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RAB SE SONA ISHQ: Twinj: Episode 39



Starts from park.Omkara doing jogging in park. He was all lost in his thoughts he was thinking about mahi her face coming in front of his eyes his long black silky hairs flying making him more handsome. Mahi was in same park she come for walk

Mahi listing songs omkara coming from opposite direction they both bumped with each other’s didn’t see anything both falls down on grasses omkara on mahi.hover all his hairs come on her face.Om raise his face and see mahi even she too look at omkara they both lost in each other eyes.

O Jaana.O jaana O jaana Ojaana

Khoya khoya rehta hai.Dildap ye kehta hai

Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah O jaana.O

jaana..song play in background. Peoples were going and see them giggles out.. but they don’t care what anyone thinks about them they just busy in themselves sealing their love in each other’s eyes.. Due to some giggles Loud sound they both come in sense and see their position omkara get up and forward his hand mahi give her hand in his hands he pulled her she stands and landed near omkara chest.He looks at her while she look here and there tucked her hairs.She smiled inside her heart..

Omkara:tum yeha..

Mahi:ha woh I come for walk..

Omkara:ho so let’s do together. She nodded her head in yes they both went for walk while walking both keeping talking with each other’s..taking view of early morning.

At Twinj room.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace slightly.Twinkle

resting her head on kunj forearm while his face turning to other side.Kunj phone ringing this disturbs kunj sleep.He open his eyes slightly and take the phone place near his ear..


Pa:sir I fixed your meeting..

Kunj:hmm in sleeping tone.. I’ll talk to you later. He ends the call and about to budge his hand but can’t his hand he felt weight he turned his face and see twinkle resting her head on his forearm. He turned towards her side. Her face is near kunj face twinkle hairs strand coming on her face kunj smiled to see her face while sleeping. Look this siyappa queen she look so cute while sleeping aise toh when she wakes up her chatterpatter starts I’m who talk when it’s important and needed never thought my wife will be totally opposite she just waits for moments to talks.So talkative she is but very cute kunj recalled her jealousy and so much insecure about him.He caresses her cheeks.

Meri chalti fhirti makeup ki dukaan.😛. He raises his face rest his head on his palm while his elbow resting on bed.He kissed on her forehead gently.I never thought she’ll be got jealous this much uff my jealous queen look her she become so dull this eyes she made this condition of her beautiful eyes he caresses her eyed area.

Twinkle keep her hand on kunj with full force he closed his eyes. Twinkleee.

Twinkle:hmmm in sleep.alarm clock ringing Kunj giggles to see twinkle condition due to alarm clock ring sound her sleep get disturbed.Aaha she wakes up and open her eyes.She sees the time and get shocked she gets up while kunj giggles and hide from her.aha kunj can’t you wake up me haa see the time.You go and get freshen up. She about to go kunj pulled her.

Kunj:Madam don’t worry calm down. He too get up.

Twinkle:whatever what everyone will think about me that I’m sleeping till late she gets up and went towards wardrobe and take out her and Kunj clothes.Kunj which one you wanted she shows him.

Kunj:hmm this one not. Twinkle showing him many shirts, but he just rejects teasing twinkle she gets tired and understand his intentions.

Twinkle:you sadu haa she throws shirt at him face kunj catch and laugh out.she went in washroom.While Kunj get up and roaming in room doing push-ups. Twinkle take the bath she looks at hanger and realised due to kunj she forgets her clothes in room only. Uff babaji now what I’ll do I forget my clothes in room only. She bites her finger slightly I can’t go now in room like this kunj must be in room.. uff I’ll see. She went near washroom door slightly open and trick tock peep out seeing kunj. Where this sadu went now I’ll take his help. It will look awkward in this situation so what he is my husband. Kunjjj she gives him voice kunj heard and get confused he look here and there. Again she gives him voice kunjj …. he gets up and look at towards washroom door.

Kunj: this voice coming from Washroom..


Kunj:Twinkle he went near washroom door. Yes twinkle..

Twinkle:in low voice little bite awkwardness Kunjj I forgot my clothes in room only can you give me please. Kunj look at towards hanger and see her clothes.

Kunj: haa I’ll give you.He takes out her clothes twinkle slightly take out her wet hand forward to kunj kunj keep the clothes in her hand while giving his hand touch on her wet hand skin.Twinkle take

immediately shut the door kunj give smile and again doing push-ups.Twinkle wear her clothes and come out and her eyes went on kunj and see him.She rolled her eyes to see him.She fluttered her wet hairs that water sprinkle on kunj face.He looks at her and get up and sit take his towel and keep around his neck holding end of the knots.

Twinkle:go and get ready fast..

Kunj:yup I’ll not take time like you.she gives him look kunj laugh and went in washroom

Twinkle:sadu Sarna.She gets ready make her hairs.She went downstairs she happily walk and went in kitchen see breakfast already get ready she understands. Twinkle making coffee for kunj and tea for others she takes the tea and went in living room touch lata and Prithviraj feet’s..

Lata: good bless you..

Twinkle: good morning..

Prithviraj: good morning looking really happy.

Twinkle:yes I’m so happy.She gives full teeth smile.. I’ll come she went in kitchen and take the coffee and went in her room. Kunj just come out of the washroom.He wears his pant ruffled his wet hairs. Twinkle eyes went on him and get lost to see his perfect muscles.. Kunj see her and smirked raise his eyes brows and went near her wear his shirt.

Kunj:don’t look at me like this twinkle seemed like you’ll eat and put your evil eyes on my s*xy body 😛😛she come in sense and look at him..

Twinkle:kuch bhi sadu I’ll put evil eyes on you very lame kunj s*xy and you are really.she went near him closing his button just than a button break down and falls. Uff this..

Kunj:it’s okay he about to take out the shirt.

Twinkle:Kunj don’t remove.

Kunj:how can I wear this shirt button break down.

Twinkle:I know you can’t wait na she went towards wardrobe take out box take the needle and threat. See this I’ll stitch your button.

Kunj:you know how to stitch the button.

Twinkle:yes very well 😎.. she went near him and stitching his button kunj looking at her.. Woh rang bhi kya rang hai

Jo milta na tere hoth ke rang se hubahu

Woh khushboo kya khushboo.Thehre na jo teri saanwari zulf ke rubaru Play in bg.. ❤️

Kunj admiring her in whole process.She stitches the button and used her teeth to break the threat. Hogaya she gives him smile.

Kunj:great proud of you. 😛😛.She hit on his chest and fixed his collar.

Twinkle:get ready.Kunj went towards dressing table and get ready while twinkle get busy in work she changed the bed sheet.After they both went downstairs everyone come for breakfast they all settle down.

Kunj:where is omkara??

Usha:he went for jogging didn’t come till now.

Rudra:which type of jogging he does it..

Everyone smiles twinkle served breakfast to kunj and take seat beside him.. Rahul look kunj and went closer to his ears.

Rahul:what happened everything solved out means your world war end kunj look at him give him plan look.they all having breakfast.

Aayat:Pa today my kept bday party at her place I’ll go..

Tej:hmm okay..

After jogging omkara and Mahi went to coconut water stope they both take the coconut and sit and enjoying the water.

Omkara: what’s your plan for today.

Mahi:nothing I’ll go college bas..

Omkara: ho after.

Mahi:nothing before me and twinkle di enjoy now get bored.Omkara smile out.

Omkara: Twinkle..

Mahi: what happened now I mean between di and jiju..

Omkara:my brother and your sister both is equal zidhi..

Mahi:means.. still jiju angry with di..

Omkara:don’t worry my brother is very matured he handles everything.

Mahi:okay now I’m going I’ll get late for collage.

Omkara:yeah.They both left soon omkara reached Sarna Mansion he went inside lata see him and call him he went towards everyone.

Manohar:where are you till now.

Rudra:yes jogging sun rise me hoti hai. 😜

Who stop you.

Omkara:no one shut up. I was in park only papa.

Prithviraj:go and get ready come and have your dinner.He went in his room.Everyone completed their breakfast rudra and Priyanka left for college while Aayat with driver today. Kunj went in his room twinkle behind him he gives her voice.

Twinkle:what happened now what you

Wanted it..

Kunj:where you kept my files haa how many times I told you don’t touch my things.I didn’t get it on time.You went and I’m searching my things here, everywhere just your stuff in whole room see this dressing table your paint stuffs..

Twinkle:haa so what whom things you wanted else than me.

Kunj:now don’t start again.

Twinkle:first you.. I’ll give you wait. She gives him his files so nicely I organised your office things here still you can’t find out without me you can’t do anything.

Kunj:don’t see this dreams you mess up my room..

Twinkle:now it’s my room fit this in your mind get it she holds his collar.

Kunj:acha you too.Twinkle both hands resting on kunj shoulders both look at each other eyes without blinks while

Kunj hand went on her back waist..

Both talking to each other though their eyes. Don’t know what they wanted to say each other’s Omkara and Rahul entered in twinkle and Kunj room they both see them and then each other in Hmm way..they went towards them act like coughing They both come in sense and look at them immediately leave each other looking here and there.

Kunj:Tum dono..

Rahul:yes we are sorry for timing.By the way what’s going on between tom and jerry. 😂😂. Seemed like everything is solved out how is it possible so quickly I must twinkle Kunj Ek second me maan gaya I mean his anger so high takes time to goes..

Omkara:yeah but happy now don’t do again.

Kunj:this you both teach her not me..

twinkle didn’t say anything she went from there.

Rahul:Arey bata na.

Kunj:what.Nothing happened she apologises and guilty too so I forgive her.

Omkara:haa how you stay angry with her for long😂.

Kunj:huhu kuch bhi.Let’s go Rahul pa and chote papa will reach before us..

Rahul:yeah.They went down. Kunj gesturing twinkle bid bye she too lip-sing

He went from there.While twinkle get busy in work with Anjali.

At [email protected]

Rahul and Kunj get finished with their meetings.Both went in lounge area and take seats and rest for sometime both get hell tried didn’t get time to have anything

Kunj pa send coffee and garlic bread for them they both having.feeling better.

Kunj: uff what a day..

Rahul:really at last this session too complete hopefully. Now tell me brother in law ji and bestie ji..


Rahul:what actual happened.Kunj tell

him.Right you forgive her didn’t stretch the matter this will effect your marriage life.She was too right at her place kunj. You should remember this happened most because of that dinner.

Kunj:that night only her mind and mood totally turned into aggressiveness because of you.and itself tell Lavanya many times now I’m married.We know her she is like this only but didn’t think this affects this much to twinkle.Even I too over react I have to understand her feelings.

Rahul:True it’s happened kunj if you are at twinkle place even you will too don’t like this any other man with your wife giving her time more didn’t let you spend time with her and always coming between you and her.Lavanya is chipku..

Kunj:hehe too much.They finished their coffee and went back to work.

Yuvi sitting with his friends and thinking about Avni.

Rishi: Arey Yuvi stop dreaming about Avni she’ll not come in your talks. I mean you and she not.

Yuvi:why..idiot Amritsar girls dying for Yuvraj Luthra but she had something really special which attracts me lot.Love at first sight how I fall her for me. It’s quite hard but I’ll make her fall for me.

At Kunj cabin.

Kunj went and see Lavanya sitting he didn’t say anything. He takes his seat.

Lavanya: what happened.

Kunj:hmm.. she held his hand.Lavanya please stop I told you many times please don’t come near me I know your intentions but my wife didn’t like this our closeness and I don’t wanted to hurt her due to this she had issues so please you.

Lavanya: why.

Kunj:Lavanya what why twinkle is my wife and what she didn’t like I can’t do that things my first priority is what she like in what she is comfortable without her wills I can’t do anything when I use my right on her even she had too rights on me. I beg you and telling you nicely please because of toh my marriage life affecting lot that I, and she doesn’t want without any reasons we fight with each other’s I’m sorry for slap.All I can say one thing twinkle happiness matter lot for me and she is one and last girl in my life I didn’t allow anyone and didn’t interest in anyone as you know this my family is happy with her and I too I wanted to live my whole life with her happily when she cried I didn’t like because of this nonsense things she cried lot and suffered herself too if anyone gets to know about this it will look bad in our both families eyes. You are matured girl hope you understand my

Problem.She didn’t say anything just look kunj went from there..

After sometimes later at evening kunj Rahul come back from office. Rahul went inside while kunj went to sea pot he sees twinkle who sitting near water and playing with water throwing stones. He went and sit beside her she looked at him.

Twinkle:Arey you come back.so early.

Kunj:yes my work has complete today fully, so I come early what I’ll do there.

Twinkle:good even I’m feeling bored alone my work too finished.

Kunj:today your silly friends doesn’t call you. 😂😂,

Twinkle:ab bas bhi karo how much you’ll tease me for that. They tell me what they think.

Kunj:and you used too 😂.

Twinkle:but no used of this I forget I have world unique husband Kunj Sarna.

Kunj:seriously twinkle who do this I mean seducing your husband by you beauty 😛.

Twinkle:when I..

Kunj:you just wasted your time only.

Twinkle:leave this I Itself love to get ready.

Kunj:that I know very well.. he takes her hands in his.. she looks at him confusedly. Twinkle for that I’m really sorry.

Twinkle: for what kunj.

Kunj: woh🙁 I don’t wanted to do but my

Anger is like this only I didn’t think once. I almost raise my hand on you. If Omkara and rudra wasn’t there I’ll slap you I don’t know what to say till now I learn to

Respect Girls what I have done it with my own wife. Tears formed in his eyes twinkle give smile I felt guilty of that. She cupped his face.

Twinkle:don’t be sorry kunj I know if you

Slapped me its fine you are right and I deserve this what I have done it. Don’t feel bad he cupped her one cheek.

Kunj:Twinkle trust me this is first and last time I have done this I’ll never do this.

Twinkle:haa.even I too kunj this first and last time I doubt on you.Now if god will come and tell me you do something I’ll not trust at him too.She holds his hand back tightly. I too don’t know how I tell you those things I didn’t think.

Kunj:I can understand you.I told Lavanya now.You don’t need to me insecure about me till my last breath for me you are just.

Twinkle:same Kunj for me too kunj.She rests her head on his chest I never thought kunj you become my everything I don’t wanted to marry to you but this was my best decision ever you are really nice guy who understands me lot. Thanks for this kunj.He rests his hand around her arms. I hurt you.Kunj never doubt on me too.She looks at him tears escaping from her eyes kunj wiped and kissed on her forehead.

Kunj:no more tears mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle:Kunj I wanted to tell you something.

Kunj:what you wanted to tell me bol aaj.

Twinkle:woh… she about to speak just than there omkara and rudra come.

Rudra:hoo bhaiya and bhabhi ka patch up 😋😚.They sit beside twinkle and Kunj.

I’m so happy to see my bhabhi like old.He pulled her cheeks.

Omkara: why you cry twinkle here our Kunj enjoying. She lookEd at him with big eye balls.

Kunj:don’t come in their talks they just make us fight 😋..

Rudra: Acha ji where is our Lavanya bhabhi.Rudra and Omkara laugh out like anything while twinkle hitting Rudra playfully.Arey bhabhi please leave me na.

Twinkle: if you say one more time I’ll twist your neck.

Omkara:I’m sure this rudra filled twinkle ears calling Lavanya bhabhi 😛..

Rudra:I’m kidding that chipku can’t be my bhabhi Bhaiya itself reject her 😝.What you both doing here haa romancing chup ke Chupe ke interesting.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s and inside blushing..

Twinkle:you both are mad..

Rudra:you both sit O let’s go.they went from there.Kunj and twinkle sit kunj throwing stone in sea. She too she sit closer to him and resting her head on his shoulder.

Kunj:what did you said I’m escaping from you.Ha when you come closer to me she bite her tongue. Kunj pulled her closer to him more and their face is very near their nose hitting with each other’s. Bol na twinkle.

Twinkle:kya 😛😛.. he look at her lips he winked her she become all red and get up about to run but Kunj pulled her with full force her falls on his lap.. her head on his lap.

Kunj:kya hua bhaag Rahi.

Twinkle:Kunj leave me anyone will see us please.

Kunj:so what. Look at your face. You are bachii Kunj this night not for talks let’s celebrate our love 😜😝😝.

Twinkle:ab bas bhi karo na.Let’s go inside and they both went inside and sit with everyone. Aayat playing with her kitchen set she making water tea and giving to everyone they all act like tea drink.

Rudra:stop giving us this water tea😛😂.

Aayat:haa leave na.who tell you.

Kunj:you both don’t start okay.after sometime later they had their dinner after dinner everyone went in their respective rooms.Twinkle and Kunj entered in room and changed there night clothes both come and lay down.Twinkle cuddles her teddy bear while kunj look at her and take her hand and hold pillows boarders between them.They both talking with each other normally. Just than twinkle phone right she look at time while kunj too. She didn’t pick up her call.

Kunj:Arey take your phone she take the phone in her hand with fear who call you at this time.

Twinkle:hmm even I too don’t know kunj. Twinkle see the caller ID understand who’s called is this she off her phone and lay down.She think in her heart I’ll tell kunj about Chirag now he started crossing his limits if he done something wrong what kunj will think about me I can’t break his truth.

Kunj: goodnight.

Twinkle:goodnight he off the lights and they sleep.next morning twinkle all hover on kunj didn’t give him space on bed while kunj sleeping on edge of bed.. kunj wake up he look at twinkle try to move he moved slightly twinkle come more closer to him due to this he falls down on from the bed while twinkle too with him her head resting on kunj forearms. Aha kunjjj.

Kunj:twinkleeee.. she look at him.

Twinkle:Kunj Tum bhi gir gaye.

Kunj:because of you..

Twinkle: what.

Kunj: yes siyappa queen you sleeping like Bruce lee. Both get up.

Twinkle: me Bruce lee.

Kunj:yes you are you don’t know how to slip yeh haath and pair yeha haha in sleeping you doing Kung fu..

Twinkle:we’ll put camera than you can see who is Bruce lee.

Kunj:didn’t give me space on bed take whole bed.You just know tantrums learn how to sleep.

Twinkle:from your Lavanya in teasing manner 😛😛. Kunj pulled her both fall on bed Kunj top of her.

Kunj:you missing Lavanya lot.should I call her. Twinkle is missing you.

Twinkle:why I’ll miss her haa. You must be.

Kunj:where is rubal your favorite one😝.

Twinkle:yes my favorite one you have any problem.

Kunj:yes I have so much.Should I teach you how to sleep 😛😜.

Twinkle:aww so bad Kunj 🤭.Chii Kunj

Laughing like anything.This nonsense teddy bear he Throw in side.Kunjjj.

Kunj:he deserves this.Twinkle pulled his hairs ouchhh twinkle both doing pillow fights inside feathers come out and spread overall in room.Their face too hide sigh feathers they see the condition and laugh out.. you siyappa queen.

Twinkle:you Sadu Sarna..both running each other’s.Twinkle about to escape Kunj held her duppta she stop and breathing heavily her back facing to him Kunj smile and went near her slowly and slowly he warped her duppta around her shoulders and give her back hugged. Kunjjj.. leave me.

Kunj:Kyu.he make her turned toward him and take out feathers from her hairs and blow on her face..

Twinkle:saduuu she pulled his cheeks.. they both get ready.Twinkle give Kunj his medicine. You should take your medicine on time..


Twinkle:when you’ll come back Kunj..

playing with his coat..

Kunj:at night I’ll come don’t worry I’m not going for months..

Twinkle:still don’t go today anywhere.

Kunj: why my dear wifey ji..

Twinkle:Kunj I’m feeling uneasy.

Kunj:you should go to doctor.

Twinkle:Kunj always mazak..

Kunj:now let me go.Kunj can see stress on her face he cupped her face.don’t give stress to your little brain I’ll try to come soon twist her nose she smile slightly he kiss on her temple and forehead she hugged him tightly.He caress her hairs..

ab me jaau twinkle..

Twinkle:haa..she give him his office bag Kunj bid bye to her and went down and left.Twinkle went downstairs she get busy in house chores.Avantika call her in room. Yes mummy ji you call me..

Avantika:yes twinkle beta come here.. she give her one Indian dress.

Twinkle:it’s so pretty..

Avantika:you like I brought this for you.Go and wear we’ll go today my friend house.

Twinkle:okay..she take the dress and went to her room and wear the dress and get ready.,

Kunj who about to left for Patiala due to work in chopper.

Twinkle:what happening to me why I feel bad from morning like something will happened.hope Kunj is fine hay Babaji please take care of my Kunj.She look at his photo take in her hand and caress the photo and kissed see Kunj how I’m looking beautiful na. Due to her hand mistakenly her vermillion box about to falls down twinkle catch on time.My sindoor.

Downstairs Anjali get call from rahul she switch on the tv and see the news. Lata and Avantika or Usha they all come and see the news and get hell shocked the news coming in which chopper Kunj Sarna was that chopper blast out in sky.

Avantika: my kunjj🤭.. she sit on couch in shocked Usha and Lata too. Anjali consoling them. My kunj😭😭😭.twinkle come down and see everyone she get confused why they crying and what happened to them.

Twinkle:what happened.Anjali‘s look at her give her helpless look twinkle see the tv and heard the news her ground slipped from her feet’s. She hold her side pillar.. tears escaping from her eyes Kunjj this only escape from her mouth.what is this DI.Kunj she try to call him he didn’t pick up her calls. This news spread everywhere whoever heard in their families they all get shocked and immediately come to Sarna Mansion tej and Manohar or Rahul come back from office Avantika run to tej..

Avantika:tej mere Kunj what happened 😭😭. With wet eyes.

Tej:Avantika come down first itself I too don’t know.

Avantika: in loud voice than why you send my son what type of father you are.They were saying my Kunj die in chopper blast how. Twinkle almost get heart attract she stand numb.rudra who crying Omkara handling him.


Prithviraj:tej do something. Luthra and Tanejas come they consoling everyone twinkle run to her room.. she sit on bed.

Twinkle:Kunjj I told him don’t go he didn’t listen to me now see no no he is fine nothing can’t happened to him.Kabir and Malika come in room and went towards twinkle.

Kabir:twinkle don’t cry.

Twinkle:Bhai kunjj😭😭😭,Omkara and rudra too come. You both go and find my Kunj why you all sitting she started screaming. Kunjj😭😭😭😭.How I’ll stay. My heart doesn’t willing something happened to him he is fine.

Omkara:Twinkle😭😭.Twinkle started hitting herself. Everyone crying tej and Manohar trying to get in formation about Kunj.After sometimes later Kunj come Aayat eyes went on Kunj.

Aayat: Bhaiya.. everyone look at toward entrance she run and hugged Kunj legs Avantika see Kunj.She went towards him didn’t believe on her eyed her son is in front of him she cupped his face and cares blood oozing from his forehead and lips.She hugged him immediately.

Avantika:kunjjj everyone get relief to see him due to voice rudra Omkara Kabir and Malika come down they see Kunj get hell happy rudra and Omkara rushed towards him and cuddles him tightly. Mere beta.

Kunj:I’m fine mummy.

Rudra:Bhaiya 😭😭. If something happened to you how we all will live.

Kunj: I’m fine absolutely nothing happened to me he meet with everyone. Lata get emotional. Uff dadiii..

Lata:Meri jaan nikal gai ti..

Tej: how this all happened.

Kunj: woh I about to sit but some technical issues in chopper so I wait about go inside in the chopper before it chopper.Blast out.
Tej hug him.

Tej:you are fine that’s important what else we wanted for a second you give us heart attract..

Kunj:Arey you all please don’t cry I’m look at me.

Usha:you and meet with twinkle first.

Kunj:hmm he takes steps toward upstairs he went in his room entered and see twinkle sitting on bed she cry like anything. Twinkleeeee.. she look at him get shocked he was real na she run to him and hugged just..

Twinkle:kunjjjj😭😭😭… she cupped his face and kissed him over all on his face.
Kunj are you fine.

Kunj:yes she again hugged him and crying lot in his arms Kunj smile.

Twinkle:if something happened to you how I’ll live without you I told you don’t go anywhere I feeling uneasy see now what happened she check him he is fine.

Kunj:shhh keep quiet put his finger on her lips.You speak lot let me speak. I’m fine don’t cry first and see me..

Twinkle:what you are fine haa.

Kunj: Meri MAA me mara nahi hu you were crying like this. She covered his mouth.

Twinkle:don’t say this mare tumbler dusman. Yeh marne ki baath Mat karo samje.

Kunj:sorry.She cuddles him tightly. To cheer up her mood twinkle you heard your husband die and you were ready like today is your wedding 😜😂. She raise her face and look at his face.. I know you must be happy. I’m gone..

Twinkle:I can’t happy to see you what I felt like I get my breath back. Me Nahi jee shakti tumhare bina kunj..


Twinkle:woh pata Nahi.he wiped her tears

Kunj:don’t wasted this it’s very precious for me. Twinkle see blood oozing from his forehead.

Twinkle:you come and sit see this blood baba she take him near bed and make him sit she bring first aid box and sit opposite him she take the cotton don’t cry it will burn he nodded his head in yes she wiped the blood blowing the air on his wound.She felt pain and making crying face Kunj see this and get happy to see his important in twinkle life.She applied ointment and bandage the wound and wiped the blood near his lips carefully.

You were saying you are okay haa see this.All youngster comes in room.Twinkle done with Kunj first aid.Rudra and Aayat didn’t leave Kunj.

Aayat:Bhaiya you don’t go anywhere now.


Kunj:why you all over reacting..

Kabir:if you saw your wife than you’ll understand 😂she take the whole house on her head Kunj look at her while she looking down.Everyone stay here only. After sometimes later they all sit for dinner. Lata and Prithviraj feeding Kunj.

Kunj:it’s good I’m getting footage 😂😂. Twinkle get call she went in side she take the call.


Caller:hi baby..

Twinkle: Tum she get shocked chirag she didn’t think once cut his call and breathing heavily she went in kitchen everyone happily finished their dinner kunj didn’t fine twinkle he went to kitchen and see her. Went near her due to him she get scared.

Kunj:what happened.. are you okay why you looking so scared..

Twinkle: no I’m fine. Kunj give her water she drink. She cuddles him tightly.

Kunj: Twinkle what happened to you so suddenly.

Twinkle:Kunj you promise you’ll not go anywhere to leave me.

Kunj:haa I’ll not go anywhere to leave you.

Twinkle:now I’ll not let you go anywhere even your office too,

Kunj:than what I’ll do,

Twinkle:spend time with me just.

Kunj: if I sit at home what I’ll do become jobless man. Who will take the responsibility of your make up😂😂,

Twinkle:I don’t wanted anything kunj you are with me that’s best thing. He impress with her.

Kunj:I’m this much important for you twinkle?..

Twinkle:I can’t describe what you mean to me.They went out of the kitchen.

Rudra:today bhaiya will sleep with me.. bhabhi leave bhaiya for a night.

Twinkle:okay 😛.,

Malika: let’s watch the movie girls..

Avni: good idea. Horror movie.

Rudra; hehe horror movie you’ll get scared silly girls..

Maya: acha who told you this.

Omkara: let’s go boys. While going twinkle and Kunj looking at each other’s face.. all girls went in living room and play the

Horror movie while twinkle is the least interest she just thinking about kunj even he too. All boys playing cards at night late.:

Malika: girls chalo ladko darte hai na.

Maya: yes this rudra speaking too much.

Malika:first we’ll attempt  rudra he is cry baby get scared quickly they all make the plan. Rudra feeling hungry.

Rudra: Bhaiya lets have something he Oder the food and soon the food come he place on dinning table Malika come put fake long leg inside the Bowl. All boys went and sit on chairs they served each other’s rudra get fake leg he was shocked.

Ghost,, 🥶🥶

Kunj:what. He run from there just than bumped with Malika who he wearing horror clothes making herself too like ghost rudra started panic he screamed out.Rudra run to Kunj and landed on his arms. Sit on his arms Like small baby.

Rudra:Bhaiya O ghost save me 😭😭

Rahul:rudra where is ghost. They all girls come and laugh out to see the rudra condition.

Malika: uff what happened today ha😂😂mujhe dar hi Nahi lagta hai na rudra what happened he really get scared hugged Kunj tightly.

Kunj:you Malika didn’t do good with my brother I’ll see you later and this idiot get scared like babies.

Twinkle:he is your baby only 😂😂.Kunj and Omkara take rudra from there while rahul and Yuvi or Kabir shake the hand with girls.

Malika:yeh Sarna brother flying too much. Today scared them fully they all hifi..

At Omkara room Kunj and Omkara handling rudra who was between them. Kunj busy in work.

Rudra:Bhaiya bhoot..

Kunj:shut up no bhoot existed. Now sleep.

Rudra:you don’t go anywhere Omkara about to off the lights.Arey O you wanted to kill me don’t off the lights okay.He cuddles Omkara and Kunj.. try to sleep Kunj get call he get up rudra wake up Bhaiya where are you going..

Kunj: rudra I’m coming you sleep om is here.

Rudra: this O can’t do anything.

Omkara: you go Kunj went rudra cuddles Omkara like baby. He patting on his head.

Anjali: now second turn is Omkara.

Rahul: yes Kunj ko darana impossible hai..
Who will go. Malika gesturing him towards Mahi. Yes Mahi you go.

Mahi: me no.

Malika:what no no you go.She wear White saree and put white fake long hairs and take the candle and went near Omkara room see they both sleeping peacefully just than lights getting shake due to this their sleep get disturb.

Rudra: O.. 🥶🥶.

Omkara:rudra please sleep.Don’t do drama.All lights went off Wired voice coming from windows itself windows shaking. Wait I’ll see rudra.

Rudra:O don’t go bhoot will come.. Mahi passing from door Omkara and rudra eyes went on her they both get fully scared Omkara take the rudra and both hide their face and sleep Mahi entered in room and take out the blanket from Omkara face he open his eyes and see the Mahi horror face he screamed out so loudly both Omkara and rudra run from room both running. Kunj who was coming and see th get confused.

Kunj:what happened..

Omkara:Kunj bhoot 🥶🥶🥶

Kunj:even you too.They both sweating like anything.. Mahi was going.

Rudra:see bhaiya female bhootni.Kunj went to mahi and held her hairs which come out she turned her face everyone come and laughing like anything while Rudra and omkara was in fear..

Anjali; uff Omkara 😂😂, mahi removed fake horror things and she too laugh Omkara see this.

Kunj:you both are very big idiots get scared with mahi can’t you see Omkara he is mad even you too.

Kabir:kunj really your both brothers are very weak heart persons 😛😛😂.

Kunj:I’ll you all later.he went from there omkara an rudra run behind him.After sometimes later girls get busy in movie now kunj make plan for them he hang the ghost cartoons toys in living room and suddenly lights went off and tv too stop.

Malika:what happened Halloween toys dropping down at them they all girls running here and there kunj and Omkara or Rahul Yuvi or Kabir take the ghost face masks and girls see them they running behind them.They all screaming Kunj didn’t go malika while rest of falls in pool. They all take out the masks.they all

Laughing out anything holding there stomach.

Anjali:Rahul 😖😖.

Kunj:this all tit for tac mere bhaiyo ko daraya na what happened malika who still in fear.They all girls come out of the pool went in room and get scared twinkle throw water at omkara and rudra bed so they can’t sleep on the bed they three of them sleep in living room on couch.at morning

Everyone wake up and come down their eyes went on kunj omkara or rudra they sleeping on couch rudra over all kunj and Omkara they all giggles out too see them.

Rahul:Their bromance never end 😂😂.

Tej:wake up them 😛.

Anjali:I’ll today in my style she take water jug.

Usha:no Anjali..

Anjali: no MAA they three of them tease us lot.She pour the water on Their face they take the pillow and hide their face.This water also can’t work out.. Kunj get call due to this he wake up. Rudra hitting them with his legs and hands Omkara too wake up.

Omkara: get up rudra what is this,

Kunj: yes..

Rudra:Bhaiya yeh pani kaha se..

Anjali:yeha se get up..

Rahul: kunj you have.10 mins,kunj see the time and run from there. He quickly get ready he and Rahul doesn’t have their breakfast just left for office while rudra sleeping here and there.After sometimes later Luthras and tanejas left, twinkle went in her room. She call kunj he pick her call.

Kunj: hi twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle: hi you again went this boring office na kunj.

Kunj: I have an idea you complete your work than we’ll go out..

Twinkle: nice but who take the permission from mummy ji.

Kunj:this I’ll take I’ll see you soon., he cut the call kunj call avantika she pick up his call.

Avantika: hello

Kunj: mummy woh I wanted to take permission.

Avantika: for what.

Kunj: woh to take twinkle out with me. She get happy.

Avantika: you don’t need my permission she is your wife you can take him

anywhere it’s good kunj give her time Take her.

Kunj:thanks.. Kunj left for Sarna Mansion twinkle quickly get ready she went outside kunj come give her horn she see him and give smile she went towards car Kunj

Open the door for her she sit beside him.

Twinkle: let’s go.

Kunj: yup.

Twinkle: where.

Kunj: you tell me where you wanted to go.

You wait I’ll take you.. he starts the car and left twinkle play the song she rest her head on seat kunj look at her get so happy to see her happy.. soon they reached mall..

Twinkle: mall.

Kunj:shopping. What’s say.

Twinkle: thing before take me for shopping I’m very expensive 😛😛.

Kunj: I know don’t worry I’m wealthy enough for you..

Twinkle: acha than let’s go first time shopping with my husband you know when we come last time

Kunj:how can I forget this.they both went in mall twinkle went in girls shopped she finding clothes for herself Kunj just see her.

Twinkle:Kunj see this how’s it..

Kunj:great. You try this one I like more.

Twinkle:okay she take the dress and went in trail room she on the light and get shocked to see dress falls down from her hands..

Episode freezes on her face..


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