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Karn Sangini 7th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha To Save Krishna

Karn Sangini 7th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Radha takes Narayan’s name and pokes Krishna’s bansuri in Agasuri’s palate. Agasur writhes in pain. Krishna runs towards her to help, but she stops and says Krishna let us run and runs out of Agasur’s mouth while Krishna stands inside mouth. Radha gets worried for Krishna and asks him to jump out. Agasur closes mouth and says now Krishna’s end is for sure. Radha thinks she will not accept defeat so easily and burns fire around Agasur. Agasur feels uneasy. Radha stands praying.. Krishna thinks Radha got fearless now and can do anything she likes. Radha prays Narayan to save Krishna. Krishna says friend’s order is his duty and passing light into bansuri thinks it has Radha’s power, pulls bansuri and says it is time to end Agasur. He kicks his foot holding

bansuri and flies out of Agasur’s mouth. Agasur apologizes Krishna for not identifying him and relieving him from rishi Asthavagrah’s curse. Krishna says he laughed on Rishi Astavagrah’s bent body and got curse to become snake with bent body, now he is free from his curse and gives him mukti/eternity.

Radha thinks if Krishna is fine and calls him. Krishna walks towards her saying he does not understand why she shouts always. Radha smiles and thanks god that Krishna is fine. Krishna says she overcame her fear and hit Agasur’s mouth with bansuri to come out, even he did same and came out. Krishna says she is happy for him. Krishna says he is happy seeing her happy.

Vrishbhan and team reach Agasur and are shocked to see him dead. Ayan thinks even Agasur is dead, how is it possible. Vrishbhan rejoices seeing Radha alive and thanks Narayan for saving his daughter. Nand says Narayan’s blessings on them. Vrishbhan asks who killed Agasur. Radha says Krishna. Krishna says Radha and he got encouragement from her. Ayan says let us return to village. Balram says everyone must be hungry. Vrishbhan says today there will be feast in Barsana. Radha walks with Vrisbhan and says she won twice because of Krishna today, one against Agasur and second fear within her.

Ayan angrily breaks pots shouting how can Krishna kill Agasur. Jatila tries to calm him. Ayan says he will not let Krishna get Radha and will call bigger monster than Agasur, he will inform Kans that Agasur is dead.

Radha serves food to Krishna and others. Krishna tells Vrishbhan that Radha saved and encouraged him by lighting fire under Agasur, else he would have died. Radha asks how does he know that she lit fire while he was in Agasur’s mouth. Balram via telepathy says Kanha is trapped now. Krishna says intelligent person identifies if it rained or there is a lake seeing water; there was no one else except Radha, so she must have lit fire; now BBarsana sis safe. Vrishbhan feeds sweet to Krishna and thanks him for his help. Krishna says Radha saved my life aand hugs Vrishbhan looking at Radha. He turns and gets serious looking at Balram. Balram thinks next disaster is aawaiting then.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that if they want to taste success, they should aim at meeting their goal, passion for what they want to do, experience which will help to know what they have to do; if they get all 3 things, there is nothing in life which they cannot get.

Precap: Krishna plays bansuri. Radha runs towards him. Balram says Rdha is running towards him for the first time. Krishna says Radha lost fear and got attraction now. Radha says Krishna is not sorcerer but attractor.

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