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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Suryadev attacks his gadha.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya and ganesh telling the story to raja devodas and devi sarla. Devi sarla says after mahaganpati ji guided kartikeya ji, what did he do?
There indra dev is thrown back and kartikeya calls them back. kartikeya says devraj this is a trap by tarkasura. Indra dev is thrown back from the door and he comes crashing near vayudev and kuber. Indra dev gets up and says that door is mayavi, it stopped me! tarkasura laughs and says you foolish gods, indra dev did you think it was so easy to come into my palace? Indra dev gets angry and says attack the door. indra dev, vayudev and kuber use their weapons and attack together on the door, the attacks reach the door but nothing happens as they hit the door. indra dev says nothings is happening? Why aren’t are powers working

on that door?
Tarkasura uses his powers and says now these 3 gods will go for a ride. Tarkasura uses his power and lifts kuber indra dev and vayudev on a rock. Indra dev says what is happening? Kartikeya says no, indra dev! The rock flies in the sky and is brought towards a pillar. Kuber says indra dev we are going to crash into that pillar. Suddenly a portal opens and indra dev, vayu dev and kuber go in that portal with the rock and it closes. Kartikeya says where did they disappear suddenly? Tarkasura’s face appears and he says what now commander kartikeya? You couldn’t save them? Suryadev says evil demon what have you done with the gods? Tarkasura says I did what I wanted to! This is my lok, shauryapur and no one can do anything here without my wish! And those who challenge me shall go to prison even if they are gods.
Suryadev says it is enough now, I will kill this demon. Suryadev sits in his chariot and goes. Kartikeya tries to stop. Agni dev and varun dev say we will go too. Kartikeya stops them and says no! enough now, I am the commander and I order you to stay here. kartikeya flies on mayur ji to stop suryadev. Suryadev throws his gadha on the palace and says my gadha shall destroy shauryapur. Kartikeya flies faster and he comes in front of the gadha to stop it. tarkasura laughs and says the gods shall kill each other. Kartikeya uses his power and stops the gadha. Suryadev says what did you do kumar? Kartikeya says do you all want to fall in tarkasura’s trap? This gadha cannot stop him, to kill tarkasura and to enter the palace something else has to be taught, this way everyone will fall into his trap. Suryadev says you are right kumar, forgive me I was very angry at the time.
Kartikeya says mother show me the way! Suddenly kartikeya comes in front of parvati’s form of mata skand! Kartikeya says mother? Mata skand says yes kartikeya, you called me. kartikeya says what do I do mother? How do I enter the palace and defeat tarkasura? Mata says kartikeya, everything is not what it seems like, nothing is as it looks you have to find your way there where you least expect it, do not try to find an easy way to get through this battle because this battle is not easy, use intelligence and defeat tarkasura! Kartikeya closes his eyes and sees through the palace, he calms down and then sees a thorn wall through which he can enter the palace. Kartikeya opens his eyes and thanks mata skand and says mother give me your blessings, I have found the way. Skand mata goes.
Kartikeya is on mayur ji and tells mayur ji to fly through the thorn wall as fast as he can. Mayur says yes and he says kartikeya ji? Should I stop? It is a wall. Kartikeya says no mayur ji, keep flying. Tarkasura sees and is shocked. kartikeya flies with mayur ji through the wall and enters the portal from which tarkasura sees the war. Tarkasura is shocked.

Precap: Kartikeya fights tarkasura. All gods and the army see and say where did kumar kartikeya go from the wall?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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