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Young Love…..!!!!!(Cracks To Form In Relation ..???)

Months after:

Shivika has now their own jobs and are now earning a good income. Life was going as normal. They visit Suraj Uncle and Divya Aunty whenever they get time. They were busy in their own world, until when the shake of reality shook them.

Anika has noticed a change in Shivaay. Usually, they come home together, but nowadays, he was busy in some work and stay late at the office. She left it as his work pressure. Slowly – slowly, she felt a change in his attitude. He was not talking to her properly. He even stopped talking to Omru, which he at least would do once in a week.

She started feeling more suspicious when he used to get angry with her for no reason. She didn’t know what really is going around him. He was getting angry at her for unknown reasons and then she couldn’t react too.

Her insecurities started getting inside her head. She felt like she was loosing him. She couldn’t control herself. She couldn’t take it anymore and was waiting for him. And there he comes.

A: Shiv, I need to know something,

He doesn’t look at her.

A: Shiv, I am talking to you.

S: Ani, why are you simply irritating me?

Sorry for a short update…..But don’t worry, I am updating one more!!!!

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