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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prema telling Kunti that if emergency comes then she will take her to hospital and sit there. Kunti says you have to learn driving, yamraj don’t come with appointment. Prema says her soft heart are not meant for driving and says if I start reading the poetry on the truck then if it stops then I will meet with an accident. She says Yamraj will take my life. Prarthana says if she is scared then we will learn car driving. Kunti says Pari knows driving. Kanhaiya takes Pari out of the house and asks if she is sure that she can drive the car. Pari says she can drive even the helicopter, but there were technical issue. Kanhaiya says we are a bit scared for you. Pari asks him to close his eyes and sings like her Papa. Kanhaiya closes his eyes and sings like she tells. Pari

asks him not to cheat and goes to bring remote car. She asks him to open his eyes and see how is she driving. Kanhaiya is surprised to see Pari driving remote car and asks him if she shall take right or left. Kanhaiya says you were talking about this car. Pari says which car you were saying? Kunti gets upset with Pari and says I am talking about the car which is standing outside our house. Pari says I can drive that, give me remote. Kanhaiya says she wanted to ride helicopter, but there was technical issues. Kunti asks what was it? Pari says there was no cell. Kanhaiya says I will make your 4 bahus learn car driving. Kunti says Prema refused to drive. Kanhaiya asks Panjiri and Prarthana to sit in car. Panjiri says first Didi will learn and I will watch. Kanhaiya takes Prarthana to a silent road and asks her to press the clutch with her left leg. Prarthana says it is not right to put the feet on it. Kanhaiya insists and then asks her to keep her hand on steering and keep her left hand on the gear. Prarthana says ok. He asks her to leave the clutch slowly when he says 3. She asks him to release the clutch slowly. Prarthana is doing Jaap and tells that she is releasing the clutch. Kanhaiya says if she closes her eyes then anyone can die. Prarthana asks her to end her Jaap and then they will learn car driving. Prarthana continues doing Jaap. Kanhaiya gets upset.

The girls are playing in the room. Prema stops Dhairya from eating toffee picking from the ground. She asks them to throw it in dustbin. Prarthana drives the car a bit and then stops it. Kanhaiya asks what are you doing and says your concentration is not on the road. Prarthana tells that she saw small temple. Kanhaiya says you can’t stop the car like this and says if you want to drive car then you have to leave all folding hands and closing her eyes. Prarthana says she will not compromise with her values and don’t want to drive like Prema. They come back home. Panjiri says if Didi is not learning then I will not learn too.

Kunti talks to Sarla and asks her to come and buy stuff. They se almonds box on the ground. Surili sees it and is about to pick it. Shakti reminds her what Prema taught her. Surili searches the dustbin on the road and throws it. Kunti tells that they shall value the important things and says she will not waste even the almonds peel. Sarla tells her that they are throwing almonds in dustbin. Kunti is shocked and tries to stop them, but in vain.

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