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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Sees Akash in Market

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya walks into Satya’s room and seeing her packing clothes asks what is she doing. Satya says it is time to return to her house. Jaya asks what happened. Satya says her daughter does not like her anymore and does not even want to have her prepared tea, she loves her mother-in-law/MIL now and saved her first instead of her. Jaya tries to explain, but Satya continues. Samar enters and says let her go, she does not know that Jaya calls mamma if she gets hurt a bit and in dark, she always talks about her mamma. Satya emotionally hugs Jaya.

Akash informs his girlfriend that his parents are out of town and he can meet her, but Sarika is at home. Sarika walks in and informs that chachaji called and informed that papa met with an accident, she will go to her mother’s

house/maika for sometime. Akash says he is going to Bangalore for 4 days and she can stay with her parents till then as they need her. Sarika says he is too good, she loves her a lot. He asks her to go now.

Sarika reaches Surana mansion and asks Rama if papa is fine. Rama says yes and says good she came. Sarika says she will stay here for 4 days as Akash has gone to Bangalore for 4 days. Inspector enters informs Satya that goon is caught, she need not worry. Satya says she will return to her house then. Inspector says she cannot until legal formalities are finished. Satya agrees and asks Jaya to take her for shopping. Samar and Jaya take her to market. Satya is shocked to see Akash in market and informs Jaya and Samar. Jaya says he is in bangalore, how can he be here. Satya says she is sure she saw Akash just now, if everything is fine between Akash and Sarika, Samar should find out as a brother.

Samar walks to Sarika and asks if everything is fine between her and Akash as Satya saw Akash in market. Sarika asks how can it be. Akash calls her just then and says he reached Bangalore and check into a hotel, he is missing her, if she needs anything from Bangalore. Sarika says nothing, just work well, and disconnects call saying she will call him later once free. She then asks Samar if he confirmed now. Samar informs Satya that Akash is in Bangalore and called Sarika sometime ago. Satya does not get convinced. Naani suggests her to stop worring for Sarika as her husband is really in Bangalore. At night asks Jaya if she can show her Sarika’s house. Jaya asks why now, it is already confirmed. Satya insists. Jaya tells Samar she is taking mamma for a walk. Samar says he will accompany them. Rama stops him and says let them spend sometime together. They both walk away and reach Sarika’s house. Jaya shows door lock and says nobody is here. Akash inside house enjoys liquor with his girlfriend and gets intimate. Satya sees light on and peeps from window. Samar calls Jaya and asks where is she now. Jaya says took mamma for walk. Samar asks why she reached Sarika’s house then.

Satya with Jaya walks into Sarika’s house. Akash with his girlfriend hides behind curtain. Satya pulls curtain aside.

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