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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Makdasura is killed.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with radha and kanha running in the forest. Radha says what to do now kanha? Kanha says makdasura is son of kuber. Radha says yes kanha, I know, I cursed manek in the last life and since then he is a demon, he wants revenge from me but we have to kill him because he wont stop. Kanha says then we have to go and find him first. Radha says yes lets go. kanha and radha walk ahead and reach deeper inside the forest. Kanha and radha walk and kanha says radha, this place seems dark it seems makdasura must be living here around somewhere. As radha looks at kanha, suddenly makdasura comes and he throws his web on radha and picks her and goes. Radha says gore! Save me. makdasura goes taking radha with him. kanha says I have to go and save radha. Kanha goes.
Makdasura goes

in his cave and he traps radha inside his web sticked to the wall. Radha calls for help.
In the village, balram says I have to go and find that makdasura and kill him. balram heads towards the forest. Balram reaches the forest and he sees kanha and stops him. kanha says brother that makdasura has taken radha with him, we have to find him and kill him. balram says yes kanha, radha is in danger, lets go come on. Kanha and balram go. kanha and balram reach a cave and kanha says brother this must be the cave where makdasura lives. Kanha says brother you stay outside in case makdasura comes out, I will go inside and try to find radha and makdasura. Balram says okay kanha, come fast. Kanha goes inside and he sees radha trapped to the wall by a web. Radha says gore I am here, free me from this web. Kanha sees and laughs and says you look so funny in this web. Radha says you are laughing? Are you mad? Just free me. kanha says yes wait. Kanha breaks open the web and frees radha. Radha says gore that makdasura is in the cave. Makdasura comes and says you both will die today. Kanha says makdasura, you will die for the sins you have done. Radha says kanha but how will you kill makdasura? Kanha sits and closes his eyes, he says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namaha! Kanha prays. From kanha’s body, a form of a divya spider appears.
Narad muni says Narayana! Narayana! Kanha has taken the form of a spider. Lord Vishnu says yes devrishi, to kill makdasura kanha has taken the same form of a divya spider.
There the form of spider says, makdasura today you shall be punished for the sins you have done and you will go to hell and suffer. Makdasura and kanha’s form fight and then the spider form of kanha puts its tentacles through the body of makdasura thus killing him. kanha comes back to normal and says makdasura is finally dead, now we have to go back to the village radha, everyone will be worried for us.
Kanha and radha come out of the cave as balram waits and says where is makdasura? Kanha says brother, makdasura has gone, he realized his mistake and he has gone, he shall never come back. balram says what? That is good, we have to go back to village kanha because the people must have started the establishment of the Shakti peeth and I don’t want to miss that holy moment of the sthapna of Shakti peeth of mata laxmi. Kanha says yes lets go, they all go back to the village.
In Mathura, bhadraksh comes to kansa and says bhagwan like always even makdasura has been killed, radha kill him even he was of no use. Kansa says you fool, I knew makdasura will die and radha has not killed makdasura, that kanha has killed makdasura. Bhadraksh says what? Kanha is still a problem for us bhagwan. Kansa says unless that kanha is killed, nothing can happen, so first kanha has to be killed and I know a way, by reading the old stories in these granths, I know that puloman in patal lok had his demon daughter who also looked like radha, now puloman will do anything to meet his daughter, we will take advantage of that.
In vrindavan, everyone is singing the prayer song for Shakti peeth sthapna of mata laxmi. The people do Pooja of the Shakti khana and put it in a palki and take it towards the forest. Gargacharya leads everyone as everyone sing and dance.
Kansa and bhadraksh reach the entrance of patal lok through a wormhole. Kansa says bhadraksh jump inside now, kansa pushed bhadraksh and goes in patal lok himself.

Precap: kansa tells puloman I know where your daughter is, she is in vrindavan. Puloman says what? I will do anything to meet my daughter. Kansa says to meet her, you have to kill that kid with her first, kanha!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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