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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivlings get stolen

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Yashpal worrying to talk to seniors. The truck driver calls Yashpal and says I have your phone, I know you. Yashpal says you can get punished. The man says I m doing your work here, I have given the news to minister, police doesn’t know about shivlings, I told him to forget it, did I give right advice. Yashpal says just give the shivlings and phone to me, the day I get you, you will regret to be alive. The man says its a warning for you, forget the nine shivling, else it won’t be good. Yashpal asks whom are you threatening, come in front of me if you have courage. He asks constable to find out who called. The man crushes his phone. Constable gets details. Yashpal leaves from station. Gauri tries to open phone lock. Rahul asks what happened to Namrata. She says Namrata

was helping me find shivling, she got a call and saw something, she fainted, phone isn’t opening. He says it got locked. She says maybe the lorry driver called, he was running over us, lorry didn’t had driver. Narendra asks what, it was Shambu’s lorry. Rahul says yes, he got into that lorry, it attacked police jeep. She says I can’t believe this.

Rahul says you don’t believe it, this is your problem, why did you risk your life, go to village, police will keep nine shivling. Namrata wakes up and sees them. Gauri says I called Rahul to help, but maybe I did wrong. Narendra asks them to return to village. Gauri says if police isn’t bringing shivling to village, they will also face wrath of Lord, I will try to get shivling and then return to village.

Rahul asks Namrata to open the phone, why did she faint down, what’s that message. Namrata says there is nothing in phone, I fainted by sun stroke, can anyone faint by seeing message. He asks was it lorry driver’s call. She says you don’t worry, did Gauri say this, she has a habit to worry, a lorry was following us, but nothing happened, I m fine. He says you are sensible, take Gauri back to village. Rahul and Narendra ask them to take care and leave to meet Yashpal. Gauri worries and says we have to get shivling back to village. Namrata thinks how will I get shivling, how did Seth ji get all videos. Tantric’s men get the shivlings. Dog comes there and attacks on them to protect the shivling. Shambu comes there and sees the dog. He sends the dog.

The men run away with the Shivlings chest. More dogs come and attack on them. Shambu comes there. The dogs run to the tantric lady. She sees the dogs and throws some bhabhuti. The man gets shivlings chest there. She asks him to keep it there. Dogs stop outside. The lady says now no shuvaan can harm you by this mantra, have this ring. The man goes.
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