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Young Love…!(A Little Forward In Time…)

I know many of you will get confused but truth will get revealed by itself, so just wait for 2-3 updates!!

Shivaay connects a video camera to the tv. He sees a video of Anika and smiles! The video was contains this:

Dear Chandu,

I went home, thinking about him. He was my crush. I don’t know, he was the guy who I turned back to see, when I used to avoid boys those days. I don’t like boys in my younger classes. As I thought boys are of two types, either he will be flirty or otherwise he will be nerdy. But my attitude changed afterwards, when I met my friends’ boy friends.

That’s when my attitude changed. And about my crush, I didn’t know what I felt those days when I saw him. It’s something different. When I came to know about his attitude, it made me feel more attracted to him!

At the last day of his batch, I try to forget him, saying that if he is for me, then we will meet again in life. So, I passed it on to destiny! Destiny won’t fail, it made me meet him again!

So, it was like we met again in college again. This time, it was different. I never talked to him during school days. But for the first time when I saw him in the college, we talked. It was he who initiated a talk.

For one year, I was trying to hold my feelings. But at last when he talked to me, I was just trying to pacify myself. The moment he went taking away his bike, I jumped like a monkey with happiness. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach, it was a beautiful feeling!!!!

I am becoming mad when I am meeting him! But the joke was that every girl is eager to meet him and talk with him. They were pretty jealous when he was talking with me. The stare they gave me, I felt I would have died, if looks could kill!

From that day, we were talking with each other. He had missed a year because of his coaching,so he was in our batch. I pity him for missing a year, but I am happy because he is in my class. We started having study classes together. There were other friends with us! But we always had some or other encounter with each other. It may be any eye lock as described in my friend Deepika’s language, maybe trying to do or say the same thing together together! Deepika believes a lot in this actions, so she literally makes fun of me.

Slowly, we became thick friends! He was a charm, slowly the feeling I had for him increased! That’s when I knew something else. I am in love with him!

I wanted to confess it to him. It’s really making me hard to do it. You can hide your feelings easily, but expressing it to the person is hard! Very hard! You lose all your confidence that moment when he is with you! You forget what you really want to say to him! The moment I look at his bluish-green eyes, I drown into them.

Today at last, I confessed my feelings to him! He was shocked at first! Then, he told me he need some time. This guy, I really am tensed now! What if he refuses?? Then our friendship will break! I am getting nervous!

What if he feels that I am a characterless girl??? Trying to trap a rich guy! Will that happen??!
I am seriously tensed! I wish you were here! You know everything!

I went home with a lot of tension! Will he say Yes or No????

I am really sorry, Chandu!!!! I didn’t tell this to you! I am sorry……!

I know now you will be happy! At least, I told this to you now!

Yours and only yours sweet friend,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

For people who didn’t understand why is this video taken!!

Note: Deepika is just a friend of Anika. She sits near Anika during her classes but not so close as Chandna.

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