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Laado 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera divorces Rantej

Laado 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rantej is in his room when girls come and praise his muscles, and calls him real man of Veerpur. Other girl comes and says you are real man. Rantej asks them to say it again. It turns out to be his dream which breaks when Meera throws water on his face to wake him up. He asks if she forgot about last night. Meera gives him divorce papers. Rantej laughs and says you are mad. Meera says I can’t bear you anymore. Rantej says no woman can step out of house alive from our house, tears divorce papers and asks her to make tea. Meera shows real papers and says it is still in my hands. She says you said right that I couldn’t understand you and says I shall feel pity on you after whatever happened with you. Rantej says what you are saying? Meera says you want me to say openly and asks with

which soap he had bathed to go to Trisha.

Rantej gets tensed. Meera says I know everything and asks him to sign if he don’t want her to tell truth to everyone. She says she don’t want people to think that she left him feeling pity on him, but rather than that she wants people to think that she took stand for herself. Malhari calls Meera for work. Meera comes with her luggage and says she is leaving home. Malhari says Rantej’s wife got attack again and calls him.

Meera says Rantej will not come and stop me. Malhari asks why? Meera says Rantej himself has signed on these papers. Malhari asks what kind of papers. Meera says divorce papers. Malhari checks the papers and is shocked. Yuvraj asks what is all this. Anu says this was destined to happen and says Meera was living in hell since she came here. Malhari asks why Rantej will sign and calls him. Anu says Rantej will not come. Malhari says this is done by you and accuses her. She asks Meera to go back and not to agree to Anu. She then gets angry on Meera, when Anu takes a stand for her and says now she has no relation with you or home. She says if she tries to stop her, then she will take law’s help.

Yuvraj promises Meera that he will make Rantej good. Meera says since she got married, she thought there will be change in him, but no change. She says Rantej is a devil and this is the only way to get saved from him. Yuvraj says but. Meera says if there is Komal on my place, will you leave her to get beaten daily. Komal hugs her and cries. Meera says even I will miss you. Komal asks her to go. Malhari stops Meera and says when you are leaving home then you have no right on anything. Meera says I have nothing. Malhari asks why you are wearing mangalsutra of my son’s name and asks her to give. She snatches it from her neck. Meera looks on. Anu says what you have thought, she will plead infront of you for mangalsutra or cry, but this thing didn’t happen and says our prisoner is going to be freed. Malhari thinks why Rantej is not stopping Meera. Anu holds Meera’s hand and walks out of house. Laado song plays…Rantej sees Meera going and gets angry.

Rantej comes to Anushka’s room to kill her. Yuvraj stops her and says Anu is his wife. Rantej tells Yuvraj that they died when she made three of them impotent. Rajjo, Malhari and Yuvraj are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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