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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha takes pulomi form.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa with puloman in patal lok. Kansa says puloman go and bring back your daughter and kill that kanha.
Kanha says to radha, radha puloman is in patal lok and has been suffering for years, you have to go in your devi form and give him salvation, free him radha. Radha says you are right kanha, I will go to patal lok now. radha goes to patla lok.
Radha is in front of kansa. Kansa says laxmi, you are here finally. I will kill you laxmi! Radha says no kansa, you will be punished and by the sound of my shell puloman shall get salvation. Radha blows her shell and the from the sound puloman smiles and he gets salvation and is freed from life. Kansa closes his ears as it pains. Radha puts back the shell and says I shall kill you today kansa in the form of pulomi!

I come in that form in which you seek me! radha takes the pulomi form and she runs towards kansa with her sword. Kansa removes his gadha and the weapons clash, kansa falls down. Kansa gets angry and says radha, you will die, you will see the power of bhagwan kansa. Kansa hits his gadha on the ground and the ground cracks as the ground separates between the legs of radha. Radha fights with her sword hitting kansa’s gadha, kansa falls down each time. Radha joins the ground by pulling it with her legs. kansa becomes huge in size, radha jumps and punches kansa. Kansa gets back to normal size. Radha then says kansa you will die, I will pull out the powers from your body and then you shall wither out and die forever from this universe! Kansa laughs. radha becomes huge and she takes kansa in the air and starts pulling his powers. Kansa suffers and screams, he says no! how are my powers leaving my body? This cannot happen! I am bhagwan! Kansa suffers. Kanha comes and radha looks at him, kansa is left and kansa vanishes. Radha gets angry. Kanha says prayers to calm down radha’s pulomi form. Radha gets back to normal and says kanha why did you do this? Why didn’t you let me kill kansa? Kanha says radha, kansa cannot be killed like this, even if you had taken all his powers his body would lie like that but he wouldn’t die! Radha says kanha, I was about to kill him. kanha says radha, there is a time for everything and kansa’s time is not now, it will be the right time and then kansa will be killed once and for all. Radha says no kanha, I think the sooner evil is killed and destroyed, it is good for all. Kanha thinks how do I make her understand? Mahadev appears and says radha, kanha is right! There is a time of death for kansa and only then he shall be killed. Radha says but mahadev, what happens if we free this world from kansa’s evil? Parvati appears and she says radha, I know you are eager to end evil but there is time for kansa to die, there were many reasons that were connected with kansa and his adharma, that is why prabhu Vishnu took avatar of kanha in this world.
Kanha has been born not only to kill kansa but to do a lot of things before kansa dies, so until kansa dies there is a lot that you and kanha have to do in this world. Radha says now I understand, thank you mahadev and mata parvati for making me understand. Kanha and radha go. mahadev and parvati smile.
In Mathura, kansa is on a chair with his sword. Kansa says I could have died too? How is that possible? No one can kill me, I am bhagwan! How did radha remove my powers? Kansa says no leave me, don’t take my powers. Kansa hits his sword everywhere and says no, leave me don’t take my powers leave me. bhadraksh comes and says bhagwan is hitting his sword everywhere, looks like he killed radha in the same way. Bhadraksh says bhagwan how did radha die? Kansa looks at bhadraksh and says no go away, you cannot take my powers and kill me, go away. Bhadraksh says bhagwan it is me! kansa comes to his senses and says you? that radha has to be killed but before her, kanha has to be killed. Bhadraksh says bhagwan I have a plan, you can know the powers that kanha possesses, because your soul is in his body, you can know all his powers. Kansa says yes, bhadraksh now it is time to meditate.
In the forest, all people pray to the Shakti khand as it is established. After the Pooja and all rituals, mahadev’s trishul appears and mahadev says from now I shall protect the Shakti peeth and no evil can reside anywhere here. everyone is happy.

Precap: kansa meditates and comes in between the universe, he sees all the 10 forms of lord Vishnu. Kansa says to kill kanha, I have to first kill all the 9 avatars and then kanha, which is not possible! Kansa is shocked and he stammers and says, it means kanha can never be killed.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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