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Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 11)

The scene starts with Arohi being teary eyed and telling Deep about the woman who pushed her from the balcony.

Arohi: actually…. Deep, a woman came and pushed me from the back.( Deep being shocked)

Deep: what!! but why did u go towards the balcony?

Arohi: it was beautifully decorated, and there were arrows stuck in wall pointed in the direction of the balcony. I thought it was going to be a surprise but it became a shock for me.

Deep: but whoever did that must be knowing our family well…or maybe it’s a member of our family.

Arohi: yes…I also think the same. U know what? I think someone tried to kill Tara in a similar way.

Deep: no…Tara wrote a suicide note before jumping off the balcony…

Arohi: how can u be so sure that Tara had written that suicide note?

Deep: it matched her handwriting.

Arohi: someone can also tamper one’s handwriting…

Deep: u are right but if that woman wanted to kill Tara then why didn’t she kill her before.

Arohi: I don’t know…I guess that woman was in search of an opportunity to kill Tara.

Deep: maybe…do u have any doubt on someone?
Arohi: I had a doubt on Maya and prithvi… Even during the fire incident they both were in charge of the arrangements..

Deep: no that can’t be possible… Maya mausi had been staying in this house since ages ..

Arohi: why would she stay here… why is she still unmarried? What happened to her relatives? Do u have any answers?

Deep(after staying silent for a few seconds): I don’t know… but if what u are saying is true how can we catch her ?

Arohi: I have a plan( she whispers something in Deep’s ears)

Deep: ok …but still I don’t think she had done anything.

Arohi: u’ll believe once u see the truth with your own eyes.

Later Maya comes towards kitchen near the hallway to drink water
Maya: aaj mujhe chain ki need aaygi…( Today I will be able to sleep peacefully)

Arohi was standing wearing white saree with her hair flying all over her face. Maya was shocked upon seeing Arohi and cried out loud.

Maya: bhoot …bhoot..bhoo… bhoot

Arohi( as Tara): Maya mausi, aap apni laadli bhanji ko kaise bhoolgayi. Main toh abbhi aap ko yaad karti hoon… Isiliye main aapko milne chale aayi…( Maya mausi, how could u forgot your lovely niece…I still remember u and that’s why I have come to meet u…)

Maya: Tara….t.tu..tum .. bhoot…bhoot… bhoot mujhe koi bachaao( Arohi comes closer). Mujhe maaf kardo , mujhse ghalati hogayi. Koi mujhe bachaao….bhoot…..
( prithvi was passing by heard her screams and came to her)

Prithvi: what’s the matter? Why are u screaming as if you’ve seen a ghost.

Maya: yes I have seen a ghost ….look over there

Prithvi: Maya there’s nothing over there

Maya: no, u are lying…look behind u..( prithvi turns and gets shocked and screams. He then runs and hugs Maya).

Prithvi and Maya: Tara ki bhoot.. bachaao….( They both rushed to papaji’s room)

Arohi ( looking towards the curtain where Deep was hiding): did u see….they are scared of Tara…and Maya even pleaded for forgiveness and also mentioned it was her mistake…..for what? U see I told you that they both are involved behind this incident…

Deep: if that’s the case then we should inform others in the family

Arohi: no, we need to gather proofs against them and then we can notify others about them…( Deep nods)

After sometime everyone gather in the hall. Arohi also comes changing her dress.

Arohi: what’s the matter Maya mausi?

Maya: wo wo… Tara… Tara ki bhoot.

Deep: I guess she must have been sleep walking

Maya: no Deep, I really saw Tara’s ghost..if u don’t believe me then ask prithvi.

Papaji: prithvi, what’s all this nonsense?

Prithvi ( looking at Maya and then at papaji): sir, I didn’t see anything…it must have been Maya’s dream while she was sleep walking.

Papaji: see Maya…I think since u were busy with all the marriage preparation , u must have been in a lot of stress.

Deep: yes …I also think the same. Mausi , I think u should relax. Bindiya take mausi to her room.

Mausi: bindiya, u will sleep with me today …ok ?( Bindiya nods ok and all of them return to their respective bedroom.)

Arohi was looking at Tara’s photo and then to herself in the mirror…..

Arohi: kabhi, kabhi apne jo dard deyte hain woh Dill mein jaa kar kanch ke tukron ke tarha chubte hain. Tum jo nahi kar payi wo ab main karungi…..( Sometimes, when your own people hurts u ,it feels like pieces of glass penetrating your heart. What u have left incomplete, I am surely going to complete it)

Deep enters and sees Arohi standing by the window side and looking at the sky.

Deep( coming close to Arohi): Arohi why are u looking at the sky?( His head leans on Arohi’s shoulder and hugs her from the back)

Arohi: I was looking for Tara…

Deep: there are many Taras( stars) in the sky…

Arohi: Deep, I am looking for your Tara….( Deep’s face turns pale and he moves away)

Deep: what are u talking about?…( He turns his face)

Deep: it’s getting very late now…I think u should sleep.( Arohi agrees and lays on one side of the bed with Deep on the other . They both then think of each other)

Arohi( in mind): Deep, I know deep down in your heart, u still have feelings for Tara…as she was your true soulmate. Until when will u hide your feelings. U care for me only because I resemble Tara and may be u love me too for that.

Deep( in mind): I know Tara u might have felt bad…but Arohi is my wife now and I have taken seven vows with her…it’s better for me to move on after all u are my past and Arohi is my present and future.

Arohi: I promise, I will make u fall for me again and this time it’s not a plan, I will put my whole heart it in..

Deep: I promise Arohi, I will fullfil all your wishes just like I fulfilled Tara’s….Tara , Tara, Tara… what’s wrong with me ?.. why am I thinking of her …..I guess I should have had a glass of wine 🍷. ( Both Deep and Arohi fall asleep)

Next morning Arohi comes out of bathroom after taking a shower . She was wearing a pink and white saree. She then comes to Deep to wake him up.

Arohi: Deep, Deep wake up..( she heads to leave when Deep mischievously pulls her hand and she lands on the top of him. They then have an intense eyelock and their lips were inches apart….just then someone knocks the door and they move away)

Arohi: I will check..( she opens the door and gets shock seeing …..)

Deep: tell me honestly …who is Paro’s biological father.
Arohi: first promise me u won’t get angry…
Deep: don’t u trust me? Is your trust on me is so weak that u can’t even tell me about your past…u know what I don’t think u love me…why did u agree to marry me? Tell me… Do u love me ?

Arohi: Deep, there is nothing like what you are thinking..I can explain ….

Deep: first answer my question. Do u love me? yes or no.

Arohi: No!!

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