissy..we just..

Arjun: Bhabhi..actually i had some work..after finishing that i will pick you..

By saying this..he left from there quickly..

Diya: Arjun! Arjun! Arju!!!

Anjali: Gone..So tell me..

Diya: what?

Anjali: Ur Story..Ur love story..

Diya: Sis..Nothing like that..

Anjali: Diya! I know it early..But Arjun confirmed some days before..

Diya: What?? He didn’t said to me..

Anjali: i ask him not to say..becoz i want u to say in a person.

Diya blushed..but yea She can’t hide from her anymore..becoz they both shared everything..

Diya even don’t want to hide this love..she just waited for correct situation..

Now it came..

She explains her everything..

While she saying..Anjali became more excited for each nd everything..she enjoyed their whole love story..

Anjali: Diya u know what..i missed u so badly..after going to sasural..It was different ..staying away was not that much easy..i missed Mom Dad..nd u a lot..but now u going to be with me forever..

Oh My God..nd our children will grown us..

Diya: Dhi..don’t over react..i was just 17..i should complete my studies..then my career..after then marriage..nd children..

Diya paused,,when she said Children..

Anjali teased her for blushing..

Then Anjali stayed with her..

And they both shared their sweet moments..

(U know that sister’s moments..Oh My God i am missing my sister too..she went to her sasural..miss uu dhii)

                                                                                           TO BE CONTINUED…

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