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His Silent Love – Prologue



“Mama?” a little voice called out and the woman turned around smiling at her seven year old daughter. “Yes , Twinkle?”

“Yuvi says he won’t come” the little girl mumbled sadly staring at her mother. “Who won’t come?” Leela , her mother frowned and picked up Twinkle in her arms caressing her hair.

“The king. He won’t come” Twinkle was nearly in tears and Leela glared at her oldest son , “Dhruv! What did you say to her again?”

Dhruv stopped dead on his tracks with widened eyes , “Nothing mama. She watched Mulan again”

“Why would the king come to you?” Leela asks smiling at her daughter and Twinkle shook her head at her and got down on her feet running towards the door. “Where are you going?”

“Garden” Twinkle called out and stood outside her home near the mail box. Minutes passed by but she stood there waiting.

She looked ahead at the group of boys around riding over their bicycles and stopped in front of her. Twinkle stepped back immediately and pulled out her little toy sword from inside her dress pocket.

The boys laughed at her and she frowned stepping ahead. “Ohhh! You going to hurt us with this?” He fake shuddered and Twinkle narrowed her gaze at him.

“Smith” a voice called from behind and they turned their heads to see a guy with jet black hair bicycling towards them.

He stopped near them and got down from the bicycle glaring at his friends. “What are you doing?” their friends merely shrugged pointing at Twinkle with amusement.

“This is Yuvraj’s little sister” Smith spoke looking at her with hatred, “What do you think, Kunj? Shouldn’t we talk revenge?”

The moment those words left his mouth Kunj glared at him and he closed his mouth instantly , “Go away from here” they all murmured before getting on their bicycles and moving out of sight.

“I can protect myself” Twinkle said firmly , pointing her sword at him and puffing out her chest. Kunj barely nodded and hid his smile.

“It’s getting late. Go inside” he told her turning around to sit on his bike. “No! I’m waiting for the King” she crossed her arms stubbornly the sword dropping to the ground.

“I thought girls were supposed to wait for their Prince…” Kunj muttered to himself confused. “Yes and he will bring my letter. And I will save China. I will join Fa Mulan” she finished with a huge grin on her face.

“You wanna join Mulan and save China , ha?” Kunj asked smiling now. “Yes” Twinkle took the sword and stood there acting like a warrior.

“They will bring my letter?” She asks hopefully in a small voice. He looked at her before nodding. “They will. I promise and then someday you will save someone”

Twinkle beamed at him and nodded cheerfully but then her smile disappeared. “Where is Maira?”

Kunj hit on the paddle and started cycling already, “The Dragons took her China to kill her” he yelled and Twinkle stood there shocked.

“But she is my best friend and your sister” she yelled back , “We should save her. I’ll have my warrior clothes out. Wait for me”

But Kunj continued cycling smiling to himself.


Eight Years Later.

“My baby is growing up” Maira wiped fake tears and acted to blow her nose. Twinkle laughed as they both walked inside to the school together.

“I’m just 16” Twinkle spoke stopping in the hallway to grab her books from the locker. “Hey. Kunj is in school today” Maira turned around at her words and saw her brother talking to his friends.

“Yeah. He’s been disappearing a lot these days. I have to cover up for him” She sighed and Twinkle passed her a sympathetic smile.

“Did he wish you this year?” Maira questions typing on her phone and Twinkle glanced at Kunj but shook her head laughing slightly.

“Why would he? We aren’t even friends” Twinkle shrugged but Maira glared her , “That doesn’t makes sense”

Twinkle shrugged again and walked along with Maira towards their class but Maira grabbed her hand walking towards Kunj and his friends.

“You are supposed to show some decency and wish her at least” She leaned against the locker and left Twinkle to stand there awkwardly.

“Uh.. it’s okay. You don’t really have to..” She hesitated but Kunj cut her off. “Nevermind. Happy Birthday , whatever your name is”

He said casually and walked away with his friends. “I’ll kill you for this , Kunj” Maira yelled at him and he didn’t bother replying back.

“Twinkle.. I’m sorry” Twinkle gave her a small smile telling her not to worry. “He’s an asshat , anway” She mumbled and Maira chuckled nodding.

Twinkle suddenly looked back and felt as someone was watching her but shook her head smiling to herself.

“You could have just wished her a simple Happy birthday, Twinkle” Jacob glared at Kunj and he sighed looking away. “Let’s just go” Kunj muttered having a quick look at Twinkle before going out of the school building.

To Twinkle , he was her best friend’s brother.

To Kunj , she was his sister’s best friend.

Is this all?

Or is there more to the story?

Or is she his silent love?



So here’s the prologue you guys have been waiting for.

It’s short but the chapters will be long.

I hope you liked it and make sure to comment down below.

And also the epilogue of Two shades is posted.

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