Saturday , November 28 2020


Hii frnds. Hope all are enjoying my ff. Thanks for all who are supporting me. Special thanks to anu, samidha and aisha. Hope u all will support me further . Now enough of my bak bak let’s begin the story……


After engagement, kabir somewhat changed his khadoos behaviour. Even he started smiling. All the lady staff are drooling over him for his new shade. But one person is angry and jealous. Ofcourse our isha. She entered his cabin without knocking.

Kabir:hii sweetheart why are so angry today

Isha:sweetheart hu… U stop smiling from today

Kabir was confused:whattt

Isha: all lady staff are bad eyeing u so please maintain ur khadoos nature

Kabir:so my cutie pie is jealous…. Ha..

Isha:Go kabir don’t talk to me

Kabir  came near her and back hugged her. They remain still until they listened door opening sound.

Sanchi:sorry guys mujhe door knock kar aana chahiye sorry for disturbance (keeping palm on her eyes)

Both composed themselves.

Kabir:what work do u have sanchi

Sanchi:woh mere saath kaun jaa raha hai conference ke liye


Sanchi:kya mai uss bandhar ke saath nahi javungaa

Kabir:sanchi bachpana chod dho and it’s final


She left from the cabin by cursing her fate under the breath.

At evening, sanchi and veer went for conference. It was successful and both are returning back. In the middle way the car broke down. As there was no transport facility, both started walking. In the way, some goons came and started teasing sanchi. Veer fought with them. One goon hit veer’s head with iron rod. Blood was oozing from the wound. Both veer and sanchi ran away from there. They entered into a old shed and hide behind a car.

Goon:woh bhaag gayi,chal hum bhi chalthe hai

Once goons left from there  sanchi brought some water and some cloth. She cleaned and dressed the wound. Veer was staring at her lovingly.

Sanchi: kya jaroorat hai hero ban ne ke liye  tume kuch hojatha tho

Veer:tume chedne ka haq sirf mera hai


Veer: kyunki mai tumse pyaar kartha hai

Both have an eyelock….


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