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Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 8


They were chatting and laughing. Ragini took an empty bottle in her hand and signed Shaurya. He too takes an empty bottle. They both leave without others noticing them. Ragini walked towards the stream, Shaurya followed her. She stopped after a while.

Sh : So what is the plan?

Rag : First to stream.

They reached the stream and she filled the bottle. He copied her.
She explains something to him.

Sh : Wow, cool, but are you sure others will come this way?

Rag : Of course, Sanskar is there, he know how much I love playing in water and he will take others in this direction.

Sh : Perfect.

They laugh.

After a while.

Uth : Where is bhai and Ragini di?

Lak: Might be inside the tent, she is hurt right.

Dev : Ragini and resting, no chance at all.

San: I am sure she would have gone to stream.

Lak : What?? In this condition??

Dur : She will do that,

San : Come on guys, let’s go there.

Lak : Yeah.

They all leave.
They were about to reach the stream when water fell over them from above.

Laksh and Uthara screamed.

Others : (sighed) Ragini!!!

They all looked up and saw Ragini and Shaurya on two trees which were in either side of the way with bottles in their hand. Ragini’s bandage was lying near the tree she climbed.

Dev : Come down, you monkeys

Ragini and Shaurya laugh and come down. Laksh notices that she didn’t have her bandage.

Lak : Mad, mental, insane, all these words can’t define you, you are beyond those!!! How the hell did you think of climbing the tree in this situation and where is your bandage?

Rag : I told you I won’t be wearing it for long. My leg is fine now.

Lak : Oh really, I did bandage and it wasn’t that silly!! Now you are going to wear it again.

Laksh went and picked up the bandage.

Suh : No Laksh I won’t wear it again.
She ran towards the stream.

Lak : Ragini stop!!

San : Let it be Laksh, she won’t listen.

Dev : Yeah laksh, she like these type of places and enjoy like a kid.

Lak : (angrily)That one point is true, she behaves like a kid!!

San (laughs) Guys, let’s go there, it will be fun.

Dur : Yeah, come on now.

Everybody leaves expect Laksh. Dev sees this and goes to him.

Dev : What now?

Lak : I don’t want to come.

Dev : It will be fun and about Ragini , she is like that and won’t change.

Dev drags Laksh. They found Ragini playing in water.

Others walked in and Laksh stood there.

Ragini sees Laksh and goes to him.

Rag : Laksh, come na it is so much fun.

Lak : Why should I listen to you when you won’t listen to me.

Rag : Laksh please, I am ok and so I removed the bandage. I love this place and we won’t be coming here daily, please let me enjoy.

He looked at her. She was looking at him with puppy eyes, he smiled.

Rag : (smiling) , Thank God! Now come with me.

Lak : (hesitated) Actually no Ragini, I don’t want to spoil my dress.

Rag : Don’t make excuses.

She drags him.
She pours water on him and laughs.

Lak : Ragini no,

She pour some more.

Lak : You won’t listen na, now you see.

He too pours water on her.
They both laughed.
Everyone placed till dusk and then walked back to tent.

Laksh held Ragini’s wrist. She turns back.

Lak : Thank you.
She smiles.

Later after getting changed they light the fire and sit around it.

Sh: Dev bhaiya, was Ragini di this crazy from starting itself?

Dev: any doubt, do you what she did once with me?

San: Bhaiya, which incident are you referring to, I mean you are her permanent prey.

Dev: You remember her fake account?

He glared Ragini and she smiled sheepishly.  Sanskar and Durga laughs.

Lak: what was that bhaiya?

Dev: Once I got a request from an unknown account. And you all know whose account it is.

They all laugh.

Dev: What was the name??

San: Destiny mine.

Sh: why such a name di?

Rag: I love that word… actually i am thinking of making my daughter destiny.

Sh: But di you said you don’t want to marry.

Rag: I don’t want to marry, but I want kids.

They all laugh harder… She pouts.

Uth: Di you are impossible.

Sh: acha, bahiya, what did she ask you? And when did you understand it was di??

Dev: Well, I understood it quickly, but I played along. But I know that she knew it that I understood it was her.

“What” everyone asked in unison.

Dev: she understood that I knew it is she only. I mean we both knew the whole thing, but we still played along.

They all laugh at the crazy bro-sis.

Dev: You know she asked me, if I am a, voh, I am a gay???

Uth &Sh: What???? Di….!!!

Sanskar and Durga laughs. Laksh smiles remembering her trying set him with Sanskar.

Sh: But di,why that question, I mean by any means you felt bhaita like…you know…

He winks at her they hi-fi. Dev slaps Shaurya’s back head.

Rag: Bhai was dating bhabhi at that time.

Dev: And she and Sankar was the only persons who know about it.

They laugh more.

Uth: Di, you na, Oh God I don’t know what to say.

They all laugh.


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