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Aapke Pyaar Mein Hum Sawarne Lagay (chp 2b: Arya)

Sanjana sat upset in her room and Kabir came there sitting beside her. ‘Sanju, it was important to do that to shut her mouth,’ he tried explaining and she glared at him. ‘Don’t you Sanju me, I won’t ever understand you and never support you in this, even I am a girl, same would’ve happened with me too, I can sense her pain at this moment, I m not so heartless like you,’ she said gritting her teeth. ‘Kitni bharkeeli ho tum, arey main ne ye sab tumharay liye kiya, taakey tumko khushi milay, taakey tumhe koi baansh na kahay damn it!’, he said almost shouting.

‘Ma,’ said a little girl’s voice. She looked at the door and there stood a little girl with fair skin, brown eyes and wavy hair. She smiled at her and called her for a hug opening her arms. The little girl came running to her and hugged her. ‘Kya hua meray chhotay bachay ko? Ice cream khayega mera bacha?’, she asked sweetly. ‘Ma, mujhe Maya aunty se milna hai,’ she said and Sanjana looked at Kabir. ‘Jab dekho bas Maya aunty, Maya aunty, she’s not related to us you fool, she was a mere stranger,’ he shouted angrily.

‘Kabir! Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare to shout at my daughter,’ she warned. ‘Our daughter,’ he corrected her. ‘No! Arya is only my daughter! Only mine!’, she said angrily. ‘Meray chhotay bachay ko Maya aunty se kiun milna hai?’, she asked Arya. ‘I miss her,’ she replied. ‘No beta, I can’t do that, I will take you to have ice cream, come baby,’ she said and put her down from her lap grabbing her hand and walked out of there glaring at Kabir. She made Arya sit on the passenger seat and sat on the driving seat and drove off.

She recalled Maya crying and stopped the car near an ice cream stall. She bought her a cone and handed it to her and watched her fondly as she ate. ‘Mumma, why you aren’t eating?’, she asked. ‘Beta, mumma is not in a mood, I will have only one bite from your ice cream, OK baby?’, Sanjana replied and as she nodded, she had a bite of it. She drove off and stopped outside the same hospital where Maya had been staying. ‘Mumma why you brought me here?’, Arya asked still having ice cream. ‘Let’s go inside, I will tell everything.’

She got out of the car along with Arya and grabbed her hand. ‘Come baby,’ she said and took her inside the hospital building. She felt her heart getting heavy by every passing second as she walked towards Maya’s ward. She stopped and sat on her knees in front of her. ‘Baby, Maya is here, you go alone to meet her, I will be outside, tell her that mumma is saying sorry,’ she told her and asked her to go inside. She went inside opening the door and all eyes were fixated on her as she stepped inside with a cute smile.

‘Arey look Maya, who came, you won’t believe your eyes,’ Arjun told her and she lifted her face from the bracelet and as she looked at Arya, her eyes pooled up with tears but her lips had a smile after seeing her daughter. She called her to hug her and she came running to her and Maya hugged her and kissed her forehead. ‘Beta who brought you here?’, she asked. ‘Mumma brought me, and she’s saying sorry, where did you go after my birthday? I was waiting for you,’ Arya asked hugging her feeling dearness not wanting to break the hug.

‘I was a guest over there, so I moved out of there as soon as I found a place to live,’ Maya lied and Durga changed the topic. ‘Looks like I m invisible,’ she said. ‘Even I,’ Arjun said and Arya broke the hug and came to him hugging him. He kissed her cheek. ‘Coochicoochikoo,’ Arya said pressing her cheeks. She giggled and went to Durga and hugged her. ‘Mera baby,’ she said and picked her kissing her cheek. ‘Bas bas, itna sweet mat ho, mujhe sugar hojaegi,’ Arya joked and they all laughed. ‘I will call mumma,’ she said getting down from Durga’s arms and ran out.

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