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Belan Wali Bahu 8th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jitendra catches robber and throws him out of house

Belan Wali Bahu 8th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramnath comes in house, dada stops him and says where are you going? Ramnath says its my father’s house. They are both inebriated. Dada sees his ID card and let him go inside. Suzzi comes there and asks if she has to show ID card too? Dada says I can recognize you anywhere Suzzi, go, she goes inside. Lata comes there and says train is about to pass. Dada stops her, she shows him her ID card and goes inside. Shalini comes there, Dada checks her ID card. Naren comes there. Dada sees his ID card and lets him inside. Roopa comes there, Dada sees her ID card and says go inside. Roopa says apply color on me. Dada says I have itchy head, Roopa leaves. Intruder looks inside and recalls how he has stolen Jitendra’s ID card and applied black color on his face so no could recognize

him. Intruder enters house and says I am Jitendra. Dada checks his ID card and says okay, he goes inside. Dada is about to close door but Jitendra comes there and says I am Jitendra. Dada says you are fooling me? where is your ID card? Jitendra says I lost my ID card, I am your grandson, trust me. Dada shouts that robber has come in house. All family comes there. Jitendra says I am your son. Lata says Jitendra is already in house, get lost. Jitendra asks Shalini to recognize him. Shalini says I can recognize Jitu with his smell, you are not my husband. Jitendra says I am Jitendra, please understand. Shalini kicks him and says I saw Jitendra already going inside. Jitendra says who went in house in my place? Ramnath says you are a thief, we wont spare you, all family members beat him and throw him out of house. Ramnath locks door.

Jitendra is sitting outside house and says my family is not recognizing me, threw me out, what will I do now? He thinks and says I have to use another way, I am coming family.

In house, Lata is working in kitchen. Jitendra comes in porch and tries to jump in kitchen. Lata says you came again? she starts beating him with utensils. Jitendra says I am your son. Lata says dont call me mother, she throws veggies at him, Jitendra tries to jump inside but Lata throws whole basket at him, Jitendra runs from there. Lata closes window.

Intruder is walking in house. Ramnath stops him and says why you are walking like thieves? He laughs. Ramnath says tsunami is about to come, go, intruder leaves.

Scene 2
Shalini is in her room. Jitendra jumps inside from window. Shalini says who are you? arent you ashamed of entering some woman’s room? Jitendra says I am your husband. Shalini says show your ID card. Jitendra says I lost it. Shalini beats him and brings him to family. shalini says this thief came in house again. Jitendra says I am real Jitendra, I have mole on shoulder, Dada check it. Dada says you have color all over your body. Jitendra says I can take bath. Lata says he wants to waste our water and not take bath in his house, they beat him and throw him out of house again. Thief sees all this and says crazy people.

Jitendra is walking on streets. He knocks on Katori’s house. Katori says why are you here? we dont entertain beggars. Jitendra says I want bathroom. Katori says arent you ashamed? should I call inspector? Jitendra says I am inspector Jitendra, look at me carefully. Katori does and says your whole face is black, Jitendra says let me take bath and then my face will come out. Katori says what if you are not Jitendra after bathing? I am not taking risk, she closes door on his face. Jitendra says dont know who went in house in my place. Laddo’s ghost is sitting on tree and hears it, he gets tensed.

Intruder steals some bangles in house. Shalini comes to him and says you should take bath in Dada’s room. He nods and leaves.
Thief robs Dada’s chain and says I will make them remember that old robbery again. Dada comes there and says I saw everything. Intruder gets tensed. Dada laughs and says Jitendra you want us to remember 10 years old robbery? we shouldnt forget it, you do robbery same like that, my watch and ring was robbed, he gives his ring and watch to him and says rob this too, I mean pretend to rob this too, Dada leaves. Intruder smirks and says now my work is easy, these crazy people will bring everything.

Dada tells everyone that Jitendra is enacting 10 years old robbery. Dada says lets take off ID cards as no robbery happened. Ramnath says we will bring all our things, Jitendra will enact robbery again. they all go to bring things. Dada asks where is Roopa? Suzzi says she is sleeping in her room. Dada asks Suzzi to bring some things too. Dada asks Intruder to show robbery similar like that. Laddo’s ghost comes there and sees them bringing all their jewelry. Lata says I brought all my jewelry. Ramnath gives his watch and money, Lata says give all watches. Laddo’s ghost says they are getting robbed with their own hands. Suzzi gives her jewelry too. Dada says it feels like something big is happening. Laddo’s ghost says they are inebriated, where is Roopa?

Scene 3
Laddo’s ghost comes to Roopa and asks her to wake up, she is sleeping. Laddo’s ghost says robber is in house, they dont hear me and are giving him everything, wake up and stop it.

Train passesby house. Dada says Jitendra you take all these things, we will hold furniture in house, bring all things back carefully, all go to handle shaky house. Intruder puts every item they have given him in sheet, ties it and takes it out house. He starts leaving with their belongings. Jitendra is sitting outside house and sees intruder leaving with items. Jitendra shouts dog.. jerk. he stops him and says you are black like me. jitendra says you dont have smartness like me, no one will save you now, he beats intruder, he puts his face in colors and beats him more. Intruder pleads to stop and says sorry, I wont do it ever again, Jitendra says how you entered house? Intruder shows him his ID card, Jitendra says my card? its good I caught you otherwise you could have used my ration card too, its my identity.. intruder runs away. Jitendra looks around and says where did robber go? he says I am coming to my home. He takes items sheet and goes in house.

Jitendra enters house with items, Dada says he is back, Jitendra shows him ID card. Ramnath says you are Jitendra, there was some robber trying to enter house. Jitendra says I was robber too. Dada says yes you enacted robbery. Jitendra says I brought all things back from robber. Ramnath says you took things and brought them back, its not big deal. Jitendra says to Lata that robber was leaving with our things but I stopped him. All laugh and go.

In morning, all wake up and say Roopa didnt wake up whole day yesterday. Ramnath says its all happened because of Jitendra, lets wake her up. All come to wake up Roopa. laddo’s ghost sees it and says yes you try it too, I tried a lot, this drunk state is stable, she will not wake up, we dont know when she will wake up. Ramnath asks Roopa to wake up. Lata shouts and says dont scare her. Lata says Roopa daughter wake up.. please daughter wake up.. Roopa is still sleeping. All laugh. Lata makes noise with her bangles and says Roopa daughter wake up. Ramnath says she is not waking up. Shalini says I will wake her up. Shalini says Roopa wake up.. you have to wake up otherwise I will have to work. Lata says truth is out. Shalini says I cant work as nicely as Roopa. Lata says not nicely but you can work? Shalini shouts Roopa wake up. Suzzi says let me check her. Suzzi checks her pulse and says oh God her pulse is working but how will she wake up? Ramnath says last way is.. he goes and brings bell from mandir, he rings bell near her and says wake up. Lata says what are you doing. Jitendra says she slept because of me so I will wake her up. Jitendra brings dhol and starts playing is near Roopa. Shalini starts dancing crazily but Roopa is still sleeping. Dada asks him to stop it, she will not wake up, I will wake her up. Dada sings lullaby and says princess wake up.. its been hours.. princess wake up. Suzzi says you are making us all sleep too. Jitendra laughs, Dada slaps him. Ramnath says what to do now? lets pray now. They all start praying for her to wake up. Lata shouts train is passingby, Lata says she is not waking up. Naren says let me try something now, he calls doctor.

Doctor comes home. Shalini says he is here. Lata asks her to calm down. Doctor checks Roopa’s pulse and says her waking is difficult, let her rest, he leaves. Dada says let her rest.

Dada asks Suzzi if she has some medicine to wake up Roopa? Suzzi says no I have sleeping pills. Ramnath says Jitendra’s bhaang can make people sleep. Jitendra says I made Roopa eat all remaining bhaang. Lata says Roopa’s mom is calling, Dada says take call. Lata takes call and says everyone is fine here, Roopa is fine here, i am ending call. Roopa’s mom says you are in hurry, let me talk to others to say happy holi, Lata gives phone to Ramnath, he says happy holi, ending call. Roopa’s mom says let me talk to Dada. Roopa’s mom talks to Dada and says happy holi. All family wishes her holi. Roopa’s mom asks where is roopa? she is not picking her phone. Ramnath says she is in washroom, Lata says she is in kitchen. They make up some excuse and ends call. Jitendra says we have to do something different to wake Roopa up. dada says I have heard that poetry sessions can make people wake up. Jitendra says there is no poetry session near our house.

PRECAP- Lata says we will sing kavita to Roopa and whoever makes her wake up will get reward. All family members gather for poetry session, they bring sleeping Roopa there. Naren starts poetry and starts rapping. Then Shalini says sad poetry, Laddo’s ghost says she will make her sleep more. Suzzi says poetry funnily, all laugh but Roopa doesnt wake up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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