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Episode 98 ..
The Episode starts with yuvi returning back to sm after dropping kunj to airport he looks for Krish and finds him asleep in Bebe arms and sighs …mahi sees yuvi looking at Krish …

Ma : what happen yuvraj ????
Y : nothing it’s good mahi slept or else toh he would have taken whole house on his head …

Ma : hmm yeah after so much crying he just now slept …
Y : yess he loves Bhai so much ..well would you want me to accompany you for check up ..

Ma : yeah I don’t want to disturb twinkle she is upset and worried about krish so you come with me for check up ..

Y : okay they both went to their room ….after sometime twinkle came downstairs to take Krish back …
T : he is sleeping still

U : Haan Acha hai warna to he will look for kunj and cry again ..
T : Haan mummy Ji ..
Be : you took rest na twinkle ??

T : g Bebe don’t worry …where is mahi ???
U : she went for check up ..
T : okay ..

Whole day passed while yuhi too returned with the check up ..Krish was with ushar and Bebe whole day …
At dinner time twinkle prepared dinner while usha helped her ..all had dinner after sometime Krish was with Manohar it was quiet late and all decided to sleep now …

T : mummy Ji ..i’ll take him to room and make him sleep ..
U : Haan twinkle puttar if you need anything just call us okay …

T : Haan she lifted Krish and take him back in their room she have him his milk bottle and lay him on bed ..closed the windows and everything ..she changed her night dress and laid beside him ….

She looks at Krish who was looking on kunj side while having his milk bottle in his mouth …twinkle smiled Krish sees Twinklee and taps kunj place where twinkle had kept pillows so that Krish doesn’t fall down in sleep ..

T : what happen Krish missing papa ..
Kr : mi…mi 😭😭😭😭😭
T : awe Mera baby she cuddles him And sees her phn ringing and looks at the called I’d and smiled …

T : so you reached patidev ???? ..
K : hmm yeah few hours ago I reached hows you my wifey and how’s my baby ..
T : we are fine kunj but still your baby he is missing you sooo much ..from morning only he was whole day with mummy g Bebe and papa g ..

K : Haan even I am missing him so much I didn’t wanted to leave him and go ..
T : now don’t worry he is fine you tell me what you are doing ??? ..
K : on the way to office I had to report here soon so can’t take rest today…(as you all now India and America had 12 hours time difference here night there morning …)

T : awe my poor hubby ..
K : okay bye ttyl love you ..
T : love you too they both smiled ..
Soon twinkle slept cuddling Krish while he too slept …
On the other side :::
Kunj reached office and met Adarsh and Aryan both hugged him soon the trio left for meeting after sometime the meetings ends ..
Ar : kunj come with me your sister wants to meet you ..

K : yeah ..they went to chiyan house ..
Chinki opened the door and found kunj she got happy and hugged him slightly ..
Kunj sees his fatty chubby chinki and smiled …

K : owweee cutie looking so cute ..
The both brother sister sat talking while Aryan prepared dinner soon the trio had it and kunj left back for his house ..
Two weeks later :::
It had been two weeks since kunj left twinkle used to miss him alott even he too but they can’t do anything about it…

@ breakfast table sm..
Krish was with yuvi both Chachu and nephew having good time together while Twinklee and mahi arranged breakfast and called everyone ..
T : yuvi now come and have your breakfast ..
Y : yeah coming let’s go champ ..

Twinkle took Krish and feeds him his baby food while all others having their breakfast …
T : mummy g wo I am thinking to go TM for few days if you permit ..
U : arey twinkle why not go even Krish will feel good being with ishani and suhani ..

Y : he will feel good nai very very good he beats them both …bechare ishani and suhani …
T : yuviiiii …she passed him death glare while all laughed ..

Ma : mummy Ji can I also go with twinkle wo ma papa is in London i can’t meet them but I can spend time with meher Di ..
Y : no you can’t You spend time with me ..
Man : then who will spend time in office me yuvi ??? ..

Y : no papa wo (short of words) while twinkle and mahi laughs seeing his state and even Krish giggled ..
U : Haan mahi you too go with twinkle ..twinkle and mahi smiled while yuvi makes a baby face ….

They both went to their rooms and packed their luggage ..
@twinj room :::
Twinkle takes out her clothes and then Krish clothes too and packed it while he smiled jumping seeing his mother …

@ yuhi room ::
Mahi was packing her stuff while yuvi comes from behind and backhugged her …
Y : huhu Jaan it’s not fair can’t go leaving me ..
Ma : huh yuvi let me go na plzzz what I will do after twinkle goes then I’ll feel bored ..

Y : don’t worry I’ll not let you feel bored he winked while mahi makes a haww face and she hits him slightly ..
Ma : shameless ..
Y : see baby your mumma is calling your cutie papa shameless …he talked keeping his hand on her belly while both smiled …

Soon twinkle and mahi came downstairs with their bag ready to go TM …
T : Krish say bye to dadi dadu n Bebe…
Krish waved his hands while all smiled usha pecked him ..

U : Mera baby come soon okay …he smiled and pecked her cheek too ..
Y : come back soon you lovely ladies okay …
T : no we will not ..
Y : b*t*h 😏😏😏

T : jerk …
Be : what did you both said something ???
T & y : Nahi Nahi Bebe both nodded in no while mahi giggled and Krish clapped …
Soon mahi twinkle Krish left for TM they entered Leela and others suprised to see them …

L : awww my both daughter’s came she hugged them both …they met meher and Misha too ..abeer and Kabir were out for office ..
Suhani and ishani who was playing smiled too seeing them ..and makes faces seeing Krish 😂😝

They kept their bags in twinkle room and all sat in hall gossiping …rt too met twinkle he was too happy seeing his daughter ..
The day passed and night came they all went to prepare dinner …and after sometime abeer and Kabir came back there were hell tired …

They sat on sofa while twinkle came with juice for them they both took the glass without even seeing who was giving ..
T : say thanks atleast …
Ab & kab : you when did you came ??? They pull her and she sat in middle of her two brothers ..

T : in morning only but now why will you both see me 😭 you guys forgot me …no one cares for me now ..
Ab : Haan you said true twinkle ..
Kab : arey actually Haan both
smirked ..while twinkle started crying ..
T : I hate you both ..😢 she got up and went from there while both laughed rolling on sofa ..

Ab : she is still a kid ..
Kab : awww meri twinki …both laughed again …
Soon Misha and meher served dinner while all came to have it ..abeer and kabir sees mahi …

Rt : twinkle mahi you both sit beta ..
T : Haan papa sitting ..
Ab : arey mahi you too came it’s good hows you ????
Ma : I am fine jiju ..

They all were having dinner while abeer and Kabir teasing twinkle but she was ignoring them …they feed their babies too ..all had their dinner …

After sometime all sat in hall ishani Krish and suhani was playing sitting on floor they were not fighting today …all smiling seeing them …Kabir and abeer bring ice cream …Misha gave it to everyone while abeer and Kabir said they will have later ..and sits seeing ishani krish suhani playing ..

Ab : seeing them I remember our childhood ..
Kab : Haan me too ..
L : even I too remember you trio childhood …Misha and meher feeds some ice-cream to them too…

Kab : maa where is your ladli she is not seen anywhere ..
Mis : Haan maa twinkle was here sometime before but when she went ..
L : arey I don’t know too ..
Next scene :::
Twinkle knocks on the study and sees RT sitting reading a book …
T : can I come in papa ..
Rt : Haan sure puttar why not ..she enters in and sat on floor near his feet ..

T : I wanna hear story too ..she makes childish face and kept her head on RT lap while he caressed her hair ..
Rt : awe my princess so listen he said and tell her while both smiled …

T : arey papa see your foots are so swollen I’ll Massage it ..
Rt : no twinkle let it be ..
T : no no Mr taneja it’s my order okay she said while RT nodded and she massaged his foots while he smiled …

Rt : thank you sooo much ..
T : your most welcome now sleep ..she too him to his room and he laid while twinkle off the lights and left ..this was seen by abeer and Kabir who smiled ..

Twinkle was waking when kabir pulled her and took her near swimming pool ..
T : huh Bhai leave me ..I had to go ..
Kab : just shut up and why you are so angry with us sorry na you know na we loved you so much no one can replace you in our life ..

Ab : Haan twinki Kabir is saying true we were just teasing ..
T : even I was acting she winked at them while both tickles her and they sat on swimming pool edge dipping their legs how they used to do everything ..

Abeer brings ice cream and the trio sat eating and talking laughing together…
Mahi Misha and meher sees them and smiled …
Mis : these trio are so cute na ..
Meh : Haan 😘😘😘

They went inside after sometime twinkle Kabir abeer comes inside and went In Mibir room and sees ishani Krish and suhani sleeping ..
T : ohh he slept …it’s good 😂
Ab : kaisi maa hai 😂

T : huh Bhai you don’t know his tantrums ..
Kab : okay okay ..
Meh : abeer me and mahi sleeping in our room today …
Ab : whatttt where I’ll go then ..

T : Bhai do one thing go to sm and give company to yuvi ..
Kab : hahahaah Haan Do that ..
Ab : you both shut up ..

T : okay bye I am going to sleep good night everyone she lifted Krish and took him to her room while mahi and meher go to mehbeer room with ishani having no other option abeer went to guest room ..
Again 4-5 days passed they all are having soooo much fun in TM yuvi used to come there too …

Everyone were sitting in the garden they all had get together ..
Rt : arey monu you know Ravi called me today and invited us for his son wedding in Chennai …

Man : yeah even he invited me too. .
U : yeah he is your childhood friends I think we all should go in his son wedding ..
Be : yeah it will be like a vacation for us too ..

L : exactly ..Kabir comes there taking on phone and he ended the call ..
Kab : papa I want to go to Dubai as their is our friends reunion ..so can I go ..
Rt : Haan Kabir you can waise bhi you all are free now ..

Kab : I am thinking to take Misha and suhani with me too ..
All hooted and teased Misha alott while RT agreed …
Kab : pack our luggage Misha we are leaving for Dubai tomorrow …

Next day Mibir left for Dubai while others came back to TM …after 2-3 days
Manohar Leela usha RT Bebe deciding about what to gift them as they are leaving next day for Chennai ..when mahi and meher comes tensed …Leela sees them ..

L : what happened meher beta ???
Meh : wo maa called me just now and said that papa health is not fine ..
Man : whatttt ???
Ma : don’t worry papa it’s not that serious

Ab : I think you both should be there he needs his daughters now ..
U : Haan abeer said right ..
Rt : how they will go even abeer and yuvj should go with them …
Y : Haan ..
Be : so it’s decided that yuhi and mehbeer will leave for London …
Next scene (NEW YORK)
Kunj had been working really very hard he was hell tired by now ..Adarsh and Aryan sees him and smiled …they both come inside cabin while kunj was done with his work …
K : finally completed ..

Ad : it’s good kunj now you go home and take rest we will see the other things ..
K : hmm yeah ..
Ad : and aryan you too go after all chinki needa you at this time ..
Ar : hmm yeah I was thinking to leave too
Both kunj and Aryan left for their respective while kunj went in his house changed and soon drifted to sleep ..

After sometime he heard door bell continuously ringing …
K : areyyyy who the hell is this at this time chain se sone bhi Nahi dete ..he rubbed his eyes still door bell was continuously ringing …arey Bhai aaraha Hu …

He opened the door and sees Krish sitting on the luggage and smiling at him gesturing kunj to take him …
Kunj rubbed his eyes as he didn’t wanted it to be dream he looks at Krish ..
K : omg my baby you are really here he took him in his arms while Krish hugged his father …

Kunj Ran outside and was looking here and there for twinkle ..when he felt her backhugged him …
K : siyappa queen he said and turned and looks at twinkle who was having a big smile on her face ..she pecked his cheek
He smiled and hugged them both tightly not wanting to leave them for a minute ..

K : I still can’t believe you guys are here I missed you both sooo much …how and when you came twinkle he said breaking the hug …
T : I’ll tell you everything patidev first let us in she said while they were gonna entered …
K : wait wait ..

T : what happen kunj ???
Kunj makes Krish stand on floor and helping him Krish held both twinj hands and was in middle taking support of his parents he took his first steps ..
While kunj again lifted him and they sat on sofa while twinkle kept luggage aside ..

K : now tell me how did you came ..
T : wo twinkle tell him everything about Mibir going to Dubai mehbeer and yuhi to London and elders to Chennai ..
Only I was left there and my Laxman suggested papa to send to me to NY and then me and your Krish too the flight and we are here …

K : I love my brother so much for this ..
T : Acha 😂😂😂
Both smiled and played with Krish seeing them kunj also got energy …
K : now we will take rest then we will go for outing …

T : hmm okay twinkle sees her house after many days she saw it and recalled how she left from she gets tears eye ..kunj who came back after dropping Krish in room as he slept sees twinkle ..
He backhugs her …

K : don’t remember that twinkle …it will give you pain only …just remember we are fine and our baby is fine too ..
T : Haan kunj she turned while he kissed her on forehead and then eyes cheeks he kissed on her chin …and moved towards her neck ..she held him to stop…

K : shh not today twinkle he smiled and moved towards her neck showering his love on her …they moved backword while they laid on couch still kunj kissing her and twinkle moaning his name …
T : kunjjjjj ..

K : your suprise was amazing wifey he whispered and bit her ear lobe while she clucthed his shirt ..she switch off their places and went above him …joined their lips together both longing for their touch …soon their moment continue and they rested in each other embrace ….
T : kunjjjjj ..
K : what happen twinkle ???

T : Krish he is alone in room ..
K : ohh I forgot ..they ran upstairs and sees Krish who woke up just now ..he started crying for milk soon twinkle prepared his bottle and gave him ..while he kept quiet …they rested for sometime and called swadarsh to reach chiyan house ….

Swadarsh and chiyan was sitting when they sees kunj coming with twinkle and krish chinki jumped in happiness as she was meeting Krish for first time ..
C : bhabbiiii she hugged Twinkle and looks at Krish ..she took him while he looks at her confused …

K : hahah Krish she is your bua ..
C : Haan Krish ..
Twinkkee meets swadarsh too and all sat ..Krish was gelled up with ayush very much who was soon gonna be of 2 years they both were playing …

T : so finally one more baby to come soon Haan ..
C : yeah ..😛
Sw : haha just look at ayush and Krish ..
K : Haan they became friends so soon ..he toh fights with ishani and suhani alott ..
T : yeah 😂😂😂 all laughed talking and had their dinner after spending sometime together they left back for their homes ..
Next day :::
Kunj woke up early asusal and sees twinkle and Krish sleeping cuddling he smiled and got freshen up went downstairs prepared food for them and milk bottle for Krish he knows after waking up his little bhukkad needs milk at any cost ..he went in room still finds them sleeping …

K : oh my god nothing will happen to these too I left him for 3 weeks with this siyappa queen and see now he too became sleeping prince 😛 ..Twinkle wake up ..
T : kunj let me sleep nah ..

K : no no wake up we have to go park too then shopping then rest places get up Yaar …
Twinkle got up and looks at him even Krish too got up with the noises…

Good morning Mr Sarna twinkle pulled him towards herself biting his left cheek while he was shocked she ran to washroom after it kunj smiled ruffling his hair and sees Krish he makes his sit on his lap …and gave his milk ..while he smiled soon finished off …

Twinkle came and they had their breakfast after getting ready the trio left for the children’s park ..
Krish was very much happy seeing the brids and everything while kunj was clicking his and twinkle pics …after sometime of playing they left for shopping mall and shopped for many things …

Kunj was handling Krish while twinkle was shopping and roaming freely …
Both father son fed with with twinkle sat there ..while twinkle came back and lipsed them sorry while both smiled ..
The trio went to have their lunch while people were complementing seeing Krish …

K : hahah yes of course he is handsome after all he is kunj Sarna son ..
T : bas now don’t fluyy …
K : JAL kukdi …😂😂😂
T : shut up okay ..

K : no I’ll not ..
T : I hate you monkey ..
K : I hate you too rat he pecked her lips quickly making her shock and winked ..he paid the bill and they left back for their house ….

Soon the days passed Krish was growing up so soon he even started saying few words …on the other side mehbeer and yuhi were back to India as Mr Kapoor health was fine now …even they had their vacation visiting many places there ..and suhani you enjoyed Dubai trip with her parents and elders cherish their memories by meeting their all friends in Chennai …
@ twinj house :::
Twinkle was preparing the food while Krish was with kunj…he wanted Krish to say papa …
K : Krish say papa now na ..
Kr : pa …….😛😛😛he confused looks at kunj …

K : Haan champ pa ..pa okay now say .
Kr : pa 😟😟😟he again stopped irritating kunj …
K : arey Krish say it two times na beta…
Kr : pa….he again opened his mouth to say and then stopped ..

K : arey Yaar ..
Twinkle came out laughing at him Krish sees her …no he will not say he is mumma not say mumma Krish 😛
K : last try 😡 pa ..pa okay pa ..pa ..

Kr : pa ….he looks at kunj then at twinkle mu..mma..he said making kunj shocked and twinkle rocked …
K : you cheater huh you said mumma…
T : awww Mera baby say mumma again…
Kr : mu..mma he giggled and then said pa..pa …

Kunj looks at him while twinkle smiled …
K : say it again Krish 😛
Kr : pa..pa mu..mmaa he clapped while twinj hugged him happily ..
Screen freezes …
So how was the episode ???
Thanks to all for the likes and comments
Hope you all liked the suprise …
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Can’t believe it’s 98th today 😛😛😛
Ba byee love you all ..
Precap : back to India ..

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