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Kasam 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: AK and Rishi get together to rescue Tanuja

Kasam 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with AK telling Myra that Tanuja might be upset with him and that’s why not picking his call. He calls her again. Shiv picks the call and asks Tanuja to talk to AK. AK says Tanuja and says I thought you are upset with me. Tanuja says she is in City shopping mall and…AK says Natasha..and asks Tanuja to tell that her papa loves her a lot. Tanuja says even she loves you a lot. Shiv takes the call and says love love…AK is shocked and asks who is he? Shiv cuts the call. AK gets tensed. Shiv tells Tanuja that she has become VIP guest and says they have enmity with AK. They take her to room. Rishi calls Tanuja, but as her phone is off, he goes to city mall. AK tells Myra that Tanuja is in problem. He says Rishi might have rejected the call and told that. He says I have never done this. AK

and Rishi meet on road. AK tells Rishi that when he was talking to Tanuja, you took the call and said pehchan kaun. Rishi says I was waiting for her at bedi house. AK says something is wrong. Manpreet calls Rishi and makes him hear the news. Rishi is shocked and tells AK that the robber kept Tanuja on gun point, and it seems you know him as he asked you to identity him.

Media comes there and says Police haven’t reached till here. Police reaches there. Shiv tells his goons that they shall tell Police why they came. He says he can let one reporter to go inside to know how many people are inside. One of the reporter agree to go inside. AK and Rishi are in car. AK tells Rishi that you would have gone with Tanuja. Rishi blames him and says you would have got Natasha’s teddies order at home. They blame each other. AK says it is not your mistake. Rishi says we will search her. Raj and his family watch news about goons attack and go there.

Inspector talks to Shiv and says nothing shall happen to reporter. Reporter goes inside. Tania asks where is everyone going? Ahana says they will be back and asks John to take care of them.
Shiv tells Tanuja that he will snatch AK’s wife from him. Tanuja says she is not AK’s wife, but rishi’s wife. She says she is Rishi singh bedi’s wife. She says AK is her boss. Shiv asks goon to leave her. Tanuja thanks him. Shiv laughs and says AK is your boss. Tanuja says my husband Rishi singh bedi will not leave you. AK and Rishi reach there.

Rishi tries to go inside. Shiv asks goon to shoot at him. AK saves Rishi at right time. Tanuja asks why bullet is shot. AK asks Rishi to control and says you loves her, you have to save yourself. Inspector asks them to co-operate. Rishi says let me go. AK says they are dangerous, if anything happens to you. Inspector says I will arrest you if you try to go inside.

Precap: Tanuja tells Shiv to let him go. He slaps her and makes her unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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