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Young Love…..(Epilogue – My story ends here, but their’s doesn’t)

He kept on calling for her. At last, he moved back and pushed the door to open. He saw her sitting on the floor with her hands folded around her legs.

He called her but there was no reaction. He takes her to the hospital. He was scared to death because he feared of losing her.


The doctor after checking her came out of the room. The nervous Shivaay bombarded him with his questions.

S: Doctor, is she fine??

D: After doing everything, you’re asking is she fine???

S(shocked): What happened to her?

D: Don’t worry, young man! Your wife is 2 months pregnant and she fainted due to stress!

S: Is this true?? Oh My God!!! Thank You so much!!! (Suddenly remembers something)But doctor, pls check properly! This can’t be!

D: You’re talking as if you gave her some poison or something!

S: I didn’t give her anything! I doubt she had! See!

He shows the bottle! Doctor takes it from him and opens the lid. He then laughs.

D: This is not even open!

Shivaay literally got embarrassed.

S: Can I see her?

Doctor nods his head. He immediately moved to the room to see her sleeping. He is literally excited. How much happiness in one day!!!!

But at first he should ask forgiveness. He waits for her to get up.


She gets up adjusting to the flashy light above her. That’s when she noticed that this place is not her home. How did she come here? She observes the surroundings and finds out that it was a hospital.

Suddenly she hears the sound of opening of the door. She sees him and noticed a packet containing 2-3 tablet packets in it. He comes near her and keeps the packet on the table. He sits on the chair nearby.

S: Anika, I am really sorry. I shouldn’t have said those words which hurts you.

A: It’s Ok, Shiv! Even I was immature. But I need to ask you something. How did I reach here?

He tells her all the happenings. But he didn’t tell that she was pregnant. Nor did he tell that his parents called him.

S: Anika, can I tell you something??

A: Sure!

S: Whatever happened to you right now is because of us.

A: What do you mean Shiv?

S: See, your fainting! At first, I thought you tried to suicide, because I saw the sleeping pills.

A: I thought of doing it but there was no time!

S: Don’t leave me even if I tell you, Ok?

She nods.

A: What really happened to me?

S: You won’t curse me after 9 months, right?

A: Ok…

S: You are a mom and I am a dad.

A: For that, where is cursing coming here?(Suddenly reality strikes her)
Is it true???

S: Yes!!! One more surprise is coming! We are shifting our house, to a bigger one!

A: Will we be able to manage it?

S: Of course! We can!

They go back to home. From there, they go to Oberoi Mansion. She notices the car and gets suspicious! When she enquires, he replies it was his friend’s.

They reach the destination.

A: Shivaay, this much big house! How did you get it?

S: Don’t worry! This is the perfect house for both my princess to stay!

A: Princess?? What if it is a Prince?

S: I know what is the result of my deeds! It will be a daughter!

A: No, son!

S: No, daughter!

They hear a voice.

V: Shivaay, Anika, why are you both standing there??? Come inside!

A: How did that Lady know it is me?

S: I told her!

They both goes to the entrance. That’s when Anika understood where she is and who is the ladyThey were at Oberoi Mansion and the lady is Pinky. She has seen all there pics in Shivaay’s phone. She has seen Omru when they used to chat with Shivaay through video call.

She was so happy!!!! Her joy knew no bounds!

Once they reached their room! Anika opened her video camera and started taking the video.

But this time it was Shivaay who was telling her friend the story!


Anika and Shivaay had their daughter Shivika and lived a happy life.

I hope this book would have entertained you all, with this note I end this book here! Also, this book will be having a privilege of being my first book to be complete!!! Do read my other books, they are as wonderful as this!!!

Till then, Au Revoir!!!

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