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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa meets puloman in patal lok

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa and bhadraksh in patal lok. Bhadraksh says bhagwan are you sure we are in patal lok? Kansa says yes, look bhadraksh where once rich demons lived? The gods came and destroyed everything. bhadraksh says I know bhagwan, you are talking about demon king puloman. Kansa says yes, demon king puloman was a great disciple of laxmi but the gods cheated with him and destroyed everything in patal lok and whatever he had, he now searches his daughter pulomi.
Lord Vishnu appears in Kailash and tells mahadev and parvati, prabhu the Shakti peeth of mata will be established in the forest and when kanha will kill kansa, this Shakti peeth will be important as without mata shakti’s blessing kansa cannot be killed. Mahadev says yes prabhu. Lord Vishnu says mahadev, I want

you and mata parvati to help in the establishment of Shakti peeth because without you both the Shakti peeth cannot be built. Mahadev says as you wish prabhu. Lord Vishnu says thank you and goes. Mahadev and parvati come to vrindavan.
In vrindavan, all people are singing as they take Shakti khand of mata towards the forest. Mahadev and parvati disguise and they join in for the Shakti peeth journey.
Kansa and bhadraksh see puloman, homeless and mad as he says pulomi you were here, right here! he says the same words again and again. bhadraksh says bhagwan, how will he help us? he needs help from someone. Kansa says bhadraksh, he is demon king puloman and he will help us. bhadraksh says look at him bhagwan, for the first time I feel kindness and sorry for someone.
The people reach the forest as mahadev and parvati help. Rishi gargacharya says kanha this is the establishment of the 51st Shakti peeth, for the 50 shakti peeth’s around the world, mahadev and parvati have helped and given their blessings and we need blessings for this one too. Kanha says rishi, don’t worry I believe that mahadev and mata parvati will give their blessings for this Shakti peeth, I know they will be in some form to help us. rishi says tomorrow morning, the sthapna shall start and we shall say the 1 lakh mantras of mata. Everyone go and kanha stops mahadev and parvati and says you both have come from far, please I want you to stay at my house today and stay till the sthapna. Mahadev says no we have a lot of work. Kanha says mahadev and mata parvati please, wont you allow me to serve you once? Please stay at my house. Mahadev says okay prabhu, now that you insist I and devi parvati shall live at your house. Yashoda comes and says son who are they? Kanha says mother, they have come from Kailash and their name is bhola and bholi. Yashoda says from so far? Kanha says no mata, they have come from the village Kailash in brij mandal. Yashoda says okay. Kanha says mother, I have convinced them to stay at our house till tomorrow till the sthapna of Shakti peeth is done. Yashoda says good kanha, you did good. Kanha says come on with me.
Kansa and bhadraksh tells puloman, your daughter is alive. Puloman says no the gods took her from me. kansa says demon king puloman, I know where your daughter is and you can meet her again. puloman says really? Do you know where she is? Please take me to her, I am eager to meet her. Kansa shows puloman, radha in vrindavan! Puloman sees and says yes she is my daughter. Kansa says you will meet her soon.
Narad muni says prabhu what is this? Radha was the daughter of puloman? Lord Vishnu says yes devrishi, puloman was a disciple of devi laxmi and he prayed and asked from devi laxmi that she be born as his daughter. Devi laxmi took birth as puloman’s daughter and puloman named her pulomi, but then she also left her father for a reason. In flashback, pulomi says to puloman, father your demons are doing adharma and killing innocent people, I cannot live here knowing this, so you either choose laxmi or adharma. puloman says what are you saying? You are laxmi and listening to the gods and after all you being laxmi, you wont listen to me even though I am your father. Pulomi says father, I am laxmi but I cannot let adharma happen like this. Puloman says then go away pulomi, you are no more mine beause you don’t respect me as father, go away. Pulomi has tears and says okay father, you have chosen adharma and not laxmi, I shall go.
In vrindavan, kanha makes butter for mahadev and parvati. Yashoda says son, you don’t know how to make butter, let me do it. kanha says no mother, they are my friends and I shall give the butter that I have made and I make the most delicious butter in this universe. Yashoda says okay and goes. Kanha makes butter and goes to mahadev and parvati. Balram sees and says what is this? I have seen kanha making butter for someone else for the first time, he is not even looking at me. kanha feeds butter to parvati and mahadev. Mahadev says prabhu, you have made us feel grateful to you as you fed us butter, I shall always owe you for this. Balram says what are they talking?
Kanha mahadev and parvati come to their room. kanha says mahadev and mata parvati, tomorrow shall be the Shakti peeth sthapna and I want you to take the bhairava form because mahadev, till now it has been that your form of bhairava always protects the Shakti peeth, I know you will do this tomorrow as well for the sthapna of 51st Shakti peeth.

Precap: Radha takes the form of pulomi in patal lok. Balram tries to listen to what kanha, mahadev and parvati speak about.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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