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BV+Kyy: Magic And Life (Baal Veer and Kyy: Meet Nandu)

A fairy with long hair and a beautiful crown, her long hair flying as she flied high in the air just below the clouds, she smiled viewing the world from such a height. Her white beautiful wings flapped and she flied further with a magic wand in one hand. She was a bird lover and so when she saw a white pigeon, she flied beside it. She kept flying and suddenly felt heat on her wings and realized she was falling. She looked back to see what was happening and to her surprise her wings were burning. She fell down and down and hit the the ground really hard.

A girl screamed and woke up from her sleep. It was the same girl who was flying sometime ago in her dream. “Ayyappa, I get such dreams daily, but don’t know why, I don’t know what’s its meaning, Ayyappa, please help me,” she prayed looking up to God. She pushed the bedsheet from the top of her and went to freshen up. She came out after sometime, her wet hair made her look more beautiful, she was no less than a fairy. Her milky white skin, her pouty lips perfectly complimented her beauty.

She dried her hair in front of the mirror smiling at herself. She blew dry her hair and combed it perfectly in a side braid. She applied natural make up and smiled. She received a phone call. “Hallo,” she said over the phone. “Hallo Nandu, I m outside your house, chacha told me to drop you,” said a male voice. “I will just come Abhi, thanks,” she said and disconnected the call. Nandini Moorthy, a cute bubbly girl, angel in everyone’s lives, her only wish is to become a fairy since childhood, but because she thought it was impossible, she hid it from everyone.

She took her bag and rushed outside the house. “Abhi!” She exclaimed. “What Abhi? I am your brother,” he said. “OK, bhai, happy? Now drive,” she said climbing on the jeep. She had a beautiful view as he drove. Another jeep drove beside their jeep and the man wearing sunglasses was sitting on the driving seat, another boy sat beside him, another boy sat at backseat, a girl in crop top and jeans sat beside the boy and next to her sat a girl with long straight hair, she was no less than a fashion diva.

It was a traffic jam and the jeeps stopped adjacent to one another. The man in sunglasses could see Nandini standing up and enjoying the air like a child. He turned his head and kept staring at her for a long time and didn’t realize when the traffic started to move again. Nandini saw a little girl and boy in front of their jeep crossing the road. “Bhai, stop the car, those kids,” she said pointing at the girl and boy. He applied brake and Nandini jumped down the jeep and walked to them seeing more cars coming from other side.

She ran to them pulling them aside. “Little ones, you shouldn’t cross the road when cars are coming from both sides, you should’ve waited for sometime,” she said. “Actually we were getting late for school,” said the girl. “I will help you,” she said and held the kids hands helping them cross the road. The kids thanked her. She went back to jeep and Abhimanyu drove away. The man in sunglasses still stared. “Oye Manik baba, she went, you’ll see more girls on the way, let’s go,” the man beside him said and received a glare as they drove off.

The little girl and boy entered their school “AVP Vidyamandir School” and talked on the way to their class. “Meher, that didi was so good, she helped us cross the road, we didn’t even got to ask her name,” said the boy. “Arey Manav, if we meet her again we will ask, here comes the baby elephant,” she said. “Who?”, he asked confused. “Arey Montu, the gas balloon,” she replied and they laughed. “Hain? Let’s go fast else..,” he was cut in between. “Don’t take tension, if he does anything today, I will beat him up,” she said.

He chuckled, “kuchh bhi.” They walked away but collided with Montu’s stomach as their height was small and Montu was fat and taller them. Manav and Meher creased their eyebrows in fear and looked at each other signing to ignore and tried walking past them but he again came in front of them along with his two friends Rohit and Keval who were more like puppets. “Whats the hurry? At least wish good morning,” said Montu. “Good morning Montu ji, now should we go?”, asked Manav. “No, let me check what you brought for lunch today,” Montu replied laughing evilly.

“No ways, even if you don’t eat for one year, nothing will happen to you, let’s get going,” replied Meher laughingly and walked past him again but was grabbed by her bag. “Leave,” she said. Montu was too strong and so Meher called out for Baal Veer. A boy jumped from the sky and Montu left her bag. Meher smiled. “Sorry Baal veer ji, actually we were joking,” Montu lied trying to sound casual. “Then let me joke as well,” replied Baal veer and forwarded his magic wand towards her and Montu’s face became like a clown. Rohit and Keval laughed.

Montu glared at them and they stopped. Meher thanked Baal veer and he disappeared, Montu fumed. Nandini entered the Space academy and saw someone familiar walking alone. “Navya!”, she called and ran to her sharing a hug. Navya smiled a little. “What happen?”, asked Nandini. “That fab 5 is after me, look at this,” Navya said showing her a chit which said to come in back garden at 10:30. “Again? Ayyappa, I will show them now, I will come with you,” Nandini assured and hugged her.

(A/N: do comment, I know there is more about Baal Veer but I will try writing more of kyy)

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