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Recapture – Pari was standing alone watching Veer leaving her , She broke down into tears .
” How can I tell you , How ?? ”


Nikhil was sitting arrogantly on sofa with Mahesh ( the police inspector) ,

Nikhil : SALA !! Khan , He put himself in trouble and Now I have sleepless nights because of him .

Mahesh : And what about this ‘ Anonymous ‘ !!

Nikhil : That person is a shit ..

Mahesh : whole department is searching how and who gave that video and once if they get then !

Nikhil : They might get to know that I am with him , ( He bangs his head ) what if he opened his mouth ..

Mahesh : you are right

Nikhil : I think if that person got this information , Then our secrets would also be out

Mahesh : I don’t want to loose this job , Okay , Do something

Nikhil goes and pressed his neck and choked him ” I also don’t want my business to destroy , Okay , Now we’ve only one way ”

He left him breathless

Mahesh : what sir !?

Nikhil : Just kill this ‘ Anonymous ‘ as soon we find it .

Nikhil : I think , Angel is that Anonymous

Mahesh : But how can you be so sure

Nikhil : I don’t know , But my experience in this mind games is forcing me to believe it .

Mahesh : we’ve to find some strong clues against this girl

Nikhil : You’re right , Let’s once visit  Khan .

Mahesh : you can’t go and meet him .

Nikhil : I know , I’ve a brilliant man who can do this job .


Veer comes back , Spoke in lazy manner ” Aunt Rachel I’ve something to talk to you ”
To Lady reading magazine on sofa .

Aunt : Veer , Where’s Angel .

Veer : I don’t know where she is

Aunt : what , You both were together , Where is she ?

Veer : She’ll come herself , Otherwise also , She was living alone by herself since 3 years

Aunt : Veer !! She needs you

Veer : No , That is a myth , If she would then she would tell me everything .

Aunt : Everything , what are you saying ?

Veer : Nothing ( Got annoyed ) I’m leaving this house

Aunt : what ?

He comes to her , He was really distressed , Lost his mind

He comes and holds Aunt’s hands , Spoke in a lame voice
Veer : Constantly my heart is asking me questions , And I ! I am not getting any answers for that ”

His eyes showed Pain and eagerness for something .

Veer : I can’t live here , Please , Please don’t tell Pari about it .

He lefts .

Aunt was left in dilemma who is Pari ?

Nikhil’s man goes to jail to meet Khan
They both were sitting on chairs against each other .

khan : I don’t know , what happened that day I didn’t remember anything .

Man : If you’ll tell , Then Boss will do something for you

Kahn : Sorry , Guy , I really don’t remember anything .

( Flashback – when Khan got to know that Pari has a clue  against him , She told the waitress there to give him water with a medicine, Due to which he’ll forget everything he saw the whole day )

Man : You are not understanding , We’ve to find who Did this , Who gave that video .

Khan : See , Go to my home Someway , there you will find a secret camera on the fan in the hall .

The constable comes : Hey time’s over , Get out now .


Pari comes back to hostel

Aunt could see her face swollen , Eyes red like as if she had cried a lot .

She puts her feet on the ground and asks gently

Pari : Where is Veer

Aunt : He’s in his room , What happened is everything alright ?

Pari : Yes , But Why are you asking this ?

Aunt offered her a glass of water and Makes her comfortable on sofa ,

Aunt : I saw that Veer is distressed today

Pari : Hmmmm

Aunt : Who is Pari ?

Pari is shocked ” She is his wife ”

Aunt : where’s is she now ?

Pari : With him , But there’s a little problem or confusion between them .

Aunt : Are you okay , How did you know all this

She said ” Yes I am ” ” He told me ”

And dispersed into her room .

To be continued






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