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Ladies Special 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bindu Takes Amar to Meet Kangana

Ladies Special 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar treats Meghna’s FIL. Bindu tells Meghna not to worry about her FIL, Amar is best doctor in Mumabi and says it is difficult to reduce bill, but doctor saheb told he will try. Amar informs Meghna that her FIL’s all parameters are fine, angioplasty will be done in sometime, they need not pay his fees and he asked billing department to minus 60,000 rs from bill. Bindu says she told her husband is very good. Meghna thanks god and prays for Amar and Bindu’s togetherness forever.

After meeting client, Prarthana rushes towards local train. Her assistant helps her get on train and says now he returned her favor, she need not thank him. She says she was not and calling him brother asks him to stop blabbering. He asks not to call him brother. They get down train and walk

on road. Assistant’s car follows him and driver asks to sit in car. He says he is undercover and asks to go. Prarthana notices that and asks what was driving speaking to him. Assistant says he was asking Gateway of India’s address. Prarthana says it is far away, he is hiding something. Assistant says he is not. Prarthana continues walking and sees Puneet standing with his taxi. Puneet says he is trying to do hard work on his sister’s advice and offers her ride. Prarthana says she does not have money. He says first ride is free. She sits in car. Assistant sits in front and requests her to drop him to Borivali as he does not have money and is tired walking. Prarthana says he is already in car without permission. Puneet drivers car. Assistant converses with him. Prarthana reveals Puneeth is his brother. Assistant sits surprised.

Amar returns home. Bindu thanks him for helping her friend and says friendship is best thing in life. Amar informs her that Kangana called him and informed she got asthma attack, he need to meet her, but mota pappa has called society secretary and he cannot. Bindu says every problem comes with solution, they will find some solution. She walks to mota pappa and says her friend is going out of country and wants to meet her immediately. Mota pappa says she can go and meet her then. Bindu says it is night and she wants Amar to accompany him, but what about sectary’s visit. Mota pappa says secretary will come in the morning, she can take Amar along. Bindu thanks Mota pappa and leaves with Amar. Amar reaches Kangana’s building and asks Bindu to accompany him as he cannot leave her alone in car. Bindu asks him to go in, she will manage. Once he leaves, Bindu switches on radio and speaks to host who asks if she has done something unique recently. Bindu says she let her husband meet..then stops and says his friend and dedicates a song for Amar. Amar enters Kangana’s apartment and sees her well. Kangana says she pranked him to come and meet her. Amar says he is married and his life has changed, when he did not agree to marryher and she left for US, he waited thinking she would return, but she married and settled in US, he was heart broken and agreed to marry whicheve girl Mota pappa selected, Bindu came in his life and knowing his issue offered him friendship with big heart, he loves Kangana, but even after knowing this, Bindu brought him to meet Kangana and is sitting in car. Kangana requests him to let her meet Bindu. He takes her to Bindu. Bindu smiles at Kangana.

Precap: Meghna goes to Amar’s room to thank him and stands shocked seeing him romancing Kangana. Assistant holds Prarthana’s hand. Prarthana slaps him. Mota pappa with Bindu walks into hospital and seeing Kangana passing by asks Bindu if she knows this woman. Bindu stands shocked.

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