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Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 20

Anika di you calls us ” Gayu asked marching in”

Yes, i called you both.Come i need to talk to you. ” Anika replied folding clothes”

Gauri and Bhavya passed confused look to each other. 


Is every this alright, Anika di? 

” Gauri asked”

Hmm!! Everything is pretty fine ” She replied making them comfortable on bed”

Actually yesterday we didn’t got time to spend, time with each other. So i thought to spend time with you both.

Gayu happily bumped on Anika and begin doing gili gili kiss on her face.

Hey!! Stop you both.  Gayu what you both are doing? I said stop.  I didn’t mean that” Anika commands them”

But we mean that. ” Gayu chuckles”

My protein bar ” Bhavya said kissing Anika  left cheek”

My laddoo ” Gauri said pecking her right cheek”

My icecream

My Oreo one

My cupcake

My cream puff

Both kept on pecking her cheeks adding their flavour of sweetness.

Anika forgets the purpose for what she called them.  Seeing and hearing her Chutki and Doll twinkling eyes and baby giggles. She smiles widely and surrender herself to them without doing any tantrums.

Ahem!!! Someone cough

Ahem Ahem nahe but yummy yummy princess cake ” Bhavya said “

With cherry on top ” Gauri added her flavour”

 Anika chuckles and lovingly gazes them. Their childhood memories flashes in her mind.

Aniriya!!!! ” Aarohi calls them

Trio gaze up at Aarohi.

Maa you !! ” Gayu asked hopping down from Anika”

Anika pull herself up from floor and stood stunted infront of Aarohi.

What was going on here?

“Aarohi asked trio rising her eyebrow”

N…oth…in….g !!! ” Anika repeatedly nods negatively”

Aarohi and Gayu gazes each other astonishingly.

Anu what happened? Why you are sweating? ” Aarohi worriedly asked caressing her face”

Woh, woh…. i’m feeling hot

” She hurriedly replies”

In winters, Anika di” Gauri asked surprisingly”

Doll go and lower the room temperature of Anu’s room ” Aarohi commands eyeing Anika”

Noooo!! There’s no need i’m going office “Anika hurriedly spoke and runs out “

@ 11:40 am


 Rajput ind 




Shivaay was deeply engrossed in laptop. With one hand he was typing and with the other hand he was enjoying sipping his

” Americano”  a perfect company to relax mind while engaged with work.

His full focused was on laptop when someone jumped on his lap and shocked him to core.

You !!! ” He said frowning “

Yes, me one and only khirkitod Mrs Shivaay.

” Anika introduces herself pecking his cheek”

Behave yourself Anika. And what’s this can’t you see i’m busy” He said sternly making her away”

I know you are busy my kaamu pati

( workaholic hubby). And don’t worry i won’t distrube you. ” She said adjusting herself in his lap more”

You do yours work and I’ll do mine. But before getting busy let me give you one advice

Shivaay glare her

Arrey take it. It’s  free fund advice. ” She sweetly said resting her head on his chest”

 I don’t need you and nor your advice. And what are you doing? Get up from me. You are spoiling the press of my suit ” He said jerking her head with shoulder”

And you are spoiling my dhikchi mood. You Kharus Singh Oberoi. ” She said hitting him back”

I’m giving you advice and instead of taking it you are showing me your whole sale Tadi. Tadibaaz kanji ankho wale bille.

Watch your language ” He said sipping his coffee”

And you watch your laptop ” She said grasping coffee mug”

Ani…..She cuts

 You work and let me make you sip this kali coffee ” She said making him sip”

Impossible ” He mumbled hitting laptop keys”

Anika smiles seeing him irrtated

Anika salient kept her head on his chest cupping coffee mug. Shivaay can we go out for dinner? ” She asked “

I’m not free ” He coldly replied”

When you will be free? ” She politely asked making him sip “

Whole week is occupied. “He replied pulling chair”

Ok!!! ” She said adjusting in his lap”

Shivaay stealing gaze her and felt bad seeing her sad face.

Anika go home. I’ll get late ” He said”

You finish your work. I’m ok with that. ” She said with sad pout”

Shivaay again got busy with work without falling in an argument with Anika. He knows he can’t win. But he’s proud  of that, that someone has came in his life that can defeat SSO. The one who never learned to defeat now he loves to be defeated by his love lady.

Anika smirks at him and some Anikatod idea strikes her mind.

Shivaay who became more comfortable as now his both hands were free to type. And all thanks to his Anika. Who took the hold of making him sip coffee after every two minutes

His eyes and hands where on laptop. When he again open his mouth to taste the coffee but this time he could only inhale air.

He immediately stopped his hands and lower his gazes.

What happened Shivaay? ” She innocently asked hidding her giggles”

Shivaay understood her devil attempt and curse himself for falling for her again and again.

Get up from me, get up ” He commands grasping mug”

Anika finally  opened her mouth and chuckles loudly pointing her finger towards him.

Ahh ahh aa.. aa.. yeh

( She sings and giggles loudly spinning chair )

Ahh ahh aa.. aa.. yeh
Ahh ahh aa.. aa.. yeh lat lag gayi

Enough !!! ” He raised  his voice stopping spins”


Didn’t i told you before that i’m busy 

” He said making her stand” 


Sorry !! ” She apologies  lowering her gaze”


I’m calling driver and go home ” He commands rolling chair to table” 

Kyun mein ap par moti lag rahe hoon? ” She said in  teasing tone”

( why am i heavier for you?)

SSO can do anything but can’t bear the weight of his wife. Ok fine i’ve to find someone e……..

Shivaay pulls her on him

Song plays 

Tum mere ho bus mere he mere ho 

SSO can bear anything ” He said making her sit in his lap eyes filled with passion “

Anika smiles happily my tadibaaz billa ” She said fixing herself “

Don’t utter a word now. Is that clear ” He said with frown”

Hmmm !! She hummed playing with his shirt buttons.

He stealing gazes her and smile on her antics. But he still composed himself wearing SSO mask.

No  Shivaay you can’t melt know. If you have to bring her out from darkness, you have to maintain this coldness towards her.

I’ve promised myself that I SSO will give them their Anika back to them. In which relation they mould her.  ” He pov working on “

He was busy in his work and thoughts when he felt MICHMICHI after an hour.

When she’s so quite? ” He said surprisingly”

He lower his gaze and get lost in her.

@ RM 


@ Devohi room.

Bhabhi ji what happened? ” Jhanvi asked”

Nothing ” Aarohi replied”

Then why you are sitting here,alone? ” Jhanvi asked extending green tea cup”

Thank you, bhabhi ji ” She said”

For green tea or for accompany “Jhanvi asked with smile”

For both ” Aarohi replies sipping”

So friends ” Jhanvi extend her hand”

Aarohi blankly gazes her

I know Your Highness!!!

Why you are giving me such confused look” Jhanvi said cupping her hand”

We are in relations just because of our kids. We are for long living under some roof. Not just living but share all happiness and sorrows.

But yet, we never share that bond that connects heart to heart.

I want to do friendship with you. I want to become your friend, that friend with whom Princess can open her heart without any hesitation.

Will you give me that heart and hand to share your worries.

Can you give this common lady a chance to be the best friend of yours.

Excuse me are you out of your mind that Princess of Jhodpur Aarohi Singh Rajput will shake her soft hand with a common lady.

Look at your hand it’s so rough and hard. Ewwww

Don’t stare me like that. Lower you gaze and go and stand far from me.

Aarohi royally composed herself on couch

Jhanvi mouth and eyes got widen😲😲😲

@ Shivaay cabin

Anika was sleeping resting on his chest. One hand wrapped around his waist and one tightly clutching his shirt collar.Face half covered with hairs and half hidden in him.

He rolled chair towards glass window, dimming cabin lights with remote and slowly caresses her hairs. He gently tug her hairs strands behind ear to get the clear view of his life, peacefully sleeping in his embrace.

Song plays 

Suno na suno na
Kahe kya
Suno na suno na
Dil mera
Suno na suno na
Sunlo zara

Anika cuddles more in him. Pulling him more close to her

Teri bahon mein
Mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri bahon mein
Hogi subah

SSO felt proud on him, proud on him for giving warmth to her that she’s enjoying her perious sleep in his embrace. His chest got more broad with this feeling.

He passes his gaze through window and thanks the rainy weather who is also playing it’s tune dancing on his motion.

Be intehaan be intehaan
Yun pyaar kar
Yun pyaar kar
Be intehaan

Shivaay gazes her back slight turns her face and saliently chuckles seeing her sleeping like baby.

Nose and cheek turned pink and lips slightly parted. He lovingly traces his finger from forehead to eyes to cheek and lips. He teases her by rubbing his stubble on her rosy cheek.

My kumbkaran !! He whispered huskily against her ear

Tere nishaan
Be intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe

Anika chafe (irrtated by rubbing against something such as your skin) she squeeze her eyes like baby and turns her face to other side.

Shivaay smile widely seeing her irrtated face and decides to tease her more not tease but to take revenge from her.

He slowly fan his hot breath on her face making her lips curve to cute smile.

Seeing her feeling, his touch desires rose in him. Shivaay sensational rub his rough thumb on soft petals.

Words of Anika echoes in his ears ” then i’ve to find someone……”His eyes gets in deeper shade

You are only mine Anika. Not for this birth but for all’s. And if anyone in any birth, tries to parted me for you. I’ll kill that person. You and your every belonging just belongs to Shivaay only. 

Her slightly parted lips where making him crazy to taste them.

He slowly laid her head on his palm supported by chair arms.

Shivaay bends to her level and slid his free palm under her shirt caressing her bare waist.  His eyes never betraying from her lips.

He gently roam his hand feeling her curves making Anika breath heavier in sleep too. Her b*east rising up and down with rain droplets. Rising volcano in him.

Meri khabar na rahe
Choole mujhe iss kadar
Be intehaan

He roamed his palm in motion and gentle caresses her b*******

Anika lazily moan in her slumber and with her first soft moan Shivaay soft brushes his lips on her parted one

Jab saanson mein teri
Saasein ghuli toh
Phir sulaghne lagey
Ehsaas mere mujhse
Kehne lagey

Anika realise a deep moan in his mouth and lazily open her eyes filling warmth on lips and squeeze on b***. Her back got arched in response rising up to him and eyes got shut feeling the proximity.

Haan bahon mein teri
Aake jahan do
Yu simatne lagey
Sailaab jaise koi
Behne lage



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