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Milo Ho Tum Humen(TS)….kundali bhagya…by zaimal (SHOT-1)

“how many times told you all…don’t use mobile during work,cam’t understand a single thing”girl snatched phone from man’s hand and put a flower basket in them.

“go and give this to preeta…”she said in busy tone and looks at another work.man looks down at basket then at girl angrily.

“DO YOU KNOW WHO AM I?…”he said through gritted teeth.girl looks back at him with narrowed eyes then nodded vigorously.

“hey bhagwan king khan at our small hotel”girl exclaimed like a kid then gets straight.man looks at her in disbelief.

“done!…now get back to work..let’s go”girl said and pushed him toward inside the hall in hich decorations has started.

“preeta..look king khan had come at our hotel”

preeta was standing at stairs’s step and looks at her angrily.

“priya!..from half an hour i am standing here.where are flowers”preeta said in serious tone,she was standing holding an end of stair.

“this king khan was not coming..”priya said in annoyed tone.

“twins…”man muttered seeing the two girls same to same.

“yes we are twins do you have any problem?”priya said then slaps on his shoulder and makes him stand near stair and makes him to keep basket high so that preeta can pick flowers from there.preeta started picking flowers from basket and arrange them on flower vase,attached to wall.

“why are you wearing this suite and all…preeta you didn’t tell me there is costume party in hotel”priya said while looking at the man from top to bottom then slapped on leg of preeta.

“actually i am…”man tried to say something but priya slapped him on shoulder and moves his hand up.preeta was feeling difficulty in picking flowers.man looks up at preeta.

“don’t mind..she use her hand a lot”preeta said with small smile.

“both are poles apart..”man said inside his mind and looks at the girl inside him who was now taking someone else class.man smiled.

“preeta!!!!!….”one middle age man came there worriedly.

“g chacha!…”preeta said,still busy in arranging flowers.

“that foreign cook is not doing any work properly…”chacha said worriedly.

“chacha we can’t do anything…clients has specifically said,only that food will be presented in party which their cook will make”preeta said in composed tone.

“but he didn’t even wash vagetables and chicken properly now not cooking properly…people will get stomach ache”chacha said with same worried face.man looks at chacha while thinking about something.

“chacha the food we eat in restaurants those are also not cooked properly,nothing happens to anyone,don’t worry”

“why we should not worry!…chacha people will get food poison then ulcer of stomach then cancer and all will die…rich people never accepts their mistake,everything will come on you and you will be hanged.”priya said loudly in whole dramatic tone.preeta steps down from stairs and slapped on priya’s shoulder.

“what rubbish?…”preeta said throwing daggers at her,for being so dramatic.

“she is saying right preeta…rich people don’t accept their mistake”chacha said with worried face.priya nodded vigorously.

“chacha nothing happens like this….she is just pulling your leg”preeta tried to make him understand.priya shakes her head while standing at the back of preeta.

“preeta i have small small children..think about them”chacha said as he will start crying at any instant.

“ugh!..okay chacha..there is spare kitchen,go and prepare every dishes they had said..we will replace dishes…”preeta said,giving him solution.his faced glowed and he nodded.

“but…”chacha tried to say.

“whatever you want for cooking…priya will bring that for you.”preeta said with naughty smile.

“what!…that chicken is at last corner of hotel.how will supply all things there”priya shouted loudly.

“kitchen….”preeta corrects her.

“righth kitchen..”

“priya child please..”chacha requested her with innocent face.priya’s small heart melted and she nodded unwillingly.she looks at preeta angrily.preeta winks at her.priya muttered some curses,stamps her foot and goes after chacha.man chuckled seeing the sulking face of priya.


“g maa!…”

“go and see…everything is done in party hall or not.party is going to start any time and….”sarla said while coming there but stopped seeing in the direction basket boy.

“sir you…is there anything wrong and why are you ho,ding this basket”sarla said worriedly,takes basket from his hand and give it to preeta.

“everything fine and your daughter mistakenly thought i am one of worker”

“i am so sorry sir….”

“no its fine…i will take a leave,i just came to see preparations..everything is perfect”he greeted her and leaves.

“i didn’t do anything…priya did”preeta sad quickly before sarla could have said anything.sarla shakes her head in disbelief

“who was he?…”

“he was rishab luthra…co-owner of luthra industry”

rishab comes put from hall and was moving toward his car when he saw priya,walking toward kitchen.she was holding many vagetables bags and was blabbering continuously.rishab chuckled and sit inside his car and leaves.


“how can they blackmail us like this?…”priya said while pacing here and there angrily.

“i think we should agree….”sarla said,soothing her forehead with fingers,worriedly.preeta keeps hand on her.sarla looks at her and smiles.

“no maa…we will not leave our house…this is our house.they can’t force us to leave.”priya stamped her foot angrily and leaves from there.

“maa..you go inside..i will make her agree”preeta said in assuring tone.sarla nodded.preeta gets up and walks out.priya was standing outside in there small garden.preeta holds her and turns her toward hee.

“priya!…everyone has already agreed.only our house is remaining.today they are just saying to leave.tomorrow they will send goons.what will we do?”preeta said in serious tone.

“but this our house…why can’t they start their project some where else”priya said with tear filled eyes.

“everything will be fine…”preeta said while wiping her tears and thinks about something.


Luthra’s company

“ma’am you may go inside…”

“thanks…”preeta said,picks up her bag and walks toward one room.she knocks the door and entered inside.she looks around the giant room.wall were painted with  grey color while furniture was black.preeta felt a sudden chill,due to cold inside.

preeta looks forward and saw karan sitting on chair.he was looking part of the room with black suite and cold and blank expressions on face.she gulped and sit on chair,next to him.karan looks at her with raised eye brow.

“mr.luthra!….i came here with small request.please stop sending your men at our house.we don’t want to sell our house”preeta said while holding the corner of duppta,under the table,nervously.

“you are getting money double than price of your house….what is problem?”karan said with same blank face.

“everything is not money…”

“it is….do you want more money.”

“if some one will try to snatch your house and will give you money….would you have taken that?”preeta said while looking at his face directly.a dark color passed from his face.

“no one has dare to look at my house…”he said through gritted teeth.

“that’s not my answer mr.luthra. “preeta smiled a little,seeing possessiveness at his face.

“the day you will sell your house…tell me we will also sell our”preeta said,looking in his eyes directly,gets up and walks out from there.karan justvstare at her,leaving with clenched fist.

To Be continued….

Hello guys!

i am new on this page and i hope you will welcome me.i hope you all liked the part.this is small story.please tell me your reviews in comment section.

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