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Krishna Chali London 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shuklain reveals the bad past

Krishna Chali London 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda saying I have killed my wife, Shuklain and Krishna can’t do this. Krishna says your old sins can’t wash off, you were a culprit back then and you are still a culprit. Dadda asks pandit to continue. He says Krishna you can’t do anything. Gajanan thinks what’s happening. Shuklain says you won’t do anything Krishna. Krishna says Dadda is a murderer, Shukla has disappeared because of him, Shukla has called me and I got into this findings. Dadda says I appreciate your observation skills. Krishna says don’t get scared, we will tell everything to the police. Shuklain asks her to stop it. Krishna says you have to tell me, why are you helpless.

Dadda says she is helpless as she wants to hide a secret from the world, Radhe is not her child, Radhe is my

and Vrinda’s child, Radhe has my blood in his veins. They all get shocked. Shuklain cries and says I can’t live without Radhe. Krishna asks why didn’t you tell this to me before. Shuklain says he was always around me and scared me, whatever he did with me many years ago. Krishna asks what did he do. Shuklain says he has badly eyed me and tried to touch me inappropriately, I m saying the truth. They all get shocked.

Gajanan and Triloki get angry. Shuklain says Vrinda tried to save me and lost her life, he killed Vrinda in front of my eyes. She cries and says I told Shukla to send this man to jail, but he was lured by greed, he helped Dadda escape, this man ran away, then Vrinda left a year old Radhe in my lap and told me that Radhe shouldn’t fall under this devil’s shadow, I have raised Radhe by love, he was at large since 22 years, this demon has returned to this house now. Dadda asks for whom? For you. She shuts her ears. They all get angry. Gajanan shouts hey, Lambodhar Shukla, get back. Dadda says calm down, I still like Shuklain. Gajanan gets angry.

Dadda says I have sent your husband far, he can’t come back soon, he will not return. They get shocked. He says after you become a widow… Krishna shouts enough and slaps Dadda. He falls down. Dadda sees Vrinda in Krishna. He asks what will you do Vrinda, Krishna. Krishna says I will call police. Bela asks Krishna to go with Shuklain, she will see this devil. Krishna asks Shuklain to come. Dadda calls someone and says I have sent Radhe, send him to hell along with Shukla. They get shocked. He says Bela you changed your side so soon. Triloki shouts, what is this man saying. Bela says I have made a big mistake, he promised to give me two petrol pumps, I joined him, I didn’t know he is a disgusting man, he is a murderer, I swear, I didn’t know this, after what he did with mummy ji, I hate him. She spits on Dadda’s face.

Gajanan says you are a fraud. The goons catch the entire family. Dadda asks Krishna to save Radhe and Shukla. He says you are Kalyug’s Krishna, you have no magic and no power.

Update Credit to: Amena

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