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Ishq mein marjawan (ardeep fan fiction ) part 2

Deep is talking to arohi photo not knowing that she is watching everything 

Deep:I was an orphan no one loved me until Tara papa came and adapt, me but I always saw Tara as a friend never knew she loved me but I tried to love her back but I can’t then that night I saw her truth when she murdered that couple when papa knew he went to coma so mummy ji gave me the responsibility of tara

Deep:I tried to took care of her but she was out of control then I saw you didn’t loved you at first sight but you made me fell in love with you you always prefer others over your self I still remember that night

A flashback is shown

Arohi was crying because her bhayia bhabi kick her out of house suddenly deep came arohi told deep everything deep assured her that everything will be alright

Deep:Next time don’t go out without telling me I was searching you for two hours

Arohi:This means you haven’t ate something

Deep was shocked to hear this

Deep:Yes I was waiting for you so we could eat together

Arohi hugs deep and for the first time deep felt something for her

Flashback ends

Deep was still talking to arohi photo

Deep:No one ever asked me that question I wish that you could come back that’s why I kept bhabi and Nikku alive

Deep wipes his tears and goes to sit beside tara/arohi

Arohi suddenly closes her eyes deep come near her and kisses her forehead

Deep:(talking to tara/arohi) sometimes I feel your here with me

Deep sleeps beside arohi hugging her when deep fell asleep arohi with teary eyes thinked about all the moments she spender with deep

Arohi:The truth is we both are fighting with our emotions no matter how much I try to hate you but this heart still loves you

Arohi hugs him back and sleeps

In the morning deep wakes up and is happy to see that Tara/Arohi is still sleeping 

He wakes up and goes to bathroom to take shower when he comes back arohi is still sleeping

Deep:(thinking in his mind) why is she still sleeping she always wakes up at this time I think the doctors gave her a heavy dose of that injection 

He sits beside her and touches her head

Deep:Her head is like on fire she has a very high fever I have to call a doctor no mummy ji is already upset with me will take her to hospital

Deep suddenly calls bindiya and orders her to change Taras cloths

Precap:Arohi and deep both Andre in forest but in opposite sides crying and have a bottle of alcohol beside them



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