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Siddhi Vinayak 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi seeks Guru ji’s help

Siddhi Vinayak 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shankar asks Siddhi if the girls of good houses reach home drunk so late at night. You are the DIL of this house. Think about our respect if not yours! Siddhi walks up to him. Kundra sahib! Shankar looks away but she keeps talking. What’s wrong in that? Who does not drink in this house? Urvashi can finish entire bottle without adding anything. Choti am I wrong? Forget about Choti, Gauri Bhabhi smokes and drinks. Gauri hides behind Manjari. Siddhi asks her why she is doing it. Ma also drinks. She drinks Desi. She changed her brand as and when the family progressed. Shankar tells her to be quiet. It is enough! She asks him if he does not drink. Your beloved son Vin also drinks. He is the best product of this family. He did something so great after drinking that he ended up marrying second time!

She claps. It is ok when you guys do it but I have a lose character when I do it? Shankar tells her to be quiet. She stumbles and ends in Vin’s arms again. He tells Shankar to be calm for now. He lifts Siddhi in his arms and takes her upstairs. Urvashi fumes seeing them together.

Vin covers Siddhi with a duvet. She holds his hand as he turns to go. He asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is holding his hand. You dint stop me earlier. Why are you stopping me now? She pulls him closer. How did you become so distant? He tries to leave but she looks at him romantically. She leans closer for a kiss. He tells her to sleep but she refuses to leave him. They notice Urvashi standing at the door. Vin shrugs her hands and leaves. Siddhi stands up. I am not done yet! Urvashi asks Siddhi if she was trying to come closer to Vin pretending to be drunk. Siddhi hugs her calling her Patidev. They both fall down on the bed.

Next morning, Manjari is upset that Siddhi told her truth before everyone. I couldn’t even look Shankar in the eye! She notices Siddhi on her bed. Siddhi asks her if she was thinking about her. Manjari asks her to leave. You have nothing to do here. Siddhi advises her to leave instead. Vin is not your real son. You are the one who should leave! Manjari rues that she thought she will be finally at peace after making Urvashi her DIL but it does not seem like that. She goes. Siddhi thinks it is time to play rapid fire rounds with Urvashi. She is set to lose in that!

Siddhi is at Guru ji’s ashram. Will my idea work? He tells her that she has come in that family as a shield not just for Vin but for the entire family. Your presence is important for Vin but there is another woman in his life as well now. She nods. Urvashi has fooled everyone. Only you can help now. I want to save Vin and the entire family from Urvashi. He says we sometimes have to take any way to find a solution but I cannot go against the scriptures. She says I only need your blessings. He blesses her. Go to Kundra Mansion now. I will help you in any way I can. He hands her a pair of clothes and a rosary. Hope you know what you have to do. She smiles.

Manjari gives water to Guru ji. Siddhi greets him. Shankar asks him what he can do. Guru ji says I heard that your son married again. I don’t know the reason behind it and I am not even interested. As a well wisher, I came here to see Vin’s second wife’s kundli. Manjari gives it to him. He reads it and remarks that it is impossible. Shankar asks him what the matter is. Guru ji looks at Urvashi’s hands. She worries what he might end up saying. Guru ji shares that his suspicions have turned out to be true. Siddhi was Vin’s shield till the time she was his only wife but Urvashi has turned the planetary positions of Vin’s kundli again. He will be again thronged with problems. No need to worry though. I have a solution to it. She has to be purified before that. Only then can she help Vin. Urvashi asks him what she will have to do. I can do anything to become his shield. Manjari also asks him to share the solution. Guru ji advises her to do a tough tapasya and follow the rules diligently. Urvashi agrees to do anything to save her husband. Guru ji says I am going out for some yagya. I will tell my disciple everything. He will come here and help you. Shankar asks him about his disciple. Guru ji asks his disciple to come in. A guy walks in and greets them. It is Rajvir. Siddhi smirks.

Flashback shows Siddhi seeking help from Prachi and Rajvir. Rajvir will have to come in this house as Guru ji’s disciple. He panics. What if I am caught? Prachi requests him to help her Tai. We need to help her. Rajvir is worried that he will have to speak in fluent Hindi. She assures him it will be taken care of. Rajvir agrees to follow Siddhi’s instructions. Flashback ends.

Rajvir nods at Siddhi. Urvashi’s real purification starts now.

Urvashi wonders what all she might have to do now.

Precap: Rajvir tells Urvashi to spend a simple life for the coming 7 days. She wont wear any jewellery and will sleep in a simple manner. She will have to cook her own food. She will have to cook food on the stove made with fresh cow dung. Urvashi makes faces as she makes the traditional stove to cook food on it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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