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Ikyawann 8th March 2018 Writen Episode Update Leela ends her cat act

Ikyawann 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Leela starts shouting release me,gulabo says yes ba ok,leela says Sejal come here,sejal and gulabo send Susheel ahead,Susheel says dadi here is straw and milk have it,leela pushes the milk away,gulabo and Sejal panic,Sejal goes to get Vishu and satya,gulabo tries to call kali to find where injection is,Vishu and satya get in,Susheel says we have to give injection to calm her down,leela says satya don’t listen to her.

Leela says jhano save me,satya walks to leela,Vishu says don’t she has attacked you once don’t attack her,gulabo says who will give her injection and all get scared,even jhano denies,Susheel says calm down I shall give her injection,satya says you aren’t doctor I will call doctor,Susheel says till then we will leave dadi like this troubled,I know how to give injection MA taught

me and if there is problem I will call her and sends everyone out.

Leela says I will kill you susheel don’t mess with me,susheel walks to her with injection,Susheel calls kali and asks Ma dadi is out of control how to give injection,Kali guides her,leela says Susheel I’m sorry tell everyone I’m fine,susheel says how will I because you keep changing colours,look even I don’t want to do anything like this,you treat every person here like animal but you have no right,leela says I’m sorry I did this because you will take satya away from me,I know all this is wrong after being in pain now,please forgive me,look I’m in so much trouble.

Susheel says promise you won’t do anything wrong,leela says promise,susheel releases her,leela gets up and Susheel says I never wanted to trouble you but you did wrong with me I would have stepped back myself if you had problem with me,leela says no dear you taught me to think right I would never understand how painful being wrong is,susheel opens the door.

Leela walks out and walks to Sejal and others,gulabo says ba is fine,susheel says injection worked,gulabo says ba your fine I’m so happy and hugs her,Vishu says check is dadi is fine satya,satya says dadi go have food and I shall send Ma to check you and all leave.

Leela says you made me cry susheel first time it was your father when he rejected susheel and now you susheel,your father lost his wife and now susheel it’s your turn to be punished.

Kali sees Susheel struggling in kitchen and helps her,Kali says Susheel you loved sports right,susheel says yes I do,Kali says do continue and I will go order things for holi and leaves.susheel makes herself a shake,while walking she dashes satya.

Susheel sees satya having protein shake and says why have artificial one,have this shake I just made its natural,satya says why should I keep your opinions to yourself and look I never wanted to marry you and see if you have problem with me you may please leave and never bug me ever again.

Leela says that camel girl is bad for me,jhano gives her a bottle.
Gulabo and kali giving vijay and Prakash head massage,susheel leaving in anger,Sejal stops her and says did you argue with satya,susheel doesn’t answer,Sejal says come here take a head massage and a will be fine,Vishu jump and says Sejal I’m here start,Sejal says it’s my and susheels first holi and so you have to agree to what I say,you will give me head massage and satya to Susheel.

Sejal calls satya,Prakash says come satya give her head massage,Vishu forcing satya and Leela again walks to them crawling like a cat,gulabo says god look at all this,nothing worked,leela attack’s Susheel,gulabo says I told everyone to check her,leela starts laughing.

Leela says I scared you all,Sejal says dadi good acting,leela says no one can hold my hands,and what you thought I will kill her,and I will give her head massage,and says Susheel you have dry hair don’t use this oil,jhano give me oil and says I will use this oil for you and Vishu go give delivery at Shankars and take satya along with you let him learn too.

Gulabo says Susheel why don’t you massage your hair,leela says her mother is dead we all know so how would,gulabo says sorry susheel,susheel says mapa use too,leela says today see you will say I massage better than mapa.
Leela thinks first satya will throw you out of house and then me.

Pre cap: leela says holi ka dehan will be the end of susheels in this house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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