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Sitara 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Vrinda sees Sitara’s image

Sitara 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sitara picks up the dagger kept underneath Kuldeep’s pillow while he is sleeping. Pardon me Baba. You only said that the one who can pass through all the tests succeeds. I can do anything to find Chanda. Nothing will happen to me till the time this dagger is with me. She imitates his pose in the photo. I can do anything as I am your daughter. She leaves for the palace.

Sitara notices one guard sleeping. I never thought I will have to enter in someone’s house stealthily. Once I find Chanda, I will make sure her kid recites this brave journey every single day! She is impressed seeing the guard sleeping peacefully and clicks a selfie with him. Hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, she hides behind a bush. Another guard wakes up the guard who is sleeping. The guard tells him to let it be. No

precious gems or treasure would be anyways out in open. The other guard remarks that the secrets hidden in the palace are far more valuable. We have to protect them too. She wonders what secrets are hidden here.

Sitara goes inside. Sitara is in the corridor. Vrinda can sense her presence and remarks that she is very near us. I have to know about her. The door starts moving on its own. Vrinda raises her hands in the air. Sitara stops outside the mystery door and is attracted towards it. One of the Vishkanya (Chabeeli) points out that she heard the sound of an anklet. Vrinda says I want to see the face of that girl. They all stand in the prayer position at once. Sitara is inching closer to the door with every passing second. Vrinda uses her powers to magically pull out Sitara’s anklet and it appears in her hands. They all look at the anklet. Sitara seems to be intrigued by the door. She extends her hand towards it when someone pats at her shoulder. She turns around startled. Baba? He reminds her that he told her not to come here. She says I don’t know why but I feel as if someone is calling me. He refuses to hear anything further. I don’t wish to hear anything that will compel you to go against me. Why don’t you kids understand that some things impact our lives very heavily? He takes her with him.

Vrinda says no one can stop the sound of this anklet from reaching out to our well wisher. It will help us gain freedom.

Kuldeep asks Sitara if she has understood now or she needs more explanation. She says I was only looking for chanda. What is hidden in that south door? He shouts that there are better things to do than that! You will stay away from that south gate! Take it as my request or warning but you will stay away from that door! She asks him if this door is also connected to Vishkanya’s in some way like Kalibaoli. He replies that he does not know.

Next morning, Sitara wakes up and is surprised that Kuldeep dint wake her today. She finds a tea for herself on the side table. He left but still made tea for me. I love it when he gets angry sometimes. She notices that she dropped her anklet somewhere.

Vrinda is playing with Sitara’s anklet. This sound wont stop now. Till the time the sound plays, I will be hopeful that our well wisher will certainly come to free us! All the Vishkanya’s look at the anklet intently. They join hands and their powers combine. They sketch an image of Sitara. They all look at it with hope.

Sitara is not able to find her anklet. Ma, please tell me where it is! I cannot find it.

Vrinda looks at the anklet. I don’t know who you are but I am certain that you are our own. You brought us together. The sound of your anklet has built a relation between us. It is very familiar. She puts the anklet on the girl’s image and her complete built and face can be seen now.

Sitara is in the corridor. She stops seeing the south gate. The palace is so big but why do I keep coming here all the time? I am not going there or Baba wont spare me this time!

Sitara goes to the guards. What are you discussing? A guard shows her the camera that Viraj brought from abroad. We can look everywhere using it. She asks him to hand it over to her but they deny. Technician will put it. She asks him to go home. She blackmails them by showing them their videos where they are either sleeping or telling someone about the secret of the palace. Both the guards request her not to do so. She takes the camera from them. You need servants to install such a small camera. You guys need a servant for every little thing. She gets on the stairs and fixes the camera herself. Viraj looks at the camera image. Sitara is talking about Viraj. He thinks he is too smart but he does not know that I am the only smart person in town. She finds Viraj standing right there. You could have told me. I would have fixed it. He tells her that she has put the camera incorrectly. Have you ever done something right? She fixes it. He ends up sharing that he can see and hear whatever happens in front of the camera. You should be careful of what you say next time. She nods and begins to descend from the stairs. You don’t have to worry about me next time. She ends up tripping and lands directly in his arms.

The vishkanya’s look at Sitara’s image. Vrinda wonders why she is feeling so familiar after seeing her face. I don’t know anything but now I will have to find out everything.

Precap: Viraj sees Sitara going towards the south gate and starts following her. Sitara jumps the wall to get inside. Viraj follows suit but falls in a pit. Sitara is shocked to see him thus. Vrinda remarks that their long wait is about to end. I will take revenge for killing my daughter by killing the son of this family!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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