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Patiala Babes 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Babita Leaves Ashok’s House

Patiala Babes 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji walks to Babita and asks if she cannot see Mini’s condition, she should not get disappointed and have patience for Mini’s sake. Babita asks how can she. Biji says she will support her. In hotel room, Ashok serves wine to Mita. Mita munches mathri/snacks thinking about Babita. Ashok asks to stop thinking about Babita. Mita says how can’t she, what if she was in Babita’s position. Ashok says she is thinking more as she is having Babita’s prepared mathri. Mita throws mathri in dustbin.

Next morning, Mini wakes up hearing sound, walks down to living room and sees Babita performing pooja. Lovely asks her not to disturb Bab it as she is fasting without water on Biji’s advice. Mini complains Dadaji. Dadaji says at least now Biji is worried about

Babita. Minii says that is fine, but Babes does not have to punish herself. After sometime, Lovely makes Babita wear modern clothes with loud makeup and makes her ramp walk. Mini resists but Lovely sends her out and locks door. Mini fumes. Next, Biji calls tantrik lady who does black magic on Babita holding Ashok’s doll. Mini tries to enter room, but Biji stops her and Lovely locks door. Mini knocks door and pleads Sukhi for help. Sukhi breaks door and seeing tantrik kicks her out. Dadaji scolds Biji and Lovely. Biji says she is doing it for Babnitga. Dadaji says she is pushing Babita towards madness.

Ashok calls Lovely and informs that he is coming home with Mita. Lovely asks what about Babita. Ashok says Babita has to face this situation someday and asks to handle Babita and Mini. Lovely says what about papaji. Ashok says Papaji is angry, but only Lovely can help him. Lovely walks to Babita’s room and clears her clothes from wardrobe. Mini asks what is she doing. Lovely says Ashok is coming to stay here with Mita, so Babita should shift to Mini’s room. Mini asks if she is out of her mind. Babita wakes up and asks what is happening. Mini says duual faced Lovely is kicking her out of her room to make way for papaji and his second woman. Lovely yells small kid with long tongue and walks out shouting. Mini walks behind her confronting. Biji asks what is happening. Lovely yells Mini wants Biji to support her bahu instead of son. Mini asks why should her Babes sacrifice always, why she is not given then respect she deserves, she will not let Babes stay here. Biji asks to stop her childishness. Mini goes to bring her and Babita’s bags.

Biji asks Babita to explain Mini and stop her from doing wrong. Lovely asks Sukhi to stop Mini. Sukhi says Mini is doing right, any daughter would do same for her mother’s dignity. Mini walks out with her and Babita’s bags. Biji asks to stop, where will she go. Mini says she will go wherever fate takes, if not stay in gurdwara or her uncle/mamaji’s house. Babita touches Biji and Dadaji’s feet. Biji asks Dadaji to stop his bahu. Dadaji how should he stop her, let her go to save her self-respect. Babita walks away with Mini.

Precap: Banita with Mita reaches her brother’s house. Brother gets happy, but SIL asks why did not she inform before coming, if everything is alright.

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