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Nimki Mukhiya 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki takes money from Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan says dont’ waste time. Babbu slaps jhariya and says you are trying to defame my dad? Ritu says arrest him? Tettar says no no he is a poor guy. He made a mistake. I will pay for it. Ritu says Tune get good pipe from that money. Guddan says we will get it done in two days. People chant for Nimki. She leaves.
Tune comes home. Mauha says now he knows Nimki has the real paper. Mono says even Ganesh was saying Nimki is a very good mukhiya. Ismail says he keeps changing statements. Ram is in tears. Nimki says papa aren’t you happy? Ismail says Nimki insulted that tettar in front of everyone. You should be happy. Ram says she needs me the most now and I am so helpless. Tune says she isn’t alone. We are all with her. Ismail says Nimki please be careful for a few

days. He is a dangerous guy. He is a snake. Mauha says if he is snake Nimki is a naagin. Nimki says yes I am a naagin. She dances like a naagin. Ram smiles. Nimki says papa I scared parbatya the same way. One time I can actually become a snake to them. I will poison them one my one.

Annaro says I am so angry. I want to burn her alive. Sweeti’s phone rings. Annaro says who is it? She says let me check.
Tettar says to Ritu she will bring all these people inside this house. Babbu sees Sweeti’s phone. He picks it before her. Babbu picks the call. Mausi says you tettar’s daughter never dare contacting us. You are just like your father and family. We were fools to trust you. We have nothing to do with. Annaro says how dare she call my sweeti and say all that to her? Babbu says wait a minute.. Did you call BDO? Rekha says that’s the question. Dablo says you keep quite. Rekha says she even has elena’s photo. Ritu says I wont be able to take it this time. Don’t break my trust again I will kill myself. Babbu says answer me. He grasps her face and says I know you very well. You can’t lie. Tell me what is truth. Say it. Dablo shoves sweeti and says stop it. I asked her to call. Babbu says what? Annaor says now you have something with her? dablo says I saw elena in hospital. She was very sick. So I asked Sweeti to call her once. Annaro says you shouldn’t get in all that again. Ritu says Sweeti it shouldn’t happen again. He takes her to the room.

Scene 2
Annaro sets panchayat for women. Only a few women come. A woman says this woman annoys me everytime. I told her I will tell you but she wasn’t scared. Annaro says call her and say that I called her. The woman says I am not coming. Annaro says put it on speaker. the woman says who is Annaro? Come to panchayat bhawan for any decision. our mukhiya is Nimki not annaro. We aren’t scared of her. Annaro is angry.

Nimki launches the pipeline. Nimki says we took money from tettar for breaking it and we installed it again. Nimki says if someone tries to break it again we will punish and take fine from them too. Nehar says congratulations. Don’t forget us.

Precap-Nimki comes to abhi’s office. Babbu is there. He says meet shankar jha. Our new BDO. Nimki is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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