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Tantra 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kapoor family shifts to Jalsa

Tantra 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Niyati walks down the stairs and sobs about being the illegitimate child of Prithvi, she recalls when in their childhood she ever fall down Sumati always came to help Nirwan and helped her later but never was truly kind to her.
The lady in black dress cheers under Jalsa that the time is here.
Niyati watch the whole family having good time at the dining table. She thinks this family doesn’t really belong to her. Prithvi feels Niyati’s absence from the table. Nirwan says she went to speak to them. Prithvi wonders what if she heard their conversation. Niyati compose herself and poses to be cheerfully speaking to her friend. She joins them on table and comments that this table has fallen small for their family. She was apologetic to Nirwan but for Sumati she had to do this, she suggests Prithvi

to shift in their new house. She told her friends that they will celebrate New Year in Jalsa. Prithvi asks what about the work that was left? Niyati says they can help Nirwan and it will be done within two days. She looks towards Sumati thinking that Sumati opted her as a daughter and brought her up well, she will surely earn Sumati’s love in their new house.
Jalsa was decorated for the Pooja. Everyone had arrived. Dadi asks Niyati to break the coconut so that we must proceed. Niyati instead gives the thaal to Sumati to begin. The lady peeks through the window of neighbor’s house, she thinks today they are going into death trap. They will all be eaten together while she will dance over the music of their screams.
Niyati watch the family. Akshat comes to her and asks if she spoke to Prithvi, he notices he was lost. Akshat was fearful what if the lady harm them. Niyati says she forgot, as they were all busy packing. She says in the presence of her father Prithvi Khanna, no one can cast a bad eye over their house.
Dadi asks Prithvi who would sit for Pooja. Prithvi says he never trusts God, Niyati will sit in Pooja. Niyati asks Prithvi to let Nirwan sit in Pooja, he is elder and is rightful. Prithvi was happy with her decision and leaves. Akshat wonders why Niyati behaves so strangely, so as to make her mother happy only. The Pandit asks for Ganga Jal. Niyati walks outside to get it from the car. At the main entrance, the structure strives for Niyati. Niyati passes by the idol of God and prays for an improved relation with her mother. The structure of Jalsa got cracks on the roof. Niyati walked towards the car while the lady continue watching them. The lady in their neighborhood does the countdown.

PRECAP: The old lady tells the young lady to run before police arrives here. The young lady asks what if she opens up in front of police and blows sand over her face.

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