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Ishqbaaz FF:Found My Solace… Chap2

Chapter 2:Bhavya

2 am

She kept tossing and turning to no avail. “you know you can’t sleep how much ever you try Bhavya.. Calm down.. Urgghh”, she told herself. Bhavya was exasperated. She was fed up, entirely. ” but that is the reason why i drank so much at the party.. I thought I would pass out .And now my head is throbbing like hell”, Bhavya shouted at herself. “some fresh air might help”, she reasoned to herself and got out of bed and went to the corridor.

She sat down, leaning against the pillar and closed her eyes. The calmness of the night seemed to soothe her to an extent. Since age 13,she hasn’t slept this night. It was the night she lost her family. The night she  became an orphan. “the night I became a burden to the earth even”, she thought.

Her neighbors had put her in an orphanage and left their way. Her parents had got married against their parents wishes and lost everyone of them. She didn’t know who her family was. The only people as family in her life was her dad, mom and little brother. They were her life, her world.

Being brilliant at studies since childhood, the sisters at the orphanage encouraged her to fulfill her father’s dream. He had always wanted her to be an ACP officer. He knew his little girl was a very bold one. She often asked herself if they left her to make her bolder. “why the hard way?” she used to scream looking at their photo.

There were days she felt lonely. The people at the orphanage were lovely but they couldn’t connect with her. It was at the police training institute she found a good friend in Ranveer and a father like figure in her sir. He was one man who knew that this girl did not want to be  pitied. She would rather gather all the support she could get. His wife became a mother like figure to her soon.

Years later she became one of the smartest  ACP officers of India. Her sir and wife had then asked her about her marriage plans but she never answered them. None of these people could fill in the void that had formed in her heart. She knew that her sir and wife understood her pain but they couldn’t understand its depth. Ranveer had tried and failed in the past few years to talk her out her loss. And on this night, every year, she chose to be alone. No one could change that. They tried, but she shrinking back into her shell.

After becoming a successful officer, she had traced her real maternal and paternal families but never went to meet them. She knew they didn’t want her. If they did, they would have come years ago. To be an orphan despite having a big family is the worst feeling ever. And she believed no one knew it better than her. Then she met the Oberoi family. Why she liked being with them was that they considered her as their own but never provoked her about her past. They let her be the way she wanted to be. Ranveer also decided to not let anyone know anything because she wouldn’t like it. He realized that she had found some peace while being with the Oberois and thought to keep things just the way they were. She knew that she could approach anyone in this family to open up about her life. Everyone would offer her a shoulder to cry upon. But she feared she would lose the kind of bond she has with them now. She would never trade those relationships for anything in the world. Not even for her inner peace.

Overwhelmed by all the memories and emotions, tears dropped down from her eyes. She usually never cried. She didn’t like anyone seeing her in such a vulnerable state. That made her feel weak and helpless. This was the only night she had no control over herself.

But unbeknownst to her, someone had been watching her the whole time time.

Precap:who was watching her?…


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