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Ek Deewana Tha 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharanya and Shiv’s romantic moments

Ek Deewana Tha 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sharanya looks at the snow and misses Shiv. She says he left with snow which will disappear, melt after some time, just like him. Why he gives her so much trouble? She can’t live without and asks him to come back. She cries. Shiv says how he can leave her? She is surprised hearing his voice. She turns back and finds him standing there. Lights come on. He says she doesn’t look good crying. She is in disbelief that Shiv (ghost) is back. He wishes her a happy valentines. She says so he lied? He says yes because he wanted her to come to this place. He has arranged surprise for her. He points to a table. She says this is the same place where they had their first date. In flashback, Sharanya comes searching for Shiv. She asks why he called her there. He puts a blindfold, lifts her and takes her

inside. The place was decorated with flowers and lights. She asks what place is that. He says dumping ground behind his ashram. He didn’t have money to take her to an expensive place, so he did arrangements himself. She asks how come she doesn’t know? When he did all that? He says after college he used to come here. She gets emotional. He says surprise is still left. He makes her sit. She asks what’s glass for? He is going to make her drink wine? He says he doesn’t have money for it. He is going to give her tea. She says he will give her tea in a wine glass? He says yes, he made it and brings it in 2 glasses. They drink it. It starts snowing. He says if they were drinking wine, then they could get sick. His tea will save her from cold. She says he could also save her from cold by hugging her. Flashback ends.

Shiv tells her that tea is good for her. After drinking wine, she starts acting weird. He imitates her when she had wine with Vyom. She laughs. And then suddenly she starts crying. He asks what happened. She says she used to think her days will start with his tea and end with his songs. She asked God only for them being together, but he left. Their love story was that short? He says just because their love story doesn’t end, he came back from the dead. Can there be more unique love story than this? Vyom tried his best to make her his, but she still remained Shiv’s. She says she was Shiv’s and she will remain Shiv’s. He asks her to stop crying then. She asks he won’t sing today? Shiv’s ghost pretends to be playing guitar and sings just like their first date. They then dance. Vyom watches Sharanya. Rajan comes and asks him to go with him. He tells Rajan to see his wife dancing alone. Rajan says both are mental, he doesn’t care about either of them and takes him away. Sharanya and Shiv kiss.

Rajan slaps Vyom saying he fell that low that he punished his mom, who gave him birth, for his crimes? He continues slapping him. Vyom blocks his hand and requests him to stop.. else he will forget that he is his father. Rajan is shocked. He asks Vyom what he will do? He will hit him? Then hit. Vyom says how he can hit him? He has always helped him. Rajan asks what Madhvi has done? His partner in crime was him. Madhvi always wanted to save them. Rajan further says he helped Vyom in killing Shiv because he wanted to hide crime he committed years ago. A lady / Shiv’s mom is shown. Vyom says he had no option. They two were behind him like crazy. Rajan asks who two? Vyom says Sharanya and Shiv. Didn’t he see her dancing with him? Rajan asks if he has lost it. From where Shiv will come? He’s dead. Vyom asks him to trust him. Shiv only helped Sharanya in bringing her memory back. He has won their trust now. Rajan asks by sending Madhvi to jail? Vyom says he will bring Madhvi back in 3 days. Rajan warns him if she doesn’t return home in 3 days, then he will kill him – and the main cause of all this mess – Sharanya. Vyom looks on.

Precap: Shiv tells Sharanya if Vyom knew Madhvi’s truth, then why he never tried searching him? Sharanya agrees. Shiv tells her she must ask him all these questions.
Sharanya asks Vyom why he said that Shiv’s ghost had taken over his body when he tried to molest her on their Haldi day.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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