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Young Love…(But What Really Happened???)

Shivaay plays the next video.

Dear Chandhu,

It’s been 2 months since we were working. I don’t know what happened. Everything changed between us. We are not the ones as we were before.

You know, Me and Shiv….

I don’t know what happened to him. He changed a lot. I will tell you everything.

We never informed about our registered marriage to the staff only the higher authority knew it. We were friends with all. But I don’t know from when he started distrusting me.

We fought everyday, including today (Tears fill up in her eyes)! I really don’t know what is wrong with him. It’s not the normal cute fight. This was different. Why do I feel that he is moving away from me?? Am I that bad??

Why couldn’t he understand it? I always loved him. Even he used to love me. What is really happening between us???

He is insulting me by telling that I was the reason for his problems. I am that unlucky????

He is behaving rude nowadays. I tried to talk to him. But some or the other comes in between. Sometimes I feel he is ignoring me.

Is he really??? I don’t feel like eating, drinking, writing and do other things which I wanted to do.

I started turning into non-socialising one. He is not even reacting. I always sleep without blanket, but when I get I see myself wrapped with one. Was that him? Maybe I would have pulled it over myself.

I stopped reacting that day. I at last went and asked him today. He then told me the truth. His Dadi, the only one who supported their love left this world.

I couldn’t control myself. I know how his Dadi was close to him. I went to hug him to console him. He pulled me away.

He then blamed me, saying that if we didn’t elope then this wouldn’t have happened.

I started breaking down. Maybe he was right. We shouldn’t have done that. We broke our family.

I am going to tell him, that I will move away from this. I love him. So, I need to make him happy. His happiness is my happiness.

I have nothing left now. I don’t know whether I will be able to see you again Chandu. I am sure, you will be living happily. I don’t know whether we will see again.

I may record video whenever I can.
Bye for now!

Yours and Only Your Friend,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

The person was crying all throughout the video. This was beyond his control. (Now many of you have guessed it!!!!!!!)It was Shivaay.

He couldn’t control himself. He didn’t mean it from his heart. But he was so sad because of his Dadi’s death. So, when he was frustrated with his office work, he shouted at her. He never knew it hurts her a lot.

He want to kill himself to hurt her!
(What really happened????)


The day after this video was taken, Anika started packing up her things. She kept all what she needed and a photo of their registered marriage.

Then she went inside the room where they used to be together for 1 year.

Tears fill up her eyes remembering their moments. She couldn’t leave this house. Even if she leaves, the state is the same. She knew what to do. She went to the medical shop and brought some sleeping pills. If he doesn’t want her then she will leave him forever. She writes a letter. It is as follows:

Dear Shiv,

I know I am a burden for you now. Really thanking you for the beautiful moments you gave me in my life in such a short span of life. I will never be a disturbance in your life. Do destroy this paper after you read it. I have only one request, give my video camera to my bestie Chandhna.

Anika Vardhan Trivedi

She folds the paper and keeps it on his study table. She knew what to do that moment. But suddenly she receives a call from her office. She goes there forgetting about the letter.

After some time, he comes and sees her letter and reads it. He feels something bad inside him.

He checks for her every where. He knew she hasn’t gone that far away and searched for her. When he called the office, they said she left few minutes before. So, he was sure that she will be coming back. That’s when he saw the camera and checked the videos. So the truth is revealed!

But will she come back?? Suddenly, he receives a call. It was from his parents. He immediately receivesand talks to them. His parents had realised their mistake and is waiting for their return.
While talking to them, she returns. But he didn’t see her as he was in the kitchen busy cooking.

She goes inside the room and bolts the door. The door has no lock only one loose bolt.

She gave one last look at their room. As she looked, she gobbled up the tablets in her hand.

That’s it. She left everything alone with him.

The call ends and he keeps the special food he cooked for her on the table. That’s when he noticed her keys on the door. He immediately goes and tries to open the door. But it was locked. He was shocked. He called her many times. This girl is not hearing anything.

What will happen????

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