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Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part – 15

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 15
Everyone in there respective room all were sad thinking what all happened today and after knowing truth usha is behind all this mess that happened with twinkle and baby they know that usha is selfish and dont like twinkle much but no one even thought in there dream that she will try to kill her own daughter in law and grand son for crap reason and twinj breakdown completely after knowing what they lost kunj state too worst he broke down completely
Twinj room
Twinkle and kunj entered in room with there baby ,baby in kunj arm playing and making some noise to get his dear parents attension but they lost somewhere
Kunj made baby too lye on bed baby started to cry as soon as he placed him on bed not in mood to stay in one place
Twinkle – arey why you crying baby shh sounding sadly baby crying more
Kunj – shh bacha shh dont cry come to papa and he lifted him and hugged him baby stop crying and smiled looking at his parents they too smile painfully twinkle took baby from kunj hand and kissed on his forehead he giggled
Kunj – twinkle look at his innocent face he dont understand anything and any emotion but also cant see us in sad mode and in which ever mood we will be by looking at his face a smile immedietly occurs on our face automaticaly may whatever situation is.
Twinkle – yes kunj you are right baby have that power to vanish pain and stress.and babies are so lucky na they wont ask anyone to love and pamper them but everyone do love and pamper them may it be stranger or close one everyone comes and gives them much love and care.
Kunj – but we cant expect this from some people twinkle like my mom chi i hate her how..i mean how can she try to kill my baby and you he closed his fist angrily and closed eyes too recall usha and pallavi face he got up angrily and took photo of usha which is on side wall its photo of kunj with usha he throwed it on flor
Twinkle – kunj….

He took photo in hand his hand got cut and started bleeding he ignored it the pain in heart is more than physical pain now he tore the photo seperated usha photo and lit up lighter n put fire on usha photo while twinkle looking at him shocked tears falling continuously from kunj eyes his eye became red in anger
Kunj – why only with us always baba ji why huh and he bang his hand on wall twinkle got scared looking at his anger he started to throw things here and there twinkle placed baby on cradle who was sleeping peacefully in her arms
Twinkle – kunj stop it she saw kunj hand bleeding she came close to him and took his hand in her hand she looked at him with tear filled eyes
Kunj – leave me alone for sometime twinkle leave my hand nothing happened to me he made her to leave hand and goes to balcony
Twinkle went his behind and back hugged kunj she was also crying
Kunj – please dont hurt yourself kunj. I know its painful truth kunj I know that mummy ji dont like me but i never thought this she ll join hand with pallavi to kill our baby.and this pallavi what we have done to her she is heartless how she can kill our kaira before opening her eyes sobbing I miss her kunj why she took her away from me she is special na kunj its our first baby she came to my womb when you were not here I was alive only for her but that women took our first kove symbol away from us im so bad kunj i couldnt save her im bad mother crying badly kunj turned and hugged her tightly
Kunj – shh dont blame yourself twinkle you are not at fault but me yes im responsible for it why i beleave pallavi so much why i came in her words and punished you for no reason and her obsession lead to kill our first baby and i wasnt having any single idea of it and he started to cry …sobbing twinkle why baba ji took my princes away from me what we have done twinkle why she kill our child 😢😢😢😢 why i wasnt with you that time to save you from evil eyes why and now also she try to kill you and baby and i wasnt knowing anything going behind me and my so called mom she too same how she even think of killing baby and you dont she know that her son kunj loves both of you and dont she have humanity being mother she try to snatch baby from other mother chi…shame on her….i hate her…hate her sobbing i hate you maa

Twinkle – calm down kunj
Kunj – angry tone now i get it twinkle why she didnt came to see you and baby in hospital beause she reached you hospital means she made your condition critical by giving you poision and thought you and baby will notreturn home and waiting to get bad news sorry good news for her and when i said this happily that we are blessed with baby boy and my twinkle is also good instead of getting happy she was in shock and said what? I thought she is surpriced and being very much happy she said like that see twinkle your kunj is so stupid right i was telling you that you beleave people easily and you are stupid but no im stupid to beleave in her words every time i thought she is my strength but no she is devil who tried to take my life from me.maa scolding you every time for no reason and try to fill my ears against you sometime showing some crocodile tears and im stupid beleaving her and scolding you and telling you to adjust with my mom .im so stupid to trust her twinkle why she done this with me dont she know that how much i love you and my baby.ill not leave her she is not my mom from now she is murderer loudly and that pallavi ill kill herm
Twinkle- shh kunj control yourself if we cry now nothing will be normal right and if you go and kill pallavi now our lost baby will not come back right i want only you and baby now please dont do anything.they stood there for sometime hugging each other and silently crying twinkle too angry with usha upset with her she tortured her ,scold her,sometime before seperated her from kunj she forgave her all mustakes thinking she will change one time but no this time she crossed every limit.
Kunj – oye siyappa queen you were telling me not to cry and you started now
Baby started to cry again
Kunj -ufff this chotu woke up again see come lets go to him nahi tho rho rho key pura ghar sir pey uta lega
Both came near baby twinkle took him and feed him milk adjusting her dress after his tummy fill he looked at her and gave cute smile
Kunj – now come to papa twinkle today ill make him burp and he was making him burp twinkle smiling looking at them kunj made him sleep on his lap after he fell asleep he placed him on cradle and looked at twinkle who was sitting with cute pout
Kunj – what happened to you now?
Twinkle – you stopped caring about me after chotu came huhu
Kunj – arey twinkle okay baba now tell me what i have to do for you
Twinkle – hmmm i want kiss trying to be normal
Kunj – acha twinkle pull him and captured his lips kunj shocked then understand twinkle trying to calm his anger he pulled her close and started to respond both coneying each other how much they love each other and healing each other pain after some time they broke kiss both lye on bed twinkle places her head on kunj chest and hug him tightly kunj kiss on her forehead twinkle sleeps in no time being tired of crying kunj wake up still sometime looking at twinkle and sometime at baby he promise him self that from now onwards he will not let anyone to harm his twinkle and baby if any one try then he will kill them directly

Usha slept there only on floor bebe saw her and throwed bucket of water on her she wakes up in jerk and saw bebe looking at her angrily
Manohar- you are still here huh😠😠 get the hell out from here go get out loudly while usha crying
Bebe – usha now no one beleave in your crocodile tears and they scolding her and this news spread everywhere by gossip ladies
Next scene
Taneja mansion
Raman – how can usha ji do this with twinki puttar chi
Pinni – meri tho death hogayi didi ji ye kabar sun key kii twinkles mother in law try to kill our twinkle and her baby ithna bhi kya dushmani hey twinjle puttar se mey tho kehthi hun twinkle ke liye sarna mansion dangerous hey didi ji mey kehthi hun twinkle ko yaha rakhthey hey safe tho rahege idhar vo aur bacha
Leela – arey haa usha ji did very bad with twinkle but mera puttar kunj he na abh vo mera beti aur mera potha ka dyan rakhega
Some voice from behind pinni is right we will bring twinkle to our home back all turned behind there stand RT and mahi with her cute little daughter of 1 year old
Leela – Rt ji and mahi
Mahi – maa and hugged her leela took her cute grand daughter in hand
Rt – what the hell leela this much happened with twinkle and you didnt bother to tell me
Leela -ji oh Rt stop her
Rt – i want to see twinkle now only and they all went with him
Twinj with baby came to hall and bebe manohar usha too present there twinkle prepared breakfast and serving everyone kunj saw usha face while she came there to ask forgiveness kunj looked at her angrily
Kunj – bebe what she doing near me tell hee to go from here
Twinkle – kunj..
Kunj – twinkle come we will have breakfast in room itself
Manohar – usha didnt you heard me go from here dont show your face to us because of you kunj leaving breakfast in middle go and sit somewhere else dont disturb us
Bebe – just ignore her everyone kunj puttar you have your breakfast and twinkle you also sit with us baby in kunj arm playing looked at his dadi and waved hand on her and making some noise usha smiled looking at him and above to touch his hand but took his hand back
Kunj – no baby dont look at her and turned him to other side usha felt bad and left that place
After breakfast everyone sitting in hall playing with baby and everyone just ignoring usha kunj called someone and talk something that is muted

Rt – twinkle beta 😍😍
Mahi – di jiju😘😘😍
Twinkle – papa mahi😍😍😍 and hugged them tightly as she was meeting them after years
Kunj hugged mahi and took blessing of rt he congradulated both of them
Rt – where is my grandson?
Manohar – here baby looking at them making big eyeballs mahi lifted him and he started to cry
Mahi – oye no no dont cry im your buva say buwa
Kunj – hahaha say buva mimicking her mahi its not even completed month and first ge will say papa then other looking at twinkle thing hena chotu
Twinkle – no first he will say mumma
Kunj – papa
Twinkle – mumma
Kunj – im telling na papa
Twinkle – no na mumma
Baby looked at there faces and started to cry loudly
Bebe – kunj and twinkle ye kya kitta
Twinkle and kunj – sorry bebe baby dont cry mumma and paps dont fight ok
Leela – he is crying because he dont want to anyones name he will say naani first heno puttar
All – ye lo while baby gave smile
Rt – Happy for you both but i cant ignore other thing in serious tone
Manohar – what happened rt ji?
Rt – what hapened huh like nothing happened with my daughter kunj wanted to ask you something can i?
Kunj – ha papa
Rt – you treat twinkle also like family member right means she is equal to you all right?
Kunj – yes she is member of our family and part of my life
Rt – bebe ji aap bathayiye iss ghar key saare noo ko ek hey tarah treat karegi ma asp no partality right then why you guys didnt gave jistice to twinkle
Bebe- ???
Rt – okay then when my daughter didnt commit any mistake but helped manohar ji to get him out of some problem her mistake is hiding something for you and manohar ji went in coma you all said its her mistake and blame her for everything and usha ji saying her name making disgusting face throw her outside sarna mansion and you also didnt stop her kunj you supported your mom
Twinkle – papa why that matter now everything solved now
Rt – shh
Kunj – yes i did mistake and asked forgiveness from twinkle then we are together now joining his hand with twinkle and papa say directly what you trying to say?
Rt – ha twinkle got punished for mistake she didnt commited and now your mom my daughters so called mummy ji really commited mistake but also here with you all its not mistake its attempt to murder she try to kill your wife and son and for her you people didnt do anything only slap scold enough…
Leela – ji
Rt – let me complete leela bebe give her also punishment she is also noo to this family like my twinkle right send her also out now all looking each other face
Rt – okay them im taking twinkle and baby with me
Twinkle – no papa i cant come ill stay with kunj and with my family
Rt – which family twinkle if your husband want you then tell him to do seperate hope for you then ill send you with him get seperated from here like ananth done then only ill allow kunj to take you come now he held her hand and taking her
Kunj – no need of it papa
Rt – means you will coe out of this mansion and get seperated from your family
Kunj – no i and my family stay here only include everyone you cant take twinkle away from me like that sheis my wife and he is my son im there to take care of them and who comit mistake they will be punished for there deeds
Rt – what you will do?
Inspector – mr .kunj sarna
Kunj – yes sir come and complete your work
Inspector – mrs.usha manohar sarna ypu are under arrest everyone shocked
Usha – what what no ill not come
Bebe -who gave you coplaint inspector sahab its home matter we ll solve it
Kunj – no i filed compaint againt usha sarna in attempt to murder case take her
Everyon shock
Twinkle- kunj no what is this Inspector its just misunnderstand no one try to kill me
Kunj – shup up twinkle and inspector this lady gave torture to my wife when im not here see her leg swolen till
Twinkle – kunj what you doing? Stop this
Bebe – kunj puttar please dont do it i know she did mistake but please dont do this manu tell him something while manohar stand silently
Manohar – kunj doing right bebe
Usha – kunj puttar im your mom you love me na puttar then why you doing this ? I know this all happening because of this twinkle
Kunj – stop it just stop it inspector
Bebe – ill join my hands infront of you kunj please dont do this hamare ghar key izzath ki bath hey crying
Leela – kunj puttar listen to bebe atleast please dont do this
Kunj – ok inspector leave her ill take my complaint return now you all happy right and he went back to room angrily twinkle follow him and try to tlk but he didnt talked to her just throwing everything here and there
Twinkle – stop it kunj
Kunj – go from here jaake apne saas ke aarathi utharo mahaan bahu hena thu
Twinkle – shut up kunj she is your mom kunj pin her to wall
Kunj – you are my wife my life she is muderer she should be behind bars not here but you people leave it and warning you twinkle if i see you talking to her and forgiving her then i wont leave you too
Twinkle – okay now calm down kunj please
Kunj – your papa asking justicefor you na when im giving it why you stop me they argue for sometime twinkle convencing kunj

At hall
Rt – i didnt mean this
Bebe – leave it rt ji you were right at your place and kunj in his
Usha – bebe
Bebe – stop it manu tell your woti nicely you know what how you behaving with her at first it was good for her she deserve that only twinkle did mistake by changing your behaviour towards usha
Manohar – dont worry bebe now she get that only what she deserve
Twinj came down kunj was still in angry mode only twinkle gave him baby so baby can decrease his anger
Kunj – bebe i want to tell something tell mrs.usha sarna to stay away from my family i dont want even her shadow on my baby and if i got tobkmow she torture or scold my wife again then ill call inspector again and this time wont listen to anyone
All agreed usha didnt thought even in her bad dream that kunj will hate her one ay this much she was always using his love on her as weakness and making him to listen to her words now everything changed he dont want to see her face too manohar too angry on his stupid wife and showing her place now kunj wasnt opposing at all because he know she deserve it now she was in home like thing only physical appearence no one giving her value twinkle felt bad sometime but cant help it as kunj order her strictly tobmot involve inthis matter now
After some days baby 1 month old now in all drama they forgotbhis naming ceremony everyone calling him as chotu or baby only and kunj busy in office work all having breakfast
Kunj checking office mails while having breakfast baby on his lap and twinkle serving breakfast baby looking at his mobile making big eyeballs and he to touch it in middle disturbing his father
Kunj – baby let me read mail sit quitely twinkle take him while twinkle try to take him he scream loudly no in mood to go kunj off the mobile and kept on table baby made frown face
Kunj – hahaha chotu you look funny if you do like it see your chubby cheeks got red hahaha while baby fill air in its mouth and left it making sound like purr everyone laugh and he started to cry making it again and again
Kunj – baby
Bebe – what baby khotte da puttar usse kuch naam dho aur naamkaran karo kaishe maa baap hey thum dono
Twinkle – bebe i told kunj this before only but see he always busy in office work says next week then again next week
Kunj – chup siyappa queen
Bebe – kua chup ha vo bada ho key thum logo ko puchega ki mera naam kuch rakhe hey kya bolo na thab kya bolongey kya usha naam baby sarna yaa chotu kunj sarna rakhegey kya log mazak udayega uska aur agey jake vo apni girlfriend ko baby kaishe boltha hey khud ka naam baby rakh ksy saara dosth usse baby baby bolengey tho
Kunj – arey bebe shh why ypu giving him idea to keep girlfriend no girlfriend hena baby making baby stand on table holding him and making him face him
Kunj – no girlfriends ok?
Baby – nnnnnnnnvvvvvvv zzzzzz
Kunj – no means no ill find good bahu for me telling you no girlfriend
Baby – started to cry twinkle took him
Twinkle – no one will order my baby…chotu dont cry ok if you want girlfriends you can make ok i support you while baby smiled everyone laughing looking at them
Kunj – you are spoiling my son
Mahi – stop it
Cute voice from mahi daughter
Meera – aley chab chup (arey sab chup ) baby ko no lulana aul mumma mela boy prent kaha hey(baby ko ath rula na and mumma where is my boy friend)
Twinkle – awww you want boyfriend
Kunj – hey cutiepie im your boyfriend ill divorce this twinkle and marry you okay will you marry me?
Meera – aley pel teri girlfriend hena ye twinki vo malegi tujko no you cance ill no marry you in attitude (arey per you have girfriend ns this twinki she will hot you see cancel ill not marry you)
Mahi – jiju my daughter rejected
you haha while twinkle and mahi hifi
Kunj – huh ill see you mahi aaj kal bahuth udh rahi hena
Bebe – stop this cat fight ill arrange for muhurath now for naakaran kunj take 1 week leave from office
Kunj – 1 week naamkaran function i have only one baby not 7
Bebe – arey for preparation and name selection it will be very grand function
Twinj room
Kunj and baby on bed kunj showing him his photo and baby photo he was looking at it surpriced and giving shocked expression making kunj laugh and twinki busy in phone again
Kunj – arey motu always stick to me ok go and disturb your mom no you dont do ot see from 1hr she is talking to uv still didnt finish i dont know what they ll talk and tells he is her buddy saala bahar hey phir bhi disturb kartha hey aur rath mey thu disturb kartha hey
Twinkle came back
Twinkle – now lets decide baby name
Kunj – oh yes maam are you free now? They start to decide name by arguing with each other and fighting on name
Twinkle – from k letter we will keep name
Kunj – no from T
Everyone gather infront of there room having some suggestion but stand there only listening to there fight
Twinkle – i got baby name yes
Kunj – k what is this?
Twinkle – Ramender her father name rt got happy manohar made jealous face
Kunj looked at his cute baby face then recall his father in law face
Kunj – no no
Twinkle – why 😠😠😠 you dont like my father name
Kunj – arey no elders name please
Twinkle – no no he ll be younger ramender sarna
Kunj pov (she will not listen to me like this and i cant keep this old nane to my baby ramender )
Kunj – okay okay agreed twinkle got happy
Kunj – now see arey ramender to baby he look at him n kicks
Kunj – ramender you idiot why you kick me and giving me this toothless smile lookbat your face ramender you looking like monkey with no hair
Rt – what? While everyone controlling laugh
Twinkle – kunj shut up
Kunj – you shut up im talking to my son ramender not with you .
Kunj – ramender dekho tumne apna pant geela kardi hey
Leela and mahi- 😂😂😂😂😂
Meera – chi dadu
Kunj – arey twinkle ramender ney sussu kiya dekho nappy change karo
Kuny – arey twinkle ramender smelling so bad i think potty bi kiya hey
Twinkle – stop it
Rt – twinkle puttar kunj and twinkle turned and shocked everyone laughing
Rt – please twinkle dont keep my name to baby ill fold my hands and kunj why you taking revenge on my name you meet me afterwards and goes from there
Leela – dhaamad ji ithna izzath dey rahey ho sasur ji ko ghar asyiye jarur
And everyone left twinkle close door and took pillow and started to hit kunj he was running here and there then got tired and sat on sofa baby giggling looking at his parents kunj pull twinkle and came on top of her
Twinkle – chodo muje
Kunj – no kissing her cheeks
Twinkle – baby save mumma
Baby – oooooo zzzzzx
Kunj – shut up you complaint about me to baby now ill punish you for this sure and bite her neck twinkle moan his name he got mood and opened her top throwed it somewhere
Twinkle – kunj ahhababy will see us and we cant fit in sofa get up from me
Kunj lift her in bridal style and place on bed and placed baby on cradle he slept already
Kunj – its good baby not like you you are bad baby of mine so ill punish you now you cant escape from punishment baby
Twinkle – who want to escape shyingly kunj came top on her captured her lips both kissing each other passionately kunj then bite her earlobe and after some time he reomve his dress and covered them with blanket room filled with moans kunj showing her how much he loves her.after some time both sleeps being tired kunj sleeps on twinkle holding her waist tightly
To be continued…..

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