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Recap: swasan hot bonfire romance🔥🔥😉

Sanskar’s pov:
I really regret reminding swara about her contract that night. Just because of my reminder, she is ignoring me. I miss her because now I’m in USA for my business and swara didn’t came with me. I came for three days and will be back tomorrow and meet my sweatheart. It’s being a week since that night and swara is showing her tantrums. When i was with her, we shifted to my house where my parents used to live. I never lived there as I studied and then settled in USA. And after my parents death i never came to India until my marriage got fixed with kavita. My aunt is kavita’s mother’s friend and they fixed my marriage. I find kavita beautiful and nice at first but swara is for me. To know about kavita i checked her profile where for the first time i saw swara. Whether it was love at first sight or my craziness but i made my mind that if i would marry any girl than she will be swara only. I talked to kavita that i want to marry swara and to my luck, kavita also have boyfriend so we planned mine and swara’s marriage. Yeah!! We should not have planned without telling swara but i assure her happiness with me. From last six months I’m knowing swara’s each and every activity, i was stalking her but once she will accept her love then i will tell her what all i did. She do love me but very stubborn to accept. Yesterday, i got miss call from her when i was in office and when i called her, she lied that she clicked on call button by mistake. I know she miss me and must be bored alone in that huge mansion. Kunj and twinkle used to visit her as i asked them but then they are also busy with their office. Never mind, very soon I’m going back to her. Let me call her and see what she is going.
I dialed her number and soon the call was connected.
” Hello!! Who is this??” Swara asked from me. She is too much.
” haww you didn’t saved your husband’s number??” I pretended to be shocked and i can imagine the teasing yet beautiful smile on her face.
” no i don’t care for strangers” she replied. Stranger and me!! Great.
” okay then good bye, you should not talk to strangers” i said acting to cut the call.
” waittt” i was knowing she will stop me.
” now what??” I asked being angry.
” when will you come back?” She slowly whisper.
” missing me??” i smile and teasingly asked.
” no it’s just your house is so big and we have to adjust few things” she said. Swara is hell stubborn to accept what she feels. The house is recently renovated so we have to arrange the stuff. She is very smart to use this excuse at perfect time.
” i will come tomorrow” i said.
” ohh” i felt she signed in relief. Her tone is different from normal. She seems to be scared. I know her so well that by talking to her i can tell she is not okay.
” swara!! You are fine??” I finally asked though i know she won’t share.
” hmm..yeah” she quickly said. Definitely something is bothering her.
” okay bye sanskar i have some work” she hurriedly said not giving me chance to ask further. Her voice got heavy at the end. Was she crying??? I re-called her but it was coming switch off.
I dialed my pa’s number and asked him to book the first ticket i will be getting. After confirming he informed me that there is one ticket. Now i will reach tomorrow morning instead of night. My personal jet is send for maintainance otherwise would have gone now itself.

It’s about 10 in the morning and i arrived at my house. As the watchman opened the door, the car went inside. It’s raining heavily and i saw swara sitting outside under the shade. She look at the car, i didn’t informed her that i will be coming early. She got up from her seat and i came out.
” park the car” i told my driver and was about to run inside as it’s raining but before that swara came to me and hugged me. I stumble back because of the intensity of the hug. I wrap my arms around hugging her tightly. I felt calm and relaxed holding her protectively in my arms. We both are left alone as driver went to park the car and watchman also went inside.
” swara” i said breaking the hug and cupping her face. For now we don’t care that we are getting ditched in the rain after all we missed each other alot. She stare in my eyes with strange feelings.
” what happened??” I asked softly resting my forehead on her.
She look at me for few seconds and then lifted her heels to reach my height. I got lost in the moment when she placed her palms on my cheeks and kept her glossy lips on mine. She is too different. I can’t express in words how much delightful I’m feeling to be kissed by her. She suck my lips and ask for entrance. I didn’t open my mouth to tease her.
” ahh” i winced as she bite my lips. She is dangerous today but I’m loving it. I lifted her holding her waist as she was about to lose balance. Keeping my hand on her head i deepen the kiss. She is dominating and I’m enjoying it. I never thought of such a warm and delicious welcome. Indeed she is delicious and i love to taste her🙊.
Swara broke the kiss when she was out of breath. Her hands are on my chest and she is balancing her breathe. I bend down and buried my face in the crook of her neck. I enhaled deeply her fragrance after many days. I felt she shivered when i started kissing her neck. Swara fisted my hairs and closed her eyes. We are all wet and i gulped seeing her tightly fitted crop top which is revealing her half belly.
” you are only mine” i heard her whisper as i was busy in kissing her. Why she said like that now??? I loved it and it is true i only and only belong to her.
” i can’t control swara!!! I want you badly” i intensely said. She look at me and then said
” i too want the same” really she said that?? Unbelievable!!! I won’t stop now as i got her consent. I pull her more closer and tightly kissed her lips. After breaking the kiss, i sucked water drops from her skin. We were so much lost in our moments, it was feeling heavenly when she respond to my touch.
Everything got still as there was gun shot. The sound was heard in the shower of rain.
Swara gasped heavily and i felt her hand lossen around me. Her eyes turn red and tears rushed out of them.
” swara ” i mumble. I felt wetness on her back and it’s not rain water. I widen my eyes seeing blood. It took few seconds for me to realise swara was shot..
” swaraaa” i shouted sitting on the floor as swara collapses in my arms.
” swara look at me” i pat her cheeks because her eyes were getting close. I was beyond shocked and numb with this sudden happening.
” sans..kar” swara tried to speak.
” I’m here swara look at me” i joined my forehead with her.
” i love you ” she whisper and the next moment her hand fell down and eyes got closed.
” swaaaraaaa” i shouted at the peak hugging her close to my chest. She didn’t moved even a bit.
To be continued….

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