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Mere Sai 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Tests Renuka and Tapi

Mere Sai 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tapi and Renuka fight for silly reasons. Appa asks Sudama why they are fighting like this. Sudama says he is tired of their daily fights. Aaji and Baizamaa watch their fight and decide to take Sudama to Sai. Sadama reaches Dwarkamayi. Sai gives him medicine saying it will heal this injury from tiger and asks to describe his problems. Sudama says until his wife was alive, his house was peaceful, but once she passed away, there was nobody to do household chores, so he got Vinayak married to Tapi. Tapi is a nice girl, but keeps kitchen untidy; next he got Dattatrey married to Renuka who is a modern girl; Tapi felt she is elder and younger Renuka should obey her. Soon their fights started, her sons supported their wives and started fighting. He is tired of their daily fights and wants to divide his

property among 2 son and wants to spend rest of his life peacefully far away. Sai says going away is not a solution, he has to make his sons realize their mistake slowly and it will not happen in a day.

Sudama brings his family to Sai. Tapi fights that she did not have water to prepare food, Renuka had gone to bring water, but got busy enjoying snacks. Renuka yells that Tapi is very lazy and does not want to work. Sai says he will give them a task and whoever wins will get a gift from him. Tapi and Renuka excitedly agree. Sai says both husband and wife have to do this task together. He asks Sudama to give 50 paise to both sons and asks them to bring vegetables, whoever brings most vegetables will win. Tapi says this wanderer is fool to give such a simple task.

Tapi and Renuka with their husbands go to buy vegetables. Renuka bargains from vegetable vendor starting her emotional drama and saying he is like her brother and should give vegetables for cheap. He says he can give only small discount. She says she is staying at her relatives house and has to prepare tomato chutney for them, so she needs huge discount and soon there is a wedding in her family and will buy vegetables from him. Vendor agrees and gives them 2 bags full of vegetables. Tapi gets jealous seeing their bags full and scolds her husband. She asks vegetable vendor to give them credit. Vendor says without knowing them properly he cannot give them creit. Tapi says they are Appa Patil’s relatives and are staying in his house. Vendor says they can take whatever they want then. They take all vegetables from him.

Renuka returns to Dwarkamayi and says she got 2 bags full of vegetables. Baizmaa says she would not have bought so much vegetable with 50 paise. Tapi enters asking to check her vegetables. Renuka laughs seeing single bag. Viknayak brings basket full of vegetables. Baizmaa asks how did she bring so much vegetables. Tapi says with her experience. Sai says competition is not yet finished, they have to prepare vegetables and serve it to family. They both fume thinking this wanderer has gone mad.

Precap: Renuka throws chillies in Tapi’s stove and once she goes out mixes chilli powder in Tapi’s dishes. Sai tastes dishes.

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