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Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Prithvi confront for cricket match

Kundali Bhagya 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the garden of farm house Karan was practicing with his bat when Prithvi comes there. He says sometimes Karan seems to be an inexpert for him, his movements shows he might be practicing dancing or some massage therapy. He mocks cricket to be an easy game. He played cricket really well in childhood, but he left it the day he realized it’s a game of fools. Karan stops Prithvi and challenges Prithvi for a game. He want to see how his limbs work. Prithvi says Karan might get emotional with all this, after all he has been selected in cricket team because of his brother’s links. Karan says they might have a confrontation, to realize each other’s worth. Prithvi accepts the challenge, and promises to turn him into a loser.
Inside, Dadi asks him to give some motivation for the game. Karan says

the winning team would rest, while the team that will lose will serve. Everyone was ready to play from Karan’s team. Karan suggests about taking chits of either Karan or Prithvi’s name to select teams. Everyone takes their share of chits. Shrishti makes a bad face and silently stands with Prithvi, then shouts in excitement it was Karan. Preeta was about to take the chit. Prithvi says she doesn’t need to pick a chit, she will be in his team surely. Karan makes a motivational speech for five over game. Prithvi bucks his team up.
Sherlin brings Prithvi aside and was worried about his inexperience of cricket. Prithvi tells Sherlin about his plan to accept the challenge, he was determined to win the match and no one will realize his plan. He knows that cricketers are superstitious about their bat. If somehow his lucky bat is broken by chance… Sherlin asks when he would do this. Sherlin tells Prithvi that Karan will force him polish his shoes if they lose. Prithvi was determined not to lose this time.
Both teams’ players confront each other. Karan wish the best to Prithvi. Rishab vows to play the game very truthfully. They make a toss. Prithvi’s team gets a head and decides to bat first. Karan bucks his team up while they take their position. Karan finds Mahesh blackmailing Sameer for making him win. He comes to remind his father of sportsmanship.
Karan chases the ball and finds Preeta cheer for Prithvi’s team. Preeta says she is in Prithvi’s team and would cheer for him. Karan tells her to listen to her heart at least for some time, she is heartily in his team and winks. It was a high scorer ball. Mahesh was boastful but was out on the next. It’s Sherlin up for batting next. She scores high on cricket and scores sixers as well. Karan mocks Prithvi for dancing even worse than monkey. Preeta comes to warn Karan against such insulting comments.

PRECAP: In the room, Karan tells Preeta to get ready to be defeated. Preeta asks why dream for something unachievable. Prithvi comes from behind and asks Preeta what dream?

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