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Young Love..!(The Video Diary Of Friends)

Shivaay pressed the next button of the video camera. The next video starts here:

Dear Chandhu,

Today I woke up suddenly after my sleep. You know why! I was really tensed about his reaction. Will he accept my love for him???? Or will my love for him will be rejected?????

As I was going to my class, I saw him coming! He was showing a stone expression! Oh God! He is going to say no! I am dead! Now, our friendship also broke…..

He came to me and gave me a letter. I knew he writes letters when he wanted to express great happiness or sadness!!!!!

I opened the letter expecting a big insult, but what I saw was surprising! Shocking! What not to say!

I am going to read the letter to you! No, wait! Don’t enter into two love birds privacy!

Ok, you got it! He accepted it! I want to shake you and say he accepted it! I really can’t believe it!

You know what is best after all!!!!! He also had feelings for me those days! He was not ready to do it because he was afraid to break our friendship!!!!

Chandhu, I want to jump and hug you tightly!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!

One more thing, I am going to merge 10 videos together, if the videos are small, Ok?????

Yours and only yours friend,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi

Next Video: (These are merged ones)

Dear Chandhu,

I know I am talking to you after 2-3 months, but I thought it’s better to talk afterwards. A lot of incidents took place during this time!

Our parents came to know about our affair. They left us all alone to ourselves. Now we had to work on our own to get money for our education. Thankfully, it’s our last year!

Exam fees are high! I don’t know how we will manage our fees. Sometimes, I wish me and Shiv were in different batch, then the amount will be different and less!

Shiv, takes care of me even when I am the one who separated him from his parents!

My parents never trusted me, so you know I expected more than this. The moment they knew his parents left him, they left me! I couldn’t believe how people could be heartless!!!!!!

I just didn’t know how to tell this to you! All I want now is yours and Shiv’s happiness!

We both cry everyday thinking about our parents. Now it’s a challenge and necessity for us to work hard!

Yours and Only Your Friend,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi

The person’s eyes gets filled with tears! The person wipes it off with the towel!

Dear Chandhu,

We got our results today!!!! We are first in the whole college!!!! Sharing the same position!!!!!

I can’t believe it!!! Today Shiv saw me taking video for you. He started making fun of me calling me kid!!

I got angry such that I didn’t eat anything!!!! I slept hungrily! I don’t know why I didn’t feel to eat. He didn’t know it as he had to arrange our papers for our job!!!

Oh!!I didn’t tell you this! We also got jobs in the XYZ Ltd.!!!!!
I heard it’s a rich company!!!! OMG!!!!!! We are really excited!!!

We also got cash awards for our success!!!!

Shiv is becoming naughty nowadays!!!!! He is making fun and being so cheapde!!!!

I know we are married but I don’t know why I feel shy and I blush when he touches me!!!!

Oh!!!! If anyone else sees this, then they will think is this what a person should say to her friend!!!!

If Shiv hears this, he will get jealous as I don’t talk to him in the way I talk to you!!!!!!

I become shy and cute girl in his language!!!!!

Yours And Only Your Friend,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

The person giggles at her naughtiness!!!! Aww….she is so cute!!!

Dear Chandhu,

Today I woke up early to get ready for some shopping. Usually, I stitch mine and Shiv’s clothes! But we need some new clothes as we are going to office tomorrow onwards!!! I got and had a bath and cooked our usual porridge.

I know now you will make fun of me because I am feeding your poor Jiju with my favourite porridge!!!!

Ok, I made the porridge and packed my bag with some covers as if we take it then we don’t need to pay for it! Shiv was inside the bathroom!

I went to the room and was taking my dress when I felt a sudden headache.
I started feeling weak. I somehow made myself stable. Suddenly darkness took me over! It was peace after that pain in my head!

I felt some sweet inside my mouth. I started opening my eyes slightly. I could see 3 people staring at me weirdly! One was Shiv and the other two were the sweet couples who were are our neighbours! They were very nice to us. They helped us during our initial years here.

As I tried to wake up, he started scolding me in front of our neighbours. Who?? Your Jiju!!! I felt as if I was a kid and he was my teacher.

He scolded me for not eating my food. The uncle was a doctor. He told Shiv that I fainted out of hunger. Afterwards, these two couples were smiling seeing his concern. They left me alone with Shiv for giving us privacy.

For the first time I saw Shiv’ s tears for me. He used to console me. But usually he tries to hide it with his stone expression.

I felt guilty! I could have eaten something! He then fed me the porridge. Then I fed him. The day ended with us going shopping after he made sure that I was fit and fine.

Yours And Only Yours,
Anika Vardhan Trivedi!

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